'Thank You, Doctor'

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  1. This is the Beginning of a Role-play that I had done with k-michelle412 a while back.

    (( P.S She created this Post ))


    Justin had always been a sickly child. He was clumsy and allergic to an obscene amount of things. He was twelve when his parents decided to keep him home. They sterilized the house and kept a doctor on staff at all times.
    That was five years ago. Justin sat in his room, staring out at the long gravel road leading out past the dense forest leading out towards civilization. He heaved a sigh wondering what it was like to be outside and feel the breeze. He hated being sick all the time. He was still clumsy and often got small cuts from silly things like papercuts or running into things.
    Currently his parents were out in search of a stay at home doctor. His old was ha retired and his parents had been searching tirelessly for a new one, taking off work incase something happened. They should be home any minute and Justin felt apprehension build up in his abdomen. His social skills were terrible and new people were hard to adapt to. He just hoped the doctor was nice.


    Honestly, I would love to Re-start it.
    It was fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. Tons of Drama and Suspense holy shit.
    I was reading it in the Vault, and jeez how much I'd missed it.

    Anyways, if anyone would love to start this up with me, I'd be very happy! :D
    Of course, there will obviously be changes to this Post ~ The one with Justin ~ And it'll be longer.
    But I think I'll use the same Characters, Justin's name can be changed by the way.

    I will be the Doctor, by the way. :D

    His name is Carter.

    If you hadn't been able to read the old Thread before it went into the Vault.

  2. I would be interested in this RP if you were to give me some more information about what you would want from me, saying we do stick to the roots. If you would rather have the same idea, but shake things up a bit, I am indeed a mover and a shaker. Please PM me!