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  1. Alright folks!f My first Iwaku rp, and I am excited! I first wish to apologize for the wait before posting comment, I really do want to hear from you I was just editing, rearranging and trying to create a full story line before the rest of you post. This is my style of role play, I love challenging thought provoking story lines.

    I really do want this story to be a jump in, I wanted you to at least get enough starter information to know where this story line is headed. You can be part of one of two teams, the[BCOLOR=#999999] Necro-squad [/BCOLOR]or the Synthoids. You will soon see that there is no black or white in this story. You might call it the violent version of 50-shades of GRIT; both team leaders are more like anti-heros then heros. Sex scenes are going to be fade to black to allow for different areas of input from all ages.

    After all this story is about a war in the battle of wills, one is acting upon orders the other merely trying to survive a genocide. i know you will have a lot of questions so I am planning that this story will start out as OCCs while I give information throughout. Really I'm just winging atm* and letting the plot and story line unfold. To keep things balance I will be listing skills and abilities of both teams and weaponry. Once you get the idea of the rp future skills and weapons from your own minds will be on an approval basis so that we keep power modding and god modding to a minimum. The nature of your OCCs should be question and answers at the moment. Oh and the asteroid this story takes place on is Tetra-Meson-7 (it was not some random name just thrown into the title).... So if everyone is ready let the questions begin.....Oh keep in mind I will be doing a bio profile on the Synthoids later as well as a skill and inventory check list on both teams and this may answer some questions!
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  2. Howdy, @Steelmail! :D

    I've created this OOC thread for you so that you can keep IC content exclusive in your IC thread! I've linked these two threads so your fellow writers have a way to find both the IC and the OOC; there's a PLAY and SIGNUPS link at the top of the OP for each thread respectively. :3

    Happy roleplaying! ^.^
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    Awesome thank you so much!
  4. You're welcome! :D
  5. Yeah I am thinking this rp is in the wrong section, but please don't move it yet. It started as a vague idea and has evolved into something quite different. It is on its way to the *masoistic self completion category Lol! If I am satisfied at its outcome and it hits the labor of love category then I would like to place it into the straight sci-fi category or if takes a different turn and becomes a story I may place it in that category LOl! I am in self editing mode at the moment which is sometimes two steps back one step forward or vice versa!
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  6. Alright at this moment and time I have 70 views on this, which means that someone is at least reading the rp! that is a plus. I don't know when I will be finishing my intro but this is what I have so far. The Necro-Corps aka Necro-stalkers are a genetically altered race of humans with a modified anatomy made to take the synthetic adrenals (super-steroid) bio-chemically made for their bodies. This & battle augmented exo-armor (like a mech) is why I changed the physics to anime. It will even out with the Tetranite's titan stature. There is one more ability of the Tetranites I have not listed yet and the Necro-stalkers have an enhanced form of this ability also.

    I am now in a state of deep interest with this project which means I will continually pursue this while I have time *On my cell at break *Late evenings

    That is good news for you the reader because either way you will get a finished tale. Now it is up to this audience what this becomes, if I have role play interest it will become a role play, if not a story to be moved to the gallery. Which means it's time for feedback criticisms? questions? Both are welcome whether you will role play in this story or not.

    I may even add a 3rd alien class I am working the bugs out known as Drakkalites. I will get maps, ship blueprints and animations at my leisure.

    Perhaps you would join this rp Samster? which character class are you inclined towards so far?
  7. Sorry; my free time's pretty limited, lately. ^.^;

    For the record, you can alert people to your post just by adding @ before their name, @Steelmail. :3