Text Adventures (Zork, Hitchhikers guide, Lost Pig, etc.)

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  1. So I have this thing called Frotz on my IPad that lets me play some sweet text adventures, (although I don't know how to download new stories).

    At the moment I really enjoy Lost Pig, in which you play as an orc, Grunk, and must find pig or boss fire Grunk. It involves a really smart gnome and an even smarter pig. It's pretty funny, typing in >Think< gets the response:
    Ow. Grunk head hurt.

    And I just finished Child's Play, where you are a baby who must get your favourite toy before the evil Zoe.
    The baby thinks in an evil genius, scheming sort of way, and despite being a baby is very aware of the world. Interacting with other babies is fun, and, like Lost Pig, you can get some funny responses.

    I am now trying Heroes, in which you play as a Dragon, Adventurer, Enchanter, Royalty AND Thief. It's awesome.

    Colours is also good.

    So, yeah. Talk about your favs and stuff.x
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  2. I remember playing Zork as a wee lad, once upon a time.

    I still have the floppies around here somewhere for them.
  3. I managed to get into the basement.

    I was an adventurer like you once, but then I took a grue to the knee.
  4. I don't want this topic to be eaten by a grue.

    This is weird. I was JUST thinking about Zork the other day.
  5. Hitchhiker's Guide is hilariously frustrating, but I used to play the old Lord of the Rings text adventures on the old Apple IIs in my middle school. Fun times.
  6. Ironically, I own a Commodore 64, and own Zork 1, 2, and 3, in addition to a few other games.

    Got a fair chunk through Zork before I just got stumped.

    Also got painfully annoyed by the fact that the cables that I got for the Commodore won't display color, but that's a small detail.
  7. The very best text adventure is Pick Up the Phonebooth and Die.
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