Tharkild High School

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Welcome to tharkild high school. Where mages and magic users of all kinds join to learn the arts of magic. There will be one buliding for learning and one drome for both genders, though guy and girl bunking is forbidden unless its siblings. If you're caught spending the night in someones room especially the opposite genders room you will be punished with chores and hard work.
Now all students need money so you may, durring free time or seasonal breaks (winter, spring, summer all only two weeks vacation); can find jobs off of the request bord. When you choose a job you can pare up with other students or go solo its up to you as long as the reward is shared evenly between the party.
As for rules go to class, durring school days be in you're room before dark, make sure you can pay for your room ($50.00 a month for 1 bed 1bath, $100.00 for 2 bed 1 bath, ect..) and other supplies, and most important have fun :)

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