Testy Test Thread 2.0

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  1. Cause my old one got deleted for some reason. o.o;; Hope it doesn't happen again. If anyone sees this, please dun delete my thread. lol.

  2. Involuntarily, another cry forced it's way out of my mouth. As fast as I could, I took off running deeper into the dark building, the sound of my anxious panting overshadowing any rational thoughts I had in my mind. In that moment, the only feeling I knew was fear. It took over me, causing me to run faster and faster until I crashed into a wall. The impact of my collision caused shelves over my head to wobble, their contents spilling down onto me. I yelped in panic, only calming when I realized whatever had hit me wasn't very heavy. They were soft plusies of various sorts. They were of creatures I didn't recognize, but as cute as they were, I hugged one of them to my chest for comfort.

    "Sun, please help me. Sun, Please help me. Sun, please help me," I repeated squeezing the pink, plush doll as tightly as I could in my arms. I was still absolutely horrified, my legs trembling under me and tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I had just been attacked by two strange men, they had been attacked by something worse, and now I was hearing strange noises. I wasn't certain what kind of world this was, but so far I really didn't like it.

    As I repeated these words to myself, I began to feel something in my arms start to move. As if the doll I had been holding became a weightless balloon, it began to lift out of my arms, floating in mid-air. I gasped and staggered back, cupping my hands under my chin. "O-Oh, dear Sun, save me from the evil spirit! B-Be gone, foul demon!" I exclaimed, so horrified my vision had even started to go blurry.