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  1. This is the cafe that you fall into if you're travelling dimensions and something goes wrong. you can open a door, fall down a hole, or just mess up a spell, and end up here. It's a pretty little cafe, where you could order anything off the menu and it'd be there. People can be Sent multiple times or just once, with each visit ranging from 5 seconds to a few centuries or more between. Anything can happen. Anything can be made. But if you die, you respawn back. But seriously, try not to kill. Oc's and non-oc's are fine. Just make sure a basic description is included.

    Iris opened the closet door with her paper taped onto it. The paper glowed slightly, the intricate designs sending beams of a purple moving light against the bedroom walls. She walked into the cafe as she had done for months since her first encounter with the cafe. Each time she returned, she hoped for something as exciting, each day wondering if it would happen again. Her dirt blonde hair was unbrushed and under the hood of a deep purple cloak, a gift from another interesting cafe goer. She wore glasses, combat boots, a bloody black skirt, and a fancy dress top. She held with her, a Mary poppins bag of pencils and a magical never ending pad of paper. She sat in a side booth in the same way Reiji sat there and drew manga like he did. She waited for Zero to return. She Waited for the day when something interesting would happen.
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  2. It was the dead of night and not a soul was stirring in the house except for two intruders who had broken into the house thanks to a window that was carelessly left open.

    Footsteps hardly making a sound on the hardwood floors as heavy boots make their way up the large spiraling staircase. At the top floor, in a the bedroom of a couple the other intruder stood quietly in the shadows.

    The sleeping couple shift in their sleep some, the other watches a bit more before striking. With the speed of a viper a hand grips the woman's neck and squeezed causing her to wake with a choking gasp.

    The other lifts a finger to his lips shushing her "Shh...just!"

    The woman manages to screams causing her husband to wake and leap out the bed and he rushes toward the light switch flipping revealing who the attacker was.

    There stood a young boy about the thirteen. He had long black hair that had tufts sticking out in most spots of his head, he wore white hoodie and black dress pants with red converse.

    His skin was snow white and his mouth was cut at the corners into a smile, his eyes were rimmed black and void of their lids.

    The man let's out a shout failing to scare the boy. He charges him and the other dodges.

    The boy swirls around and stabs the man in the back with the knife, he removes the knife and cuts the man down killing him.

    The boy turns to the bed and growls when he noticed the bed was void. "Hahaha, she's pretty isn't s-she Jeff?"

    Jeff turn to his friend, Ticci Toby blocking the woman's path. Toby grins behind his grinning mask, his green eyes flash behind his orange goggles. He lifted his stripped hoodie and removed his hatchets.

    The girl whimpers and pressed against the wall as Jeff motioned for Toby to finish her off.

    After Toby's kill both boys exited the house "Ha! That man didn't a chance!" laughed Jeff he looked at Toby his black eyes flashed mischief before frowning "Really Toby?" He said flatly when he noticed the hatchet wielding proxy munching away on a waffle.

    "You want one?" Toby asked handing the killer a waffle as they step into the sidewalk. The shorter boy pushed the waffle away "No I don't want one!" Jeff huffed, he took another step forward and yelped when the sidewalk gave underneath him causing him to fall. Toby couldn't help it he snickered at the sound of the crack in Jeff's voice when he screamed.

    Toby looked over the edge of the hole "Jeff?"

    A laugh stuck in his throat, he crept closer slightly worried when Jeff didn't answer. "Jeff?" Ticci Toby called again.

    He suddenly heard a groan and saw slight movement in the hole Jeff didn't seem injured only shaken up.

    "T.T. give me a hand...." Jeff said, his cool guy tone now gone instead he sounded spooked. Toby reached down with a quick jerk of his head, Jeff reached up and grabbed the others hand but the converse slipped on the dirt and Jeff stumbled back pulling Toby into the hole too!

    Jeff and Toby both tumbled down the hole before both ended up in their own positions which they slid the rest of the way, Jeff on his belly and Toby (who seemed to be enjoying it whilst Jeff let out a shriek).

    To their surprise they were suddenly thrown through a door! Jeff landed on his back dazed for a moment and seconds later Toby flew in landing on Jeff's crotch causing the Killer to faint in a chibi like fashion.

    Toby leaps to his feet declaring how they lived before looking around and asking Jeff where they were.

    The Killer sits up and looks around it looked like a café but there was only one person there!?

    Jeff stood and walked over to the lone body who was drawing.

    "Oi, What is this place?" He asked.
  3. Iris's music playing through her headphones suddenly stopped mid-song and changed to SF-A2 Miki' "iNsaNItY". She turned around quickly at the sound of someone else's voice and saw two extremely frightening figures.
    "Well, this is the crossover cafe... Well that's what I call it. People normally fall from other dimensions into here, unless you have a special key... uhm... welcome?"
    Iris sensed death around them.
    "Before you think of killing someone, they respawn back to the door over there (*nervously points*) like in a video game. Anyway, do you want anything? Like coffee? They serve everything.. No kidding."
  4. Iris oogled at them for a while longer then turned to go back to drawing. She was uneasy and the hair on her neck stood on end. She hoped they wouldn't kill her. Though death wasn't really there, the pain sure was. She clutched her alchemist watch and amethyst pendant, as if they would put a shield around her.
    'The chest needs to be bigger' Lust judged Iri drawing inside Iris's head.
    'Shut up' said Greed, also inside the head. He and the other souls inside Iris were pretty tired of each other.
    Iris sighed slightly, because each extra soul (complete with personality conscience and everything) were named after the 7 deadly sins. (minus Envy, who went missing when a supposed classmate tried to eat Iris's soul). Though they had calmed down a lot, the souls were still super annoying. The only reason Iris kept them was because she didn't know how to get rid of them. She later found she could use them as back up souls if hers gets near finished, and as an added bonus, they give her certain abilities when applied, such as shield protection, shape-shifting, or mind control.
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  5. Toby spun around at the mention of getting served something "Y-You wouldn't happen to ha-have waffles would you?" He asked curiously his green eyes held hope. Unlike the infamous Jeff the Killer, Toby was much more welcoming (at when he wasn't in a foul mood).

    He walked up to young (and might he add beautiful) girl "Hi, I-I'm Tobias but I go by T-Ticci Toby." Toby said struggling to fight a spasm.

    He pointed to Jeff "That's Jeff, he l-looks mean but he-he is actually...uh...well he does to others."

    Jeff listened to Toby go on and on, he was sure that this girl wasn't interested in what he had to say.

    Though he did find interesting the song that was playing, he wasn't sure if it was her headphones played loudly or if his hearing was awesome but he knew a Vocaloid song when he heard one.

    InSaNiTy was his favorite song. But he wouldn't admit. "Whatcha' drawing?" He asked.
  6. Iris took notice of Ticci Toby and smiled."My name is Iris, and I'm drawing a character I've created myself." She responded to Jeff. "I named her after my cat, well more I modeled her after my cat. Speaking of which, give me a second." Iris reached into her never ending bag and came out with a notebook. She opened it to a page, bookmarked as "Lydia". She placed both hands on it, and a light blue light beamed from the intricate design on the paper. Slowly, the shadow of a cat appeared, then became solid. The thin brown cat emerged from the glowing portal. Iris held out her hand and the cat came up to rub it's head on Iris's hand.
    "Hey Lydia, can you go get some waffles for Toby?"
    Lydia nods, and Iris pets her head.
    "I plan on getting Lydia a human body to occasionally transfer her soul into so she can talk and act like a normal human being.
  7. Toby couldn't help but awe silently at the cat, he found cats to be much fun to be around than dogs.

    "That's so cool! I b-bet Lydia would like that too. Oh it's nice to meet ya by the way." Ticci Toby said watching Lydia disappear toward the back of the café.

    Jeff looked puzzled "So you're a magician? Or some kind of witch?" He asked "That light that emitted from your hands...that's,what you used to summon the cat right?" Jeff didn't intend to cat with a tone of disgust but he preferred dogs over the nine live felines.
  8. Iris smiled "it's nice to meet you too."
    Lydia walked back balancing the plate on her head, balancing in two legs
    Iris rolled her eyes "oh you big show-off. Anyway Jeff, I'm more of an artist than a magician. If I draw designs in the right way, I can open portals to other worlds or summon entities. The lines are where the light is coming from and Lydia essentially came to me from another dimension, where she waits for me to call her. I drew her portal up one time and kept it. correctly, I can make real drawings come to life, but everything has to be precise. One wrong move, and the whole process could go down the drain, and the energy needed is MAJOR. I don't have that energy even on my best days. And if I sign my insignia on someone else's drawing, I can manipulate it as well.
    Oh, and the other thing I was thinking was that these items can be changed by sound too."
    Iris took her headphones off.
    "I created, well more drew, these and downloaded the music into it. I specifically programmed it to play a song that describes to me what a person is like. I normally know how to respond better to situations by song. By the way you acted when the song started, I think you probably heard a familiar chord or two."
    Iris took the one headphone and put it back in her ear. It went back to the song it was playing before.
  9. Toby thanked Lydia with the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm as a small boy getting the perfect Christmas gift. He happily took the plate and knelt to pet Lydia softly.

    Jeff felt himself tense, from what Iris said she sounded powerful to have that kind of ability at her disposal was amazing. He couldn't help but grin at the thought of what he could and would do with that ability.

    He knew...okay he didn't truly know how it was to have to use a certain amount of energy but he was sure that it took a lot.

    He was about to speak again until he saw her watch, he felt that something was odd about it but he couldn't quiet pin it out.

    As if reading his mind Toby (who now removed his goggles and mask) pointed out to the watch "Pretty watch!" He said through a mouthful of waffle, he was thankful that he hadn't stuttered.
  10. "Oh. My watch."
    Iris picked the watch up and opened it. It wasn't fancy and was more of a cosplay item more than anything. It was a Fullmetal alchemist watch, with the government symbol and Nicholas Flamel symbol on it, and etched in it said "don't forget! 3.oct.10" none of it was special to Iris, minus a few things. Midway between a distasteful frown and an amused smile, she clicked it open
    "I was friends with a kid in school, like he was my older brother. He got me soda and other things that my family didn't buy often. One day I begged him to go to a store with my own 30 bucks because my mom banned me from entering again for this watch. So he got it. Well, one year later, he attempts to kill me and steal my soul. Turns out he was a bad guy. Well, I'm forced to kill or be killed, so I chose to live. This watch just reminds me to be wary of people and who I should trust."
    Iris clicked the watch closed.
  11. Toby grimaced at how the story took a sudden turn. He looked at Jeff who looked back at him "We know the feeling...well at least I do." Jeff said shifting from foot to foot.

    "I didn't always look like this...I looked normal I had brown hair and blue eyes." Jeff reached into his pocket and pulled at a small photo of himself with his brother both having arms around the others shoulders.

    He placed it on the table "I remember always feeling felt like I was trying to remember something but couldn't. Then there was the confrontation at the bus stop...that punk tried to hurt my brother. I only acted on instinct, I needed to protect Liu!"

    Jeff's eyes turned blue as he recalled the memories of that day.

    "I attacked the boys that wanted to hurt us, I didn't understand why but it felt.....good! Too bad someone called the cops...I was going to go juvie...but Liu....L-Liu he convinced the police he attacked the bullies."

    Jeff gripped at his hair and groaned "He was an idiot! But I got his any brother should" a smile formed on Jeff's lips causing the craved smile to stretch further "oh how I must looked to them that day. Sure I allowed them to get in a few hits and of them actually made me spit up blood. But they were wrong...."

    Jeff laughed "They even threw alcohol at me, but it didn't matter. I fought back I killed that low life ring-leader seeing him lay there lifeless made me happy. I went after his friends I trapped them in the bathroom where I ended up with bleach spilling all over me...."

    Toby looked uneasy he didn't particularly like this story. Jeff paused for a moment his eyes returned to the black color they were originally.

    "I killed one of the other punks leaving the last one, the weaker one of the three...but he had the nerve to throw a lighter at me! I was in such pain all I could do was scream! When I woke up I was in the hospital...I don't remember much during that time but I remember the day I could go home! I remember getting to see my new face! I loved the new black color of my hair, and snow white look of my face, it fitted me!"

    Jeff unconsciously touched his face "That night I cut a smile into my face and I burned off my eyelids. My mom came in and she was horrified at what I looked liked. I asked her if I was beautiful and and she said yes and that she'll get my dad to see me. But when I went into their room she told him to get the gun. She lied to me...I killed them without hesitation. I went into Liu's room...I scared him I'm sure but I didn't hurt him I told to!"

    Jeff laughed once more.
  12. Iris felt like someone dropped ice down her back. She had done some beating up for the defense of others too, and yes, occasionally it felt exhilarating, but she promised herself never to go that far a long time ago.
    "So... Lui was killed too?" Lydia hopped up into Iris's lap and curled into a purring, warm ball to comfort her. Iris wasn't really scared, just deeply disturbed.
  13. Jeff was silent for a moment before saying "Yes...and no. I had severely wounded...I hadn't the intention killing my brother, I couldn't do it. But I wanted him to fear me so he'd stay away."

    Jeff shoved his hands into his hoodie "I assumed he died of his injuries but he lived...he stays with me and Toby back at mansion."
  14. A bit of the feeling she had melted away, making her somewhat relieved. She thought for a second.
    "Am I allowed to ask your story Toby? You don't have to if you don't want to."
    She clutched her Amathyst, as if it were a bad habit of hers. The songs she were listening to shifted to imagine dragons songs, her favorite being monster. She looked at Toby, smiling.
  15. Looked down at his gloved hands his eyes held confusion as the what Iris had said was confusing "I...I don't remember my life before meeting Slenderman...." he admitted "I'm sorry...." he was being honest.

    Jeff rolled his eyes

    "Blasted child kidnapper...Slender causes amnesia when you contact basically Toby is useless when it comes to his backstory."

    Toby frowns and folds his arms "I'm sure my backstory w-was better than yours Jeff!"
  16. Iris smiled lightly.
    "I have more layers than a parfait with my backstory. Most of it isn't that horrific though."
    Lydia let out a light chirp, and was gone in a whisp of green smoke. The next moment, Lydia was sitting upright on Toby' s head, seemingly happy with herself.
    Iris went to take a sip of her soda she brought along, but couldn't bring it to her lips without it spilling it.
  17. The door of the cafe opened to a man looking at a old map that was tattered at its ends.
    The Man (open)
    He was missing a ear and a hand (the other side of his map was supported by a tiny propeller device.) He rose his head to examine his surrounds a seemed rather irritated by them. Sighing he took a seat a few tables away from the trio as a boy with branches growing from his shoulders entered.
    The Boy (open)
    The boy walked to the center of the cafe and stood there. His branches suddenly acted like they had minds of their own, waving and curling like tendrils for a minuet then stopping. The man tapped his knuckle on the seat next to him and the boy went that way. When Iris spilled her drink he quickly grabbed it and placed it back on the table, not a drip released, then continued on like nothing happened. When he sat down he started to say something to the man without looking at him, "I told you we nee-" "not a word." The man snapped still looking at his map and the boy simply struggled before resting his head on the table.
  18. Toby grinned with amusement and excitement as Lydia suddenly appeared on his head he happily took her into his arms and nuzzled the small animal. "You're s-so much cuter than that stinky old dog of Jeff's!" He said with a small jerk of his head.

    Jeff noticed the two newcomers, he looked curiously at the boy with branches and then to the one handed man. He is tempted to approach them but refrained from approaching.

    He did however find that the map the man had looked interesting.
  19. "Uh, thank you for saving my drink... Uhm, I'm Iris" she said hesitantly. She smiled a tiny bit, half welcoming, half happy for Lydia, who seemed to be the happiest cat alive. if a cat could ever smile, that's it. Of all the months she had Come to the cafe, she had never seen anything like the new people.
  20. Toby looked over at the newcomers, he was used to seeing unique people thanks to Slender. "I wonder where they come fr-from." He said aloud but it was more toward himself than to anyone in particular.