Thanksgiving foods that make you go BLEAHHHHHCK

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So many awesome foods, so many delicious treats, so much SO MUCH!!!

However, it seems that everyone has at least one thing that they dislike.

What Thanksgiving food do you dislike?

Mine would be green bean casserole, also anything to do with yams or squash.
Casserole and the uh... turkey dressings. I'm a bit on the edge with cranberries but. I figure if I can eat 2 bags of Craisins and still want more, then hell... I can prolly tolerate something cranberry like.
I hate those same things, actually. Green bean casserole is disgusting, as are yams. I also hate gravy.
I'm not big on turkey at all XD It tastes great, but no matter how moist it might be, it always feels like sand or cement to me. I'm not big on yams or casseroles, really, all that I like on thankgiving is the pies, sparkling juices, rolls and relish trays. \m/
Sweet Potatoes, yuck.
Squash, yuck.
Sweet potatoes. They're soooo sweet and their texture is simply peculiar.
I hate green bean casserole. >:[

I used to hate squash, but I like the way -I- cook it. c__c so now I like squash.
That cranberry shit that comes in a can. My mum used to buy it every year. Looks like red fat, dyed and jellified.

I love, LOVE chicken. But hate Turkey. A lot. Luckily, my family is middle eastern, so we have DOZENS of other dishes.