Thanksgiving Meals


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What are all of you eating for Thanksgiving dinner?

For me, it's mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, a turkey, some kale, bread rolls, a pecan pie, and some sparkling apple cider!


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So, for the past 6 years or so I have not been able to host Thanksgiving dinner due to familia drama issues, but finally this year I get to do it again. The whole enchilada. The Family Feast. Of course, I couldn't do everything I wanted to do due to missing ingredients, time, and running out of money... but I have managed to pull together the majority of this delicious buffet. 8D I am feeding 10 people + extras for dropins and leftovers to last thru the weekend.

Please note that I make MOST of these things 100% from scratch, 98% of these things are not from a box or can. I really like to cook. >_>


Dressing (that is stuffing not stuffed in the bird)
Mashed Potatoes (because father in law needs his mashed taters)
Deviled eggs
Potato Salad
Sweet Potatoes with Walnut Crumbles (I prefer the kind with pineapple and cherries but my mom really wanted this one)
Sweet Potato Chonks (because mother in law loves her chonky yams)
Green Bean Casserole (without mushrooms and actually tastes good)
Mac and Cheese
Broccoli with Cheese
Squash with Cheese
Fried Okra
Corn on the Cob
Cranberry Sauce
Cream Cheese Olive Dip
Bacon Chedder Dip
Celery, Carrots, Cucumber
Summer Sausage
Pepperjack, Chedder, Cheeseballs & Chevre
Black & Green Olives
Apple Rings
Fancyass Crackers
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Mincemeat Pie
Apple Cider
Iced Coffee
Sweet Tea

I feel like I am forgetting something, but yaaaasss...
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Brisket is added to the menu this year, other than that things are rather typical and traditional. It's Christmas Dinner where we do Mexican Food instead.


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So- my uncle is dropping off food later ( I have work) so I have no clue what I’m getting for Thanksgiving dinner. However, I will tell you what I am eating now and to hold over.

Bagel with cream cheese.
Arizona half and half

Lunch ( as early as now)
Sandwich with cheese and bologna on whole-wheat bread
Vanilla pudding
2 Scooby Doo fruit snacks
2 oatmeal pie
Arizona green tea

the holdover til probably 7 or 8
Italian bread ( 1 loaf baby)
Cheese cut up
1/2 an apple pie