Texas Man Carves Pentagram Into Son's Back

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  1. A Texas man carved a pentagram into his son on 12-12-12. The fact that this dad carved something into his son's back is strange and completely disgusting! What type of person would do this to their child? The object he carved is of little relevance, but the actual act of the carving is almost unbelievable.

    The Texas man carved his son with the pentagram on 12-12-12 using a box cutter "because it is a holy day." Brent Troy Bartel's son is just six-years-old. The 39-year-old lives in Richland Hills near Fort Worth, and he is currently in jail with a $500,000 bond.
    It appears as if Brent Troy Bartel called 911 himself saying,
    "I shed some innocent blood. . . . I inscribed a pentagram on my son. . . . because it is a holy day."
    What a strange and scary call for the dispatcher to receive. Shortly after, the six-year-old boy's mother called police from a neighbors house asking for help. Police responded quickly.

    The only good news is that this boy's bodily injuries were not life threatening. However, what about his emotional injuries? How would a boy of this age get over something like this? Plus, he will likely be scarred physically with the pentagram as well as emotionally because of this carving.

    Another odd thing about this is that 12-12-12 is not known as any holy day anywhere.