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  1. Tag members and show everyone who we are grateful for, and why!
    This thread should feature Iwaku members only

    Thanking someone who is not part the Iwaku community would defeat the purpose.
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  2. Thank you @Brovo for noticing my mental distress before anyone else and having the audacity to go out of your way to try to help me out, even if it wasn't much, it means a lot.
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  3. @October Knight

    Thank you for working so hard, taking care of me when I am sick, and loving me more than I can even remember being loved.
    A home with my own bed, food to eat, and cuddles too. I love and am grateful for you and everything you do to make it possible.
    You are the strongest Human being I know <3
  4. @Fluffy thanks for taking me out of the jungle and putting structure in my life.
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  5. @Brovo for inappropriate loli CS's

    @Quiet One for awesome posting collaborations
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  6. Oh man.... the list is just gonna be huge so y'know what?!

    Thank you to all of Iwaku!

    To those people that I have messaged as a CV who have been awesome and sorted out their stuff, I can't say enough how much the fact that the community pulling together to make this a great and mature site means to me and the fact people can reply to such things in a mature way! Thank you.

    To the people who have supported and loved the people who have felt like they are lonely

    To the people who have fessed up to their feelings and taken advice with a mature and friendly approach

    To the people who say hello and make a person feel special every day =D

    To the people who have taken the time to get to know me and whom I have grown to love, you all know who you are

    To all the people of the future who I may learn to love and hate! For the lessons, the laughs, the tears and the smiles

    And lastly to @fatalrendezvous for being a great lady. You are the best friend I have ever had on the internet, so thank you for being you! I adore you.
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  7. [​IMG]

    God damn if I don't always end up turning into a shy, humble wreck of a human being whenever anyone says stuff like this about me. Gosh gee willicker.

    To stay on topic though: Thank you @Jorick for helping people in the counseling section when I've been unavailable. It's nice to know that where I stumble, you've seemingly got me covered.
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  8. Yep, that's me, always picking up the slack when needed, I'm pretty fucking great.


    In actuality I'm just sporadic about checking the Counseling section. Whenever I see something I can respond to in some worthwhile fashion I do so, regardless of how many others have said things, so any apparent pattern of me being around the area when you're not is sheer coincidence. I'll accept the thanks for my sterling service in the Counseling area nonetheless.

    To keep the ball rolling, thanks @Elendra for being generally awesome and more specifically for being a disgustingly cheerful bundle of crazed creativity (btw I mean the 'disgustingly' bit in the nicest way possible, like how some things are so cute they make you wanna throw up). I'm not a very emotive person so I probably haven't said this before, but there have been some days where I felt shitty and at odds with the world but a few minutes of being amused by your general shenanigans on Skype were enough to bounce me back out of those pits. Your various game and roleplaying ideas almost always hook me and get my own creativity flowing, and that's pretty great given my long track record of being a picky asshole about roleplaying things. If I were one of those nerds who claimed to have a muse, you'd be a pretty solid candidate for the position.
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  9. I don't think I can properly respond to this right now. I'm a bit misty eyed and smiling and feeling really good reading it though.

    Thank you for putting my name in there like you did so it'd alert me. It means a lot knowing that someone I think is cool and value the opinion of has these thoughts and feelings.

    You're a super cool guy @Jorick and I'm going to stop typing before I get mushy or something.


    Oh it was specifically part of how you're supposed to do this thread. WELL STILL.
  10. It's all good, avoiding mushiness is fine. <3

    I didn't know that was specifically part of it either, I just read the thread title and responded to Brovo's post and thought it was a good idea, haha.
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  11. So in that case, it's my turn.


    Thank you for being one of, if not the, best friend I've made thanks to my time on the internet. Your friendship, love, and support have meant more to me than I feel I can ever really repay back to you. You're super fun and super cool and I totally want to be able to hang out with you IRL one of these days too.

    I look forward to doing more tabletop stuff with you online in the meantime.
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  12. :wave: Hi there!

    i certainly treasure all our years of friendship! You're so creative and fun and sassy; it's wonderful!

    I'm sure eventually we'll figure out the logistics and meet up some time!
    In the mean time, we'll just have to settle for fighting side-by-side as immortal zombie druids and gryphin-riding skeleton-samurais
  13. Thank you @AbigailTenshi for being there for me for two years, seeing me at my highest and my lowest. Letting me rant then giving advice that, to say the least, really helped. Making me happy and distracting me from the verbal abuse of my family, even managing to calm me down when I was on the verge of almost killing one of them...Eh, won't get into it.

    Despite the constant, and petty, bickering me and you went through. Hell, even between me and your boy toy, you've stuck around me and helped me. And even though we don't talk much anymore, and I'm not very open and emotive in public, I feel I don't say it enough, thank you. Never really had friends as loyal as you are, so yeah, mushy mushy gushy gushy.

    @Kurisa Yep, your turn. Just because we aren't on the best terms anymore doesn't mean I'm not gonna thank you, atleast on a thread I'm currently posting on that's about stating how grateful you are to a person. So yeah, I'm grateful for being able to play games with you and creating happy memories that'll stick with me through the long run. Mutant Factions, GTA, rolling in glass on the Naruto thread two years ago....Also on Skype late at night just talking about random shit, whether that be about the Bleach RP or just something stupid like dildos, I'm thankful for that. So thank you man, for those memories and although it may not be known, helping me through the loneliness of the moment.

    @zane620 Like with Abi, we don't talk as much as we used to. But I'm thankful for the times you let me rant to you when I was pissed, and also putting up with my bullshit. My bullshit being petty arguments, and the constant yaoi jokes. Hell, even that fanfiction one time...Also for creating some pretty awesome memories that'll stick with, like the ocd baby who punches things. Yeeeaaah, that's a good one.

    @Shoske A duck slut with an awesome girlfriend, one way to describe you. You're awesome man, and I'm grateful to have you as a friend. We just bounce off each other, like hella. The first time I met you you joined my half-assed shitty Bleach RP that went nowhere, then I was shocked to find you joined Kurisa's, the person I knew a couple months before I made that shit :lol: but from then on we've become good friends. You suck dick at AoT though dude :rotfl:

    @Aeronfarron We haven't known each other for long (Couple months at least), but damn am I grateful to have met you. We share similar interest, you're intelligent which makes for good conversations with you, and you're hella funny bruh. Mostly in calls, yelling at Destiny :lol: to be honest if it weren't for the obvious age gap you'd be the type of girl I'd attempt to make mine and keep for the long run.

    And I think that's it for the Bleach group. Now onward!

    @Krin Yo, you were my first friend on this site, and since then we've become pretty close I think. Despite my knack for taking a few days to reply, you still deal with it and talk to me. As for what we talk about, pretty cool shit, pretty serious shit. So I'm thankful for meeting you, homie.

    @Aliceee Hey, it's your stalker here! :D We haven't known each other for long considering we officially spoke two days ago or just about. But talking to you, you're pretty cool, and I like you even more for being someone besides myself who isn't all that into Pokemon. Never really expected to talk to you, someone who's work I've read for a long time silently, but I'm glad I did.

    @Brovo Pretty much read the last sentence above you. Reading your work way back before Guildfall, Legend of Renalta, I was just like, "Damn, this guy is good!" and reading your work now I'm like, "Damn, this guy is good!" :heavybreathing:never did I expect to actually speak to you, let alone be in Skype calls with you. You're nice, intelligent, and generous. Even reading stuff you post on other threads I'm amazed at the kind of person you are, a rather...Rare one, especially in the field of generosity. Maybe it's just me but I don't see that often.

    You're a pretty rad tad mad dude!

    This is pretty much a one-type, no edits because fuck it! But yeah, you guys and stuff. Now I'm gonna stop and crawl back into my little shell, that cool? Cool!
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  14. [​IMG]

    God dammit.
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  15. @Yaoi Master Gavin Thank you for being willing to talk to someone who is down. I bet you're saying thank you to me as well for me meeting you. ;)
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  16. T-T-Thaa-

    I-I-... T-Th...

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  17. @Brovo For the work you do to make someone feel better. You always have great advice, and help people that you don't know. You make people feel unignored, and that's always a great gift to have.

    @Fijoli For making great threads like this and for all your kind words to people.

    @Fluffy You have supported me through my depression and really helped me (whether you know it or not) when I lost my brother by just being a good listener. Oh and you are a badass roleplayer that makes badass characters like Edria and Clover!
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  18. Wow... where do I begin?

    @Diana I don't think I have ever told you this, but when I first joined Iwaku and was a member of the Mature Group you were the only one who talked to me or included me into the conversation and because of your kindness, I was able to keep on Iwaku and learn to better my writing and ultimately help me find myself in the blackness I was trapped in at that time. You've always been helpful and always make me giggle and whenever I mention the site to any of my friend in real life that love writing, I told them about you and other staff members, @Vay , @October Knight , @Asmodeus who have always helped me out. And I thank you, and all the staff member, whether they are still staff members or not, for being helpful, kind, polite and overall making my choice to stay all the more easier.

    @Brovo You've heard this a bunch already, but you are one amazing human. You gave me sound advice and helped me with a personal problem I had no one else to go to with. It was VERY difficult to talk about what I did and you were polite and caring even though we have never met before or even spoken on Iwaku except for random exchanges in Bored Game threads. You are a great person and you've encouraged me to better myself and be sure in my choice, and I, whole heartedly thank you for that.

    @Jorick You are one interesting person. I know very little about you and we've only exchanged a few words here and there yet you never disappoint with your words of advice or opinions on a book. There aren't many people like you in the world and there should be in my opinion.

    @Fijoli You are one the most adorable people I have ever met. And your art is bloody fantastic and your always nice to me, so thank you, very much.

    @Razilin You are on random dude and you never cease to make me laugh or giggle. Even if I feel really shitty, you always manage to make me laugh at a random post. So thank you very much.

    @Nydanna Another adorable individual. You are a badass mom and an awesome person, even though we don't talk much, you've also given me advice and opened up to me and with just that you deserve my thanks.

    @SlatersDeath You my friend... You are an amazing individual. You are always there for me, especially when I feel emotionally broken. You help me and I help you and I don't know how else to thank you other then to say, Thank you. You make my days happier every time I read a post of yours to one of our many stories. And talking about music and movies and just overall your my Buddy. Thank you.
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  19. This is for all of you. Now to go pour cold water on my burning face.
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