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  1. Yesterday was a momentous event. We laughed, sang, and entertained. We watched, listened, and laughed yet more. I promised a thank you thread, so here it is.

    First, I want to thank everyone who tuned in to listen and supported us through laughter, jokes in the stickam chatbox, asking questions that kept us on our toes, and offering song suggestions. Thank you for sticking through cam transitions, putting up with the lag, and coming back time and again to hear more of the fun!

    Secondly, I want to thank everyone who donated. Without your support, we could not have succeeded and would not be able to get the mobile suite or have those wonderful extra bits that will pay server fees for a few months. You guys went above and beyond being generous to being spectacular!

    Thirdly, I want to thank everyone who worked behind the scenes. Those who wrote, planned, will be drawing, managed, sent PMs, emails, and IMs, got people together, and made sure things ran smoothly. Without the behind the scenes help, we would never have made it.

    Fourth, I want to thank everyone who appeared on air, who joked, drew, sang, performed, talked, quizzed, took quizzes, interviewed and were interviewed. It is so hard to get up on stage, and when that stage is one where you can’t necessarily see your audience but are still live, it can be terrifying. But you ALL conquered any fears you had and I not only thank you, I salute you.

    Finally, I want to thank the friends and families of everyone who participated. Without their support (or tolerance, in some cases), many of our workers may not have been able to come on the air, or may not have had an outlet for stress. A special shout out goes to one special mom who was not only supportive but actually donated! Go, Ozzie’s mom!

    So, thank you all! And if you see Diana , Jack Shade, Iliana, Ozzie Chanter, Vay, Porg, Volcano Style, Orion, Tetsuri, Celestialis, Kitti, October, Iskari, Miru, Staci, Cerulean, Zen, or any of our other wonderful participants around, be sure to give them a big thanks, too!
  2. MASSIVE thanks to all of our donors! Give these guys mad props, Iwaku!

    drpepper07, who donated our first $100 dollars at the very start of the Telethon! Doc wins a custom world designed for him by Revision and Iskari.

    Layne, our second donor, who pledged to send a whopping $200 within the first 20 minutes of air time! This seriously blew all of us away. Thank you so much, Layne! She will also receive a custom world, as well as her own personal Jinx. Enjoy! ;D

    Myrnodyn, our awesome Mature Mod, who donated $50 to the cause! He wins a whole bunch of neat stuff: a custom color character drawing, Iwaku stickers, a poem about a character, and a banner. We love you, Myrn!

    Ozzie Chanter and Ozzie's mother, who donated $20 and $25 respectively! Ozzie's madre is not even a member, but she wanted to help out the site and didn't hesitate to hop on and donate. Between them, they win a pretty piece of artwork.

    Miru, who not only came on air with us but donated $30! Miru is going to get a super awesome painting by Zen. Thanks for being such a trooper through all of your interview, Miru!

    Kura, who donated $20! Yay Kuu! She's going to get a nice character sketch by way of thanks.

    Ocha and Devon DeSol, who both donated/pledged $10! They'll be receiving fancy icons! Ocha was supposed to come on air, but sadly had to back out due to technical difficulties. We missed you, Ocha! Devon was very lively and awesome in the chat.

    And finally, Athena, Elyd, and modestmonster, who all donated $5 a piece! Thank you so much for chipping in, guys! Icons for you all!
  3. So, I'm a seriously new Iwaku member... I joined months ago, but life took me away long before I had the chance to do much more than register. I rejoined 5 days ago and didn't donate any money to your cause... not out of spite but ignorance! Apparently I missed all the fun and excitement, unfortunately! A mistake I won't make again.

    So why am I posting here, you ask?

    Well, I simply wanted to express how impressed I am by not only the Moderation, that took the time and energy to put something so amazing together but also the many users who love this site enough to gladly donate their own money to see it's continued success. So from someone who's opinion doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot, thanks. Thanks to you Mods who donate your time and effort to make this place fun and thanks to the many users who do the same! You all have created a wonderful place that is both welcoming to newcomers and a worthy home for regulars.

    I look forward to another telethon in the future so that I can enjoy it!
  4. I will be honest. I thought this thing was going to blow up in our face. XD I thought most of the people would drop out, leaving like three of us to try and carry 24 hours of interesting content while sleep deprived and insane. And definitely thought that no one would donate within 24 hours. Ultimately being a huge failure and making us very sad.

    But not only did it meet expectations, it exceeded them to create such an AMAZING, rewarding, fun, and AWESOME experience!

    Even without the donations, this telethon was SO MUCH FUN. And I so happily thank Revi and Ozzie who managed the shit out of the schedule, ALL of our Hosts that took the time out of their day to help keep us live and entertaining, and all of the badass members who showed up to comment, chat, question, and help our hosts not feel like they were talking to nobody. 8D The fact we also had SO MANY people help donate and reach our goal made it even better. Icing on the cake.

  5. Yes, it was a very memorable one as well. Congratulations Iwaku on successfully raising the needed money for your cause! =^____^=
  6. There are incentives for donating? I had no idea.
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