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  1. So, a lot has been happening recently and I just finished one of the last summer projects I had to do for the summer so my schedule has opened up quite nicely. Unfortunately for me, that means waaay too much time on my hands. Which means some roleplays!!! I have both of my resumes on my profile filled out, but just to be clear: I will only play female unless it's a MxM rp. I do enjoy romance, but it does not have to be the main focus of the plot. I like at least a paragraph to work with, and I'll always reply with what I'm given :) Now please please PLEASE only reply if you're really willing to roleplay with me. I have a whole graveyard of characters I've created for roleplays that have never started. I don't want to add any more to that!

    Now I've had some ideas that I've been wanting to try out and they're open to discussion, or if you like, share your ideas with me!

    • My character is a treasure hunter (Uncharted games-Indiana Jones type or even National Treasure without Nicolas Cage) that has a small pocket watch her mother gave her whose time is frozen at 3:15. This isn't just the result of an antique clock that broke, it's a clue. And that's where the adventure starts! This RP can deal will have a range of aspects such as museum heists, pirates (the modern kind), other thievery, deadly temples, gangs, evil warlords, war-torn cities, extreme terrains, and/or greedy rivals in her quest to obtain her treasure. This could have some supernatural elements or it could be more realistic, and it can deal with any culture or treasure. So there's a lot to discuss!

    • I like high school roleplays a lot, though it can be hard to keep them going, but I recently created this character and I would really like to use her in a high school romance! So she goes to this high-class, prestigious school on a scholarship for having the top grades in her class. She keeps up her grades and studies really hard, but what her classmates don't know is that she's homeless. Her father passed away and her mother is who-knows-where, but because she has a part-time job and was staying with a 'friend' (which was a complete lie), she wasn't put into foster care so she would not have to stop her education at said prestigious school. We'll discuss how the second character comes in -- it can be anything from eventually coming to live with him, or him just keeping her secret because hey, she's been doing it for how long now and she's been just fine, right? I only ask that he attends the same school as her.

    • This next one is about my character who is playing the newest video game that came out in *insert made up series name here* which is about some knights or hero on some epic quest in some kingdom, and one night, she's playing during a thunderstorm and the lightning strikes one of the electrical lines and completely blows out her power. All the lights go out and there's a blinding flash inside her room for a second before all goes dark. When the lights come back on, there's a stranger in her room, only he's not really a stranger since he seems to have come out of the video game! As if her life wasn't stressful enough, now she has to take care of said hero who is living in her world. -- Now, there can be an extra NPC villain, maybe from the same game that gets transported to the real world too. That will be up for discussion. Obviously, this is supposed to be a more humorous RP, but we can make it a serious one if you like.

    • And last but not least, in this one, which would take place in some imaginary kingdom, my character was a 'street rat' as a young girl until one day she saves a peasant boy from being beaten by a soldier abusing his authority. The king, witnessing this, takes her in and has her trained by the royal guard for several years to become the personal guard to the crown prince. The prince, as the future king, has a lot of enemies, especially since the country is at war along its borderlands, and it is my character's duty to guard and protect him.
  2. The last three sound really interesting! I usually do girl characters, but I don't mind playing the dude :) It'd be a nice change.
    I'm also up for however you want to play these out, whether it be in the forums, IM, or emails. I have no preference.
  3. Great! I'll send you a message and we can discuss the roleplay further :D
  4. ... anyone?