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  1. In the year 2015, humanity had advanced itself in a mere couple more years from now, amazing technologies being invented as a result of human contact with extraterrestrials, which had been previously building up in the last few years as various sightings and encounters. By 2025, the Earth was bombarded by asteroids, meteors and everything, cities and buildings ruined as people fled underground for a while...

    Skip to 2045. People have slowly begun to come back above ground, leading new lives. Some of these new lives unfortunately include mass crime sprees, violence and theft, as the 'nightmare' age began. Fear is the ultimate weapon in this Hell on Earth, as lives are made twice as difficult, as mechanical men, visitors from space, and even mutations are disregarded as equals and seen as minorities, in some cases even hated, feeling they were the ones to cause this apocalypse.

    But a legend still persists: A legend regarding the brand of justice enforcing, law preaching police force known simply as the TPD, or Terran Police Department Of Earth, and their elite brand of 'soldier-cops,' the Sledgehammers. Their methods were thought to have been lost in time, but that is not the case, as four beings rise to the challenge, trained for years in the tactics of a Terran Lawman. Armed with vehicles such as their 'Rocket-Horse' hoverbikes, Duranium Plated Armor, Xanthian Plasma Blades, and high-power hand blaster pistols, and being determined to do ANYTHING to save an innocent life, they ride off through the land, dispensing their own brand of vigilante justice.


    What I have so far:

    The basic summary is that we have four fellows trained in the art of the futuristic policeman and armed to carry out their mission of 'healing' the dying earth best they can. One of them is human, another a robot, or perhaps an android, the third an alien life form, and the last, a mutant, each representing a different people, all machines/non-earthlings/mutations sticking with each other as long as they were not human.

    Outside help from other galaxies is impossible due to a field of bizarre, unknown radiation in the atmosphere.

    in this storyline, humans originally co-existed with alien races, resulting in both their technologies becoming advanced, bringing about the birth of robots/cyborgs/androids/etc and dominating them, as well as the accidental creation of various genetic deviants through god knows what, maybe lab experiments, hybrid offspring, whatever you'll accept. In the end though, humans had slowly begun tightening their grip around the other three groups and became the dominant class of sentient lifeforms just shortly before the disasters struck, their social status still the same afterwards having planted some foundation for worship of human beings.

    As for a villain, I was thinking of some kind of criminal ringleader whose dream is to organize every petty outlaw and road raider under one banner: An empire of evil, led by a society of gang leaders and monster mobsters.

    technology is relatively advanced, just over Fallout in terms of having futuristic tech in the post apocalypse.

    Anything that could be added on?


    Characters- I mostly thought of the main four characters. Though I don't mind having others besides these four!

    1) The Alien

    2) The Human (I'd like to play this one o.o)

    3) The Mutant

    4) The Machine
  2. Mm, I actually have an android OC! I like the setting too, it sounds cool. n wn
  3. I'd like to play as the mutant in this! What I think could be specified closer, is what "kind" we are. I mean, there are many different versions of- since this is my character of choice- the mutant. What defines a mutant is that it has mutated, or adapted, in a way that the mainstream human race has not. This could take form in some sort of super ability, like the X-men, or it could just be a fault in their genes that give them a very different appearance and slightly changed physical limits. Same goes for the alien and the machine: most aliens in fiction have extraterrestrial powers, and machines are designed for different purposes. Have you put any thought into that, or do you think that should be up to the players to decide? I certainly wouldn't mind designing my own mutant, but I'm afraid that our characters are going to be of very differing power levels if we do it like that.

    Though, since we are very much the elite, we're probably more powerful than "normal" people. My suggestion for the mutant:

    I imagine the mutant as a mix between the more physically mutated X-men(people like Toad or Mystique, not Jean Grey or Magneto) and the ghouls of Fallout. So he/she would definitely stick out as no longer human, but he could, for instance, be able to stretch some of his limbs, gush out toxic gas, have incredibly good senses, or be able to survive in hostile environments. That kind of stuff.
  4. I like your idea for the mutant, Emee, that's just the kind of character I see when I imagine a ! And yes, I feel if the players had a hand in this, it would really help.
  5. Glad you liked it, I'll go for something like that then :) I'm thinking he'll be kinda sly, maybe the assassin type, and just slightly selfish.