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  1. Hi! I'd love to do a family idea.

    I got inspired by someone else but I made some changes.
    It's gonna be f/f, but would require doubling as parents.

    I'd like to propose that you'd play "Character A" - a high school girl (let's say 16) living with strict religious parents. She is not allowed to do much things that other teens can do, her parents control every aspect of her life from her clothing (like modest clothes and no pants for women) to what music she listens to (like no loud rock music, no films/music videos with lewdy girls etc.). She's expected to be home directly after school (public school). And she's not allowed leaving home after school without a parent. And A is generally into most of the home general rules (she listens to good music, she accepts wearing modest clothing), but she'd wanted more trust than control from her parents, and a bit more freedom (like being trusted to go out).

    I'd like to play "Character B" - a female cousin, the same age as character A, who's gonna stay with A's family for some spring- and summertime. B had been risen more liberal way. But she's not a "rebel" or a "bad kid". Just more a tomboy, who likes loud rock music and hanging out by herself. Other than that - just a 'normal', 'good' girl.

    Both A's and B's fathers were brothers (both girls have the same surname). Unfortunately B's father had died in a car crash of 5 years earlier, B's mother raised girl by herself since, in another town, only loosely connected with the rest of a family. B's mother (a widow) needed to go some business trip and asked if character's A's parents could take care of B for a couple of months. As a good Christians, A's parents agreed.

    I propose we also double as A's parents (I'd take one you-the other) who would discuss their decisions in that new situation, with the 'new' 'strange' family member. At first parents decide to do nothing and see what would happen. Father would obviously be the head of a family, with mother as an 'advisor'.

    Would A's parents get convinced by B's example that a kid could be still "good" acting more 'free' and looking less 'proper'? Would A's parents ease the control over A or would they be limiting B's initial freedoms in behavior/clothing/music/whatever?

    What would A do seeing B is allowed more than her, at least initially? Would she hate her cousin and treat her as an enemy, backing parents with limiting B's freedoms down to A's level? (She already stands out off her classmates, but what happens if she'd have more 'normal' person under the same roof?)

    Would A be a friend to B, and would stand up more for her rights? With B's help?
    Would B help A fighting for her rights, or would she submit to the house rules?

    Would 'Character B" become a "fresh breeze" to that family... or maybe not?

    PM me if interested.
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