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  1. T E T R A
    "Tetra, as a word, is a simplistic beauty in the sense that it means four but contains five letters. It refuses to cooperate with its meaning."

    In the coming times, a process known as Tetra will be formed. Humanity will learn to cower at its mention. Tetra will end the need for citizens to apply for membership of an army. It is a simple solution.

    First, after a class of students have graduated from an academy, we will select four of the most prominent pupils and initiates them in Tetra. Tetra assembles all of the students from each academy, assigns them a code name based on their strength, and provides them with four categories of tests: Mental, Physical, Social, and Creative Solution. Mental tests their ability to persist through a problem and achieve its solution, as well as their common knowledge. Physical tests their ability to clear an obstacle course in a certain amount of time. Social tests their ability to persuade and charm another individual into doing a task. Creative Solution provides them with a seemingly impossible problem and challenges them to achieve the solution in a time limit.

    Every wrong answer will result in punishment.

    Once they've completed each category, Tetra weeds out students with no potential. Those who complete every category will be sent to a training camp and eventually the military.

    Will you complete Tetra?





    Code Name:



    Advantages and Disadvantages: (Essentially what you are good at and bad at.)

    Past Life:

    • A character death occurs if you submit a wrong answer. If your character dies, you are more than welcome to make another one and continue in Tetra.​
    • All Iwaku rules apply.​
    • No overpowered, perfect characters, obviously.​
    • Being kind is a virtue.​
  2. Welp, sounds interesting.

    Yay for likely character death.

    Also, Kancorre.
  3. Interestingly enough, I've never seen/played Kancolle. //shot

    This roleplay was a mix of inspirations, namely Umineko and Higurashi, The Hunger Games trilogy, and The Testing trilogy. If it sounds interesting why not join? Characters don't have to die, it simply depends on who uses Google. //shot again
  4. Was there a particular format or guidelines for coming up with Code Names apart from the fact that they are somehow related to one of the four categories? At this point it looks like the code name for a character in the Physical category could be Hulk or Superman or Lion. Code name for a character in the Mental category could be Einstein, Psychic or Depression, etc.

    Also am I correct in assuming 'past life' refers to history of the character before they were drafted into Tetra?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.