Thanks Iwaku Roleplayers and members, and Staff/Admins.

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  1. I've posted way too many rants which makes me look like a pessimist, which I dislike very greatly. And I've been like that in real life because what I have been going through lately, I let all the negatives change me, and I am scared for that. I forgot what all the good was in my life, so I decided that i am going to change that.

    So, here's to the good things of my life which I now realize outweigh the bad by a lot.

    I gain custody of my daughter, which by the way is the light of my life. She makes me smile brightly and is just amazing. Her laugh, her jokes, just her herself makes me happy. I can't believe I forgot how happy she makes me. I love the drawings she makes for me, and our 'daddy daughter day', and our forts as well as quests for Excalibur. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, her mother would be proud (her biological mother, the whole custody thing is a mess I will never burden you guys with).

    I found this site and met so many great friends who have given me support when I needed it and have been so patient with me when I couldn't reply to a roleplay right away. You guys are amazing! I'm going to miss all of you (this isn't my departure thread, I have another three months to write that up) when I leave.

    The wonderful staff and admins that keep this awesome site running. Without them there could be no awesome friends or roleplayers (and not to forget you volunteers). Think I speak for everyone when I say thank you.

    To the roleplayers; brilliant. Just brilliant. You guys (and gals) amaze me with your ideas, and blow me away with twists of the plot.

    Not meant to be dramatic or anything, I'm just typing how awesome all you guys are.

  2. Good stuff.

    This is what Iwaku shoud be about - a place to lose yourself for a little while before the greater story begins.
  3. I'm glad that the community has been able to provide some light in hard times. That's really one of the best compliments that we could receive, in my opinion. That the roleplays can provide your escape from reality and give you peace of mind for a time is one of the main reasons most of us roleplay!

    Taking time to remind yourself what is good in your life is a wonderful thing to do frequently, to remind yourself what exactly you're doing the daily grind for.