Texas schools board rewrites US history

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  1. Small review because I'm too lazy to write an extensive one right now:

    Ella Minnow Pea was interesting to say the least. The entire book is in the form of letters which I found intriguing. I will admit that the language was difficult to understand at first. Dictionary.com was my friend for the first couple of letters. It did pick up a little later as the letters started to drop and certain words could not be used. It also became more difficult to read towards the end! Much of it became phonetic. I read a few pages to my husband and he was like "what the hell is this!" lol. Overall the book was ok. The setting was curious and I thought the punishments were harsh for the people but I guess that was what made the story interesting. I don't think I would ever want to read another book like this but it was a nice experience to have and did enjoy the play on the English language.
  2. “That is her default setting remember?” Alena chuckle from the doorway, “Glad to see big sis didn’t change the locks while I was gone.”

    Kunari’s eyes started tearing up again as she look at Alena, “How..?”
  3. “I gave the demon what he wanted. I initiated sex with him and admit to enjoying it. He felt like he won and ‘corrupted’ me so he let me walk.” Alena shrug.

    “What?!” Kunari’s relief was turning to disgust.
  4. “He basically made you babysit me but I guess you did.”
  5. "He'll understand one day."
  6. "I don't want that. I want him to move on after me."
  7. “I accidentally let him get to close and he had a powerful poison. Next thing I know, I woke up in his dungeon.” Alena sigh.

    “Accidentally..” Kunari echo the word.
  8. "They have issues besides us."
  9. John

    "Maybe. Agreed, and being a CEO, you think he would be a lot more adult and business-y. He walks to work and helps others on his way, despite the possibility of making him late. Look, he's just having a conversation with the kid." He referred to Ray sitting on the bench next to the curb, deep in conversation. "Dylan was telling me a bit more about him. Something happened in his past that made him super driven as the Hunter, but as Ray, he can never turn away helping someone, even if it inconveniences him. I didn't believe him, but while watching this... I don't know what to think."
  10. Belle

    She shrugged as she watched them speak "Perhaps he was harmed as a child. Maybe he just wants things to be better for others. But there is a large disconnect from him and well, the man under the mask. It almost makes me wonder if who he is is under the mask and this is a facade of who he'd rather be,"
  11. John

    "Maybe, I'm gonna look into him later. There's a huge difference between the two. Even as the same person, they might as well be two people. One thing for sure, we need to keep an eye on him..." He glared slightly. "Ray Harper... who are you really?"
  12. John

    "I wouldn't go that far, but there's something there. Our meeting with him isn't for another 20 minutes."


    He went into his office.
  13. Belle

    "Maybe a crime was committed against him." She shrugged and frowned at the thought. She shook her head out of it "So twenty minutes to relax." She grinned at him teasingly
  14. Winnifred

    (it is really cute :)

    "Good. I got my eye on you." I tease him and point my pointer and middle finger at him, giving him the indication that I was going to keep a close eye on him. I grin now. "You do anything stupid and I will 'orchestrate' revenge." I scold myself at my pun but also give myself a high five. "And by that I mean I will give you a cold shoulder." I roll my eyes at myself. "But I am sure you will not have to worry about that."


    "I am sure the library will have a good amount of archives. Perhaps there are several rumors about that house too that might prove out to be true. I have heard several things earlier on about that home. Something about unstable people. I do not know how it connects but...perhaps it has something to do with all of those people I see. But they do not seem unstable...maybe it is referring to their powers?" I shake my head in wonder and lead her down to the library. It is pretty empty too. Perfect. I go over to the closest shelf and I pull out a book. "Hmm. For such a small library they have some good things." I gesture for her to come over.


    "Well it is a huge deal. That's because I do not think I have ever heard you say those words to me." I grin at her. I pause as she tells me we could run away. "I would love to run away from Warren. I have tried. I have tried very hard before. It did not end out well...But, I can get you out I am sure." I point to her with my thumb without glancing to her. "There is a way it could be done. Me not so much. Warren's sure to have some sort of tracker on me somehow. But with you, I am sure he doesn't. Probably because we hang out so much. There's a backdoor that Warren doesn't really pay attention to. And there's a spot in the house where there are no cameras. That's where I usually go to..." I do not want to say lament or grieve over the loss of my childish innocence to this maniac, but I do. "Find peace."
  15. Alena moaned pleasurably in respond, she slowly sat up and started moving her hips more, riding him effortlessly, “I’m doing it for me... because I enjoy it and you’re convenient.”
  16. “She lets him doesn't she?” Kunari reach her arms out for Ashley, “There’s a time to coddle children and a time to discipline them.”
  17. John

    "I love those." He smiled. He got out and locked the car, making sure his sunglasses were on straight. He felt like a badass and knew he looked good.
  18. Alex started moving his hips in ryrhum with hers* “when you try this with others you’ll see only I can satisfy .” *
  19. Alena moan pleasurably, “Mmm.. are you falling for me?” She sneer slightly, “I have no intention of being your prisoner much less your slave.”
  20. “I’m saying, get them all in line because if they cross me, they’re done.” Kunari said softly.