That Demon Who Ventured To Heaven [KayLove] & [Bloodmake]

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  1. Name:
    Infernio Regulia





    Things he/she always carry:
    His staff that could turn into a scythe

    Like any other demons in Hell, Infernio was left alone as a baby in the harsh realm of Hell as he tried to survive on his own from the moment he's still a baby. Of course, baby demon aren't like baby human who are vulnerable and useless. Think about baby mammals, who could walk that instant they're born. Baby demons are like that. Infernio was special, though. Infernio was the Prince of Hell, born from the womb of his mother who's the wife of Satan, the King of Hell. Infernio was put in a harsher part of Hell as how his father had commanded. Satan wanted his son to become a strong demon, and so he sent Infernio to a desert in Hell, where Infernio spent his 50 years alone in that place. When the soldiers came to pick him up, they were killed by Infernio who thought that the soldiers were a threat to him. It was Satan himself who brought Infernio back home. There, he spent another of his 50 years learning to talk and wield weapon correctly. When Infernio reached his 100th birthday, he has turned into the strongest and most respected demon in Hell after his father. Infernio had fought many battles and wars along with his father and conquered many part of Hell and Heaven together with him. The strongest weapon he held that allowed him to become this powerful was the emotionless heart he possessed. The 50 years that he spent in the desert had forged his heart stiff. He rarely feel happy, sad, anger, let alone making an expression. But this is what made him Satan's most beloved child, as he was Satan's strongest soldier in Hell.
  2. ::Name::
    Sapphire Cooper

    234; appears 19




    ::Things S/he carries::

    Sapphire doesn't know her real birth parents, though she was raised by Enyo, the goddess of war and destruction. She has learned to defend Heaven alongside other angels. Hell has been getting more aggressive and Sapphire tries her best to protect Heaven.
    She is willing to do anything to impress any higher power, which includes taking out some of the most powerful demons and keeping Heaven protected from anything hell has to throw towards Heaven and it's occupants. ​
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