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  1. Silence. Colors surrounded her. Beautiful colors. It didn't feel weird at all that hundreds of fishes were swimming through the air above her. They seemed to fit into the colorful world just fine. The trees were slightly odd shaped though. The roots were at the top, while the crown were beneath the earth. How peculiar.


    Jane flew up into a sitting position. All colors were gone and replaced by complete darkness. That was until she saw the silhouettes of a chair and desk, her bed frame and diverse other things. It was her room. It was her home. There was no time to think about her strange but oh so beautiful dream though, she had to hurry. Someone must have broken into her apartment. She had clearly heard the door being kicked off. At least that was what she assumed it was.

    She grabbed her baseball bat and rushed into the living room. But once she got there, she noticed something she never would have expected. A big machine was parked between her couch and her TV. Luckily she hadn't unpacked that new table she had bought some days earlier, otherwise that would have gotten crushed as it would have stood right under that thing.

    The girl slowly walked around it, and carefully looked inside. No one seemed to be there. She rushed back into her room and picked up her phone. Her hands shook a bit as she tried to push the buttons, but somehow she managed. It was only four in the morning, but she had to call someone. And she only knew one person that would believe her and come immediately.

    "Pick up the phone, pick up the phone please." She mumbled still paranoid that someone were walking around in her apartment, skillfully hiding from her view. She might know kick boxing very well, but that didn't make it less scary when an intruder, possibly with a weapon, might be walking around in ones home.

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    Mark let out a scream as he was suddenly shaken out of his subconsciousness and back into reality. He looked around his room quickly. Lights were off, his small television across the room was playing those late night infomercials that go on for about half an hour. He readjusted his focus to the constant beeps and reached for his night stand. He picked up his smartphone and answered, his voice sounding a bit murky.

    "Hello? Who...who is this?" Mark stuttered as he reached for his nightstand again, this time grabbing a can of soda from yesterday that was still half full and took a couple sips.
  3. Finally he picked up. Jane rolled her eyes. Even a newly awoken person could just look at their phone and check the name. If he hadn't erased her number by mistake, which should be impossible. "It's me, Jane." She said in a loud whisper.

    "Something is in my house. I kid you not. A big machine just crashed in, I don't even know from where. It's like aliens or something has invaded." She started, knowing it sounded way too crazy. "Could you just please come over? I think there might be someone in my apartment, the machine is completely empty and it must have gotten here somehow."

    That's when she remembered that she hadn't checked if the door was still locked or not. But even if they had been able to pick the lock, the hole of the door was still too small for the machine to get through. "Just come over Mark, please. I don't know what to do." It wasn't often she got scared, most people didn't even believe she could. But she did have a hard time handling a situation when she didn't know what was going on at all. This didn't seem like a joke. There was no way any of her friends would break into her home just to plant something like that in her living room. There was no way they could even get such a weird machine. After having thought of every logical explanation, she was still in the dark and that was what scared her the most.
  4. Mark, his thoughts still a bit fuzzy, hadn't bothered to check his phone to see who exactly was calling. Whoops. That might've helped.

    "A big machine...? Is this a prank or something?" Mark asked.

    "Just come over Mark, please. I don't know what to do."

    The genuine fear in Jane's voice is what got him. Jane wasn't exactly the kind of person to get scared easily, at least from what he knew. Something must be wrong. He figured he would come over, and if it was anything really serious, he would call the police.

    "Ok, ok, calm down. I'll be over in a few. Just, get something to defend yourself incase someone attacks you." Mark then hung up and sighed as he got out of bed and tried to make himself at least somewhat decent before he went over.
  5. Finally he agreed to come. At least she had the defending part done already. Her baseball bat could definitely make someone unconscious if necessary. She put away the phone and held the bat with both hands, slowly walking back towards the living room. Oh how she wished she had a gun. Usually she were against them, but when she thought someone might be out to kill her for whatever reason, then it suddenly seemed like a good thing to have.

    Jane went to her door and pulled down the handle. It was still locked. So that was no the way the machine had gotten in there after all. So how had it? No time to think about it, she just wanted to get out for now. She unlocked the door and stepped out into the corridor, still in her light blue pajamas and without socks or shoes. Getting dressed could wait until she didn't think she were in any danger in there.

    Then she waited. She kept the door slightly opened so she could look in and hear if someone was coming. But not a single footsteps could be heard from her apartment. Soon enough footsteps came from another direction though. "Mark." She said relieved, feeling slightly relaxed just by seeing him.

    "I'm not sure, but I don't think there's anyone in there anymore. They might have left before I got up." She told him, clearly still paranoid that someone would jump out of a wardrobe or something. "If they aren't hiding really well of course." She mumbled and started to open the door a bit more. It felt less scary now when someone was there with her. She was still cautious though.
  6. Walking down the hall, Mark stayed extra cautious, incase there really was some burglar, or alien, or...something. He had tossed on a red t-shirt and jeans, along with his worn-down sneakers, since he figured he wouldn't be here for long.

    Mark made the last turn before he arrived at the hall which Jane's apartment was at. Upon seeing Jane peek out there, he tip toed the rest of the way, rather quickly as well.

    "Just let me see so I know if I need to call the cops or not." He said quietly, as not to wake anybody who wasn't already given a rude awakening by the deafening crash from earlier that night.
  7. Jane nodded and offered her baseball bat to him. If he were going first, then he probably needed the protection more than her. She followed him inside but refused to leave the living room before she was sure that no one were in the other rooms. At the very least she was certain that was a safe place. There were nothing to hide inside or under in there so she would already have noticed an intruder if they had hid behind the machine or the sofa.

    She waited for Mark to make his statement of it being safe, or that someone was hiding in her closet. Except for the machine though, it seemed as if everything were untouched, and she had woken up right after the big Banging sound which still was a mystery. But no footsteps had been heard, so the intruder shouldn't have been able to leave the living room, if he ever had been in there at all. Silly, a machine couldn't walk on its own.

    "What do you think?" She eventually dared to ask him.
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