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  2. Involuntarily, another cry forced it's way out of my mouth. As fast as I could, I took off running deeper into the dark building, the sound of my anxious panting overshadowing any rational thoughts I had in my mind. In that moment, the only feeling I knew was fear. It took over me, causing me to run faster and faster until I crashed into a wall. The impact of my collision caused shelves over my head to wobble, their contents spilling down onto me. I yelped in panic, only calming when I realized whatever had hit me wasn't very heavy. They were soft plusies of various sorts. They were of creatures I didn't recognize, but as cute as they were, I hugged one of them to my chest for comfort.

    "Sun, please help me. Sun, Please help me. Sun, please help me," I repeated squeezing the pink, plush doll as tightly as I could in my arms. I was still absolutely horrified, my legs trembling under me and tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I had just been attacked by two strange men, they had been attacked by something worse, and now I was hearing strange noises. I wasn't certain what kind of world this was, but so far I really didn't like it.

    As I repeated these words to myself, I began to feel something in my arms start to move. As if the doll I had been holding became a weightless balloon, it began to lift out of my arms, floating in mid-air. I gasped and staggered back, cupping my hands under my chin. "O-Oh, dear Sun, save me from the evil spirit! B-Be gone, foul demon!" I exclaimed, so horrified my vision had even started to go blurry.
  3. MS1-pout.png

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  6. [​IMG]

    This is covered in the rules above, but remember that only one character may be applied for and that all characters will have their special abilities and powers nerfed.




    Origin: [Where they live/come from]

    Occupation: [What they do for a living]

    Character History: [Only a link to a character's wiki page is required. If they have no page, make one on our wiki or provide a brief summary here.

    If your character has history extending beyond their canon (Such as having them be a member of the United Nations/Coalition, having them meet another character in a side story, or some other kind of addition), then that must be noted here]

    Ultimate Title: [Think of a title that either embodies your character's personality or something that they are exceptionally good at, such as "Ultimate Positivity", "Ultimate Carpenter", or "Ultimate Hero". You may not use a title someone else in the cast is already using]

    Item of Importance: [ONE item of importance that means something to your character. This is the only item they may have on them when they appear in the game. It can't be a weapon]

    Canon: [What they're from (Such as Game of Thrones/Kingdom Hearts/Resident Evil/etc.)]

    Other Details: [Optional. Extra stuff or info you may want to add that isn't covered by the application]
  7. [​IMG]
    "Love is free. But all magic comes with a price."


    Unknown, but he has likely lived for centuries.

    The Enchanted Forest

    A deal-maker of sorts who solves the problems of others with magic in exchange for a price.

    Character History

  8. Rumpelstiltskin

    "Love is free. But all magic comes with a price."

    Also known as
    Rumple / Dark One


    Unknown, but he has likely lived for centuries.

    If "family" meant everything to your character, what would their dream life be?
    Family absolutely does mean everything to Rumple. Ages ago, his son fell through a magical portal and he lost the boy, trying his hardest to find him ever since. So, Rumple's dream life would be in a world where he has his son Baelfire by his side and the boy forgives Rumple for abandoning him. Preferably, Rumple would also have the ability to use his magic in this world, because he is absolutely terrified of living without it, and desperate to hold onto his power. Maybe his son and himself could also live in a large castle, like the one he lives at in the Enchanted Forest. And they could have a cleaning maid like, ehem, that wench Belle. Lately, he's grown somewhat used to having her around. Not for anything else but cleaning, of course! Someone has to clean the house!

    Short Bio


    Although he never directly interacted with Wanda, Rumpelstiltskin has the ability to travel between magical realms. During one of his journeys to procure magical items he encountered her, but avoided speaking with her. Instead, he gathered information on her and took it home, storing it within the library of his castle.

    Other Info
    Rumpelstiltskin is a powerful dark wizard and has various magical powers that will be nerfed, but I'm still going to list them below.​
    • Blood Magic - Use of one's own blood as a magical seal that can only be broken by someone of the same bloodline.
    • Enhanced Traits - Augmented strength, agility, durability and fighting skills.
    • Conjuration - Ability to conjure objects out of the blue.
    • Healing Spells - Ability to magically heal injuries and/or diseases.
    • Heart-ripping - Ability to rip someone's heart out in order to control/kill them, among other purposes.
    • Shapeshifting - Ability to alter the appearance of oneself or others.
    • Telekinesis - Ability to control the movement of objects or other people/animals.
    • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.
    • Transformation - Ability to magically transform an object into a different one.
    • Potioncraft - Ability to create liquid substances for various purposes by combining a set of ingredients.
    • Foresight - Ability to see the future in bits and pieces.

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  9. [​IMG]
    By Midnight Maiden, thatguyinthestore, and Klutzy Ninja Kitty

    A little longer than a year after the events of The Infinity Parable, Star makes her way to Storybrooke, along with some of her friends, to visit Emma and Killian.


    Somewhere in the multiverse was a town called Storybrooke. Like many places in the multiverse, this particular town existed in several other alternate universes as well. One particular version of this very town even contained individuals who had been touched by a phenomena known to many as Murder Games. Effected by this phenomena, Emma Swan and Killian Jones took slightly different paths that deviated from the paths that theirselves had taken in another version of their world. Despite the roads taken, however, the pair still ended up in a present that was fairly similar to what it would’ve been otherwise.

    Spoilers for Seasons 1-3 of OUaT
    Cora made her way to Storybrooke, to eventually be defeated. Emma still helped Mr. Gold find his son. Killian had still attempted to get his revenge on Rumplestiltskin. Henry had still been kidnapped and taken to Neverland. Emma and her family rescued him and dealt with the curse Peter Pan cast on their town. A year passed and Hook stood at Emma’s door in New York to try and bring her back home to her family. When she returned, they dealt with Zelina. After she was defeated, Emma and Killian found themselves sucked into the wicked witch’s time portal and had their little adventure in the past. They lost some allies and gained others.

    But as mentioned above, not everything happened exactly as it should have. While in the past, Emma never ended up bringing Marian with them on their return trip to the future. And, for whatever reason, the urn containing the long lost queen Elsa, that mistakenly came back with the duo, didn’t immediately open after they made it home. It was probably a good thing too, considering the fact that the good townspeople of Storybrooke were about to have a few different visitors instead. That tends to happen in alternate realities.

    Anyhow, everything happened close enough to the events that were supposed to happen and now it was present day. Emma and Killian had returned from their little adventure. Snow and Charming had just announced the name of their new baby boy. And, lastly, the pirate and the princess had just finished having a little “chat” outside of Granny’s Diner. Except, well, a lot more kissing had happened than talking, to be honest, and Killian was over the moon about it.

    Emma had warmed up to him a bit in the past, but their progress had been interrupted by, well, a lot of things that had happened in Storybrooke after they got back from their Murder Games adventure. But now, after they had traveled through the Enchanted Forest together, and learning the fact that he had given up his ship for her, Emma’s heart had finally seemed to melt for him. He had brought her walls down and for the first time Killian felt certain that their feelings for each other were mutual.

    Beaming with a newfound pride, Killian strutted back into the diner after his rather romantic moment with Emma. While he so very badly wanted to brag about how he had won her heart to every single soul in the room, he couldn’t. Aside from the fact her father was there, he also didn’t want to say anything that might cause Emma to pull back from him. Her affection only moments ago was more than enough to satisfy him for now. The captain’s heart was still fluttering in his chest, and he still felt rather dazed. He would be content enough waiting until later before he would… question Emma about the state of their relationship now. Killian knew he needed to proceed with caution... and avoid making eye contact with Emma's father.

    Despite his attempt to avoid her parents, the ever perceptive Snow White watched the two as they had returned, smiling curiously. She said nothing, not wanting to draw this sight to the attention of their husband--who had lately become somewhat protective over his daughter. She did, however, point out one thing.


    "Emma looks happy, doesn't she?" She rested her head onto her husband's shoulder, smiling contently. "In fact, I think everyone in here looks happy. We're... all together again. We can finally be a family and the town is peaceful," she stated, lovingly gazing down at baby Neal in her arms.


    "Hey, Grandma? Grandpa?" questioned Henry from nearby, pointing out the window. "What's that?" When the group would turn their heads to look, they'd see a flash of light come from the woods in the outskirts of Storybrooke. It wasn't nearly as powerful and intimidating as the flash of light they saw earlier that day, but it was still an unidentified light.

    "Okay, maybe I shouldn't have spoken so soon," Mary Margaret muttered, picking her head up off Charming's shoulder to see what was going on.


    Overhearing the Charmings, Killian glanced to the window as well, frowning at the sight he would see. "Bloody hell. That had better not be Zelina's time portal again." But it had closed, hadn't it? What could be going on now?

    Those in the room would hear the door open moments later, seeing Regina walk into Granny's Diner with Robin and Roland at her side. Her brows were furrowed, and she looked somewhat peeved after having seen the light from the woods. "Tell me you saw it," Regina grumbled to the others. She was annoyed, not really happy that this event had interrupted her date with Robin and his little boy. "Another light show? Apparently, this town can't stay out of trouble for two minutes."

    Henry stood up from where he had been sitting. "We should go see what it is. I can come this time," he stated, eager to be included.


    "Yeah, out of the question," Regina pipped up, denying her son's suggestion just as quickly as the boy had made it. The queen glanced to a window again, narrowing her eyes thoughtfully. "I don't think it's nearly as dangerous as the time portal from earlier though. It's magic, but..." The woman trailed off, mulling quietly over her thoughts. "Something's different about it. It doesn't appear hostile. Still, better safe than sorry."

    They would need to send someone to see what had happened outside. God forbid it was another enemy after they had only just taken care of their last problem.​
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  10. Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time


  11. [​IMG]

    What is life with an absence of true beauty? To Yusuke, it was nothing. The world was bland and monochrome without beauty to pursue, without its radiant light to capture in his paintings. A sort of life lacking such magnificence was void of meaning, boring, and bland. Lately, that's exactly how life had felt to the young artist, but he couldn't exactly figure out why that was.

    Perhaps he felt blah due to the fact his good friend and leader of the Phantom Thieves, Akira Kurusu, had moved back home after his probation had ended. For quite some time now Akira had been a muse of inspiration for Yusuke, always supporting him and inspiring him with ideas for his art. With him gone, perhaps that was why he struggled to paint as of late?

    Or, perhaps he felt a bit abnormal due to the fact that the Phantom Thieves had disbanded. Things just weren't quite the same now that he wasn't always busying himself with Mementos or Metaverse adventures, meeting up at the Phantom Thieves' hideout, and thinking long and hard over the many obstacles that their group had encountered frequently during the life of a thief.

    There was always the chance that his artist's block had nothing to do at all with Akira or the other Phantom thieves, but something else entirely--something he hadn't recognized quite yet. He had traversed so many changes lately that it was just too hard to pinpoint the issue.

    And yet, little did the male know that he was about to undergo another unique change in his life, a change that would cause him to be dragged into yet another new life adventure.


    The student awoke to his new surroundings, rubbing his head and sitting up as straight as he could. He glanced around to try and discern where he was, finding himself rather confused and somewhat bothered by this place. He wasn't uncomfortable with the plane, no, he had flown on one once before when he had gone on his school trip. What bothered him was... how exactly had he gotten here?

    "Now, this is rather odd," he said to himself, continuing to look around the area. "Let's see... the last thing I remember is..." He trailed off for a moment, mulling over any details he could remember. "I do believe I was at school. I was cleaning my brushes, just about ready to head back to the dorms when--" He paused, letting out a sigh. "I don't remember anything else. How bizarre..."

    Sure, it was bizarre, but Yusuke was rather used to seeing strange things so he was pretty calm about all this. Heck, even before joining the Phantom Thieves he had been rather accepting of weird things. That's just the kind of person he was.

    Before saying anything else, Yusuke noticed a female warrior who had questioned him about where they were at. "No, I don't know where we're at. Are you saying that you are confused as to where we are as well?" he asked, now even more confused, but somewhat relieved. At least he wasn't the only one who didn't understand what was going on.

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  12. ~Yusuke Kitagawa's Act~
    Artistic Passion✎

    Yusuke had but a single talent and it was one he would gladly display before the others. From a young age, the boy's sensei had discovered his talent for art and had manipulated it to his advantage. Because of that manipulation, Yusuke painted solely for his sensei, allowing the man to even take credit for his works. But that mattered no longer. Those days were long gone. Yusuke had been freed from that life by his friends, his eyes opened to the truth. From that moment onward, he painted for only one person: himself.

    The artist asked for nothing more than an aisle, canvas, and paint. He sat before the audience and allowed the canvas to face them, but paid them absolutely no mind. For his act he would paint, of course, but hopefully it would be a speed paint. Creating art in itself wasn't an act, but perhaps speed painting would work to be one. If he took his time otherwise, it was possible the audience would grow bored and he would lose.

    Not only had he convinced himself that he should paint quickly, but that it would also be a good idea for him to paint without a model present. He preferred to paint with one, so he was throwing himself outside of his element a bit, but he figured it would be for the best. What better way to show off his skill to the others than to paint something magnificent directly from his mind rather than from an example directly before himself?


    So, without much thought as usual, the boy began to paint. He allowed his brush to glide along his canvas solely guided by his inspiration. One thing he hadn't accounted for, however, was the artist's block he had suffered from as of late. With this block, partnered by the pressure of having to put on an act, Yusuke felt compelled to look over his shoulder at the audience behind himself every once in a while as he worked. The hair on the back of his neck bristled when he looked and he even slipped once with his brush and created an unintended stroke.

    Something isn't right here...

    ...I'm... trying to be something I'm not, aren't I? If Akira were here, what would he say?

    Yusuke glanced down at his pocket, remembering the drawing of Alesha he had sketched out earlier--something he had drawn out of inspiration.

    He would say that this isn't like me. I should be myself. I should paint the way I want. To hell with speed painting or trying to please the fancies of unrefined commoners! If they can't be pleased by my pure passion and love for art then they aren't worthy to rest eyes upon my creations!


    Suddenly, Yusuke was more fixed on his canvas than ever. He slowed down, took his time, and focused on creating something that filled him with inspiration.

    All I've ever wanted...

    It was almost mesmerizing the way his brush twirled and danced as it connected with the canvas.

    ...is to show everyone

    His hand twisted along with his brush, gliding with the precision of a figure skater

    true beauty.

    Slowly, minute after minute, the dull, once empty canvas began to fill with color.

    I want everyone to love art...

    It took him quite some time to create something that eventually became recognizable, around an hour at least, but once he had finally finished he had created a rather gorgeous landscape.

    ...just as much as I do.

    After he had finally finished, Yusuke stood up and stepped to the side of his creation so that everyone in the crowd could better lay eyes upon it. Those who looked would see a rendition of a very familiar beach scene that had been painted from his memory.


    "It's Gelato Beach," he stated to the others. "I hope all of you find it to be eloquent, and teeming with beauty," he added before giving the others a bow to conclude his act.

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  13. 00e7ff

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  14. ====
    Title: The Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds
    Number: 160088
    Date: May 5, 2017 at 2:20 AM

    Midnight Maiden - May 5, 2017 at 2:20 AM

    "You're gonna regret that, sweetheart."

    Two years was a long time, in theory. Enough time for the seasons to come and go not once, but twice. Enough time for friendships to be forget and others, forgotten. For children to be born and old souls to die, finding their ways to whatever afterlife awaited them, if any. Yes, two years was a long, long time, indeed.

    Unfortunately, time does not, as one saying falsely claims, 'heal all wounds'.

    No, for one Lionel E'erhart, time was nothing more than something akin to, for lack of better words, a drug. Perhaps it occasionally may make you feel better, for a short time, but it never truly made the pain or feelings subside. If anything, it often backfired, hurting far more than it helped. Not that the male minded; pain was an old friend of his. A friend that had been there when no one else was. Though even that was pushed away by him, oftentimes, in favor of feelings of nothingness.

    But now? Now, he certainly felt something. A sense of fulfillment. Of pride and true elation, a giddiness that he couldn't recall the last time he had felt, if he ever had, period.

    You see, Lionel was a man that knew what he wanted. He always had been. More than that, he was a man that got what he wanted. From a very young age, he had manipulated the odds into his favor to receive what he desired, no matter who he had to hurt to do so. In fact, the more people he hurt to receive his wants? The better. What an exciting feeling, knowing you have complete power over another, to know you hold the fate of their emotions in the palm of your hand.

    Perhaps that was what made his mood so high, today.

    Blood stained his face as he chuckled slightly, biting his lip as he peered briefly at the still-pulsating heart in his hand, warm with blood and what could only be described as a slowly seeping away life force. One that would have already been gone, had it not been for the magic the boy had been blessed- or cursed, depending on your point of view -with from a very young age. It was this magic, along with a little boost he'd received from a less than willing, but easily swayed by terror(as most humans were), party. Oh, and how could he forget?

    "Don't worry, Iscariot; I'll put this to goooodddd use..." the man murmured to the heart, smiling eerily down at it before taking a deep breath, as though he were a child on the verge of opening a Christmas present. Oh, how he had longed for this for so long. Truly, the past two years had felt as though it had been forever. Granted, he had desired something from the family he now was seeking to punish with the contents he'd thrown together in the pit before him for much longer than two years. No, no, his desire ran much further back than that. It was merely two years, three months, one week and four days ago(not counting the hour and thirty-one minutes) that he had lost his patience. Or, well... Not quite. It was less a loss of patience, and more a backfire of a plan. He had hoped to use the young daughter as an in to find what he needed, but, well, he did see slightly more than that in her. She was pretty, and her personality wasn't completely obnoxious. Admittedly, this had sidetracked him, leading him to form a... Different, desire, atop the one he already had.

    Unfortunately, he had not expected his advances to lead to physical retaliation. Women did not tend to fight him, his good looks and charm seeming to tend to allow him some leeway, if not his sheer intimidation. This one... She was different. She was not so mindless as to allow him what he wanted for his looks or charm, nor had she immediately submitted to him. Perhaps that was what made him want her even more.

    Almost as much as he wanted to make her suffer for her blatant rejection of him, along with her distraction of him from his goal.

    So it was with that sentiment that he grinned to himself, hand clenching tightly around the heart it held, slowly beginning to crush it. It was a shame that he'd had to kill his only sibling and remaining loved one, certainly, but in his twisted mind? It was a cause his sibling would have been happy to contribute to. Besides, Lionel had done the boy a favor. His little brother had always been a momma's boy, and now, he could be with his mother- and father -again. Surely he'd be happy.

    Feeling justified in this, Lionel smiled to himself, sharp green eyes watching closely as he released the remains of the heart, allowing them to drop into the pit with pride. As the last bits of it neared the end of their fall, Lionel let out a laugh, making one final comment as the wind around him picked up, darkness beginning to overtake the land he knew so well.

    "I do so hope you enjoy gold, 'Mai'..."

    And then everything faded to black.


    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 8, 2017 at 10:35 AM


    I'm falling.

    Mentally, Icarus repeated the same two words over and over in his head. It was as if he didn't believe this statement to be true and was trying to convince himself that it was really happening. His wings, once grandeur and mighty, had melted into pieces and scattered upon the ground so far beneath him that he couldn't see them. If he would've had more time to think through his situation, the male would've realized that his wings had simply been melted by the suns strong rays; he had gotten far to close to it. Still, even then, it was likely he wouldn't have admitted his mistake.

    His face frozen in shock, Icarus could comprehend little but the feel of his body falling rapidly toward the ground and the whistling of the wind in his ears. Of course, common sense would've told the young man he might be falling to his death, but his mind was far too busy racing with thoughts centering around his wings. He worried for where they had gone after dropping off his back, yet cursed them all the same. He had done nothing wrong! Surely they must've been faulty! That had to be the problem.

    What should I... do? I have no means of escaping this fall. I-- No, surely father will rescue me. Yes, that's exactly what will happen. There's no way I'll die from this.

    The small portion of hope he clung to in his thoughts, however, would not last the longer he plummeted. He felt his heart begin to race, uncertain what would happen when he would make contact with the ground. Instead of hitting the ground, however, he would find himself come into contact with something else: water.

    A mix of sensations overcame his senses when he made contact with the sea. At first, he felt a burst of pain, as if he had just been dropped upon solid rock. His entire body throbbed in agony from the landing, until he would slowly sink under the surface of the waters, feeling their icy touch quickly numb his pain. Disoriented, he wouldn't entirely realize where he was at until he began to lose air. His blue eyes widened in distress, and he rapidly began to move his limbs in attempt to push his body to the surface.

    After finally poking his head out of the water, Icarus choked and gasped for air for several minutes, until he had recovered enough to finally look upon his new surroundings. He wasn't entirely sure where he had landed, but he was a vast, seemingly endless, body of water. He didn't know the lay of the lands below very well, but he would've guessed that it was somewhere near the Midas Kingdom. He could probably go there for help, but he would most certainly need to get out of the water first.

    "Ngh," he grunted, straining to move his body in the water, hoping with a bit of work he found find dry land. At times like this, he was grateful not to be an ordinary human. If he would have been, it was likely the fall would've killed him even though he had landed in the water. He was injured and exhausted at the moment, albeit still alive.


    Midnight Maiden - May 8, 2017 at 5:41 PM

    "Hey there, tramp. How's the weather down there?"

    "Fine day for a swim. Too bad trash like you has no squad to swim with. Not even a single fish is willing to go near your filthy scales!"

    "Must be a drag, having no family, huh?--"

    "I'm sorry, were you blowfish saying something? It's a little hard to hear with your cheeks puffed out so big," a much more serious voice cut in, it's owners deep blue eyes glancing up from the dolphin she was tending to a wound of with a blatant lack of interest. "...Oh. Wait, I'm sorry. You're those merfolk that live in the shallows, huh? I suppose that suits you... --Ahem, sorry. I guess I just have a tendency to forget that you lot naturally have puckered lips, all the sucking up to the mermen you do and all," the female sighed, ignoring the reddening faces of those calling to her accompanied by an assortment of offended gasps. "Speaking of, don't you have scaly ass to be kissing? Get a move on. And give the old man my worst regards."

    Absolutely fuming, the seeming leader of the group of girls that could do with a little less chub to their cheeks clenched her fists, glaring at the younger female with pure hate. "One of these days, Anais... One of these days, daddy's going to kick you out of this ocean! You'll be more worthless than a fish in a barrel, I swear it!" she hissed with unadulterated spite, reluctantly turning tail. "Come on, girls. This marine debris isn't worth our time."

    Mockingly, the Siren sat at the bottom of the sea smiled sickeningly sweetly, waving at the departing merwomen with a wink, much to their clear disgust. In a chorus of scoffs, they departed, leaving the lone Siren to sigh in relief. "Jeez. Have you ever met anyone so pretentious as those fille de joie daughters of Triton, Semele?" Rydia inquired to her dolphin companion, idly reaching to gently pet the creature's head. It let out a call in response, causing Rydia to snicker. "I always knew humans were dumb, but they are right about one thing; dolphins are certainly smart. You've got at least ten times more brain than that royal riff-raff," she giggled, to which the dolphin happily called once again. "Alright, well, if that scratch of yours is feeling better now, would you care to--"

    Suddenly, a high-pitched wailing cut Rydia's words off, leading her eyes to widen as her dolphin friend suddenly took off swimming at high speeds. "Semele?? Semele, what is it!? Come back!" Rydia called, suddenly pushing up off the ground with her fin and swimming after her companion. For whatever reason, the dolphin was racing towards the surface... Something Rydia knew was dangerous, for there were many that would love a shot at poaching a dolphin or, better yet to those despicable humans, taking a Siren and either killing her or stealing her to be a wife or slave, or worse.

    Her mother was only proof of that.

    Yet, for some reason, Semele appeared intent on heading there, and Rydia couldn't allow her to do so alone. It was too risky, and--


    Briefly frowning and pausing at the sound, the Siren took a moment before shaking her head before leaping into action again, heading towards the sound, Semele herself now seeming to stay behind and watching as Rydia went to investigate. At first, the female squinted at the male's form that seemed limp under the water, swimming right up to him cautiously and seeming to glance him over before looking to the dolphin not too far down. "...Think he's dead?" she called, only for the dolphin to give something that equated to a shrug.

    "...Alright. I suppose there's nothing we can do for the poor soul, then. Might as well leave him and move on," she spoke with false dismay, only to receive a look and cry of disapproval from the dolphin. Rolling her eyes, the girl crossed her arms with a huff. "Oh, come on, Semele.. It was a joke-- Ow! Fuck!"

    Letting out a string of curses and recoiling suddenly, Rydia clutched just above her eye, where she had suddenly received a harsh kick to the head from the boy. Letting out a growl of aggravation, Rydia suddenly swam upwards after the boy as he tried to reach the surface. "Hey!" she called, suddenly grabbing his ankle and yanking him back under the water just as he managed to get to the surface until he was just at her eye level. At which point, a harsh glare was shot his way, the female's eyebrows furrowed and one hand clutching his wrist, now. "What on Earth is wrong with you? Just who do you think yo--" Rydia began to go off, only to let out a sound of frustration as she took note of the inevitable squirming of the boy who needed air and was attempting to get to the surface. "Oh, would you just sit still? For goodness sake!"

    Frowning deeply, Rydia finally released her unforgiving, tight grip on his wrist, instead briefly cupping both of her hands to her mouth and blowing into them. Slowly, surprisingly, a bubble began to form, which she promptly slapped him harshly across the face with. It enveloped Icarus's head, allowing him to breathe under the unforgiving, strong seas... Though she certainly could've been gentler in offering it to him.

    "...There. Now I suggest you start explaining. Certainly you have the mental capacity for at least that."


    Pouting, the Siren briefly glanced over her shoulder crossing one arm over her bikini-clad chest with slight agitation. "Of course I'm not being to harsh! Goodness, Semele. I just saved his life. Allowing him to die, that would have been harsh."


    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 8, 2017 at 9:05 PM

    The longer Icarus remained in the water, the more tired his body became. He tried with all his might to keep afloat, only growing frustrated when his efforts were not rewarded. Despite all the swimming he had done, the male would fail to see any signs of even being close to any land.

    "Father will realize I'm gone," he told himself, trying to seem confident. "He'll come looking for me and he'll find me before I even make it to land. I needn't worry about a thing."

    Still, as if he wasn't entirely convinced by his own words, Icarus would continue swimming. At some point, he would even feel his foot hit something hard under the water, but paid little mind to it. For all he knew, it was probably a fish and not worth his concern at this time.

    But maybe he should've been more concerned.

    Moments after hitting this strange "fish" Icarus would feel himself tugged under the water by it. Only, this individual wasn't a fish. Well, not entirely. As if she were attacking him Icarus' eyes bugged out of his head. He squirmed and struggled to try and get away from her, paying little mind to anything she would say. His main goal was to return to the surface, and he could hardly hear what she had to say under the water anyhow. At least, not until she slapped him across the face with a bubble.

    While he wanted to cry out in pain from the slap, the male instead found himself gasping to take in as much air as he possible could. Afterwards he would swat at the female with his hands, continuing his struggle to try and free himself. "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you!?" he spat back, reaching to touch the side of his face where she had slapped him afterwards. "I owe you no explanation, release me!" he demanded, quieting for a moment to think over what he should say next.

    "Ah, I see, you're the one I hit my foot against, aren't you? It wasn't intentional," he added, softening his tone. "I fell in the ocean. I'm a long way from home. If you just let me go, and point me in the direction of the nearest landmass, I'll leave your sea and be on my way," he told her, continuing to squirm in her grasp.


    Midnight Maiden - May 9, 2017 at 12:36 AM

    Ugh, this boy really was proving to be a complete pain. Huffing with bemusement as he flailed, the Siren placed her free hand on her hip, using the one she held Icarus's wrist in to deflect his other hand. "Didn't you hear me, you bumbling oaf? I told you to stop squirming," she remarked, voice dripping with aggravation. However, as the boy reached up to rub where she had slapped him, Rydia found a small smirk forming on her features, deciding to use his gesture to grab his attention. "I hardly recommend that," she interjected as he began to reach up. "Touching Eviotis Orbs causes them to break.. And I can't make more than one at once," she claimed, though it was not true. "Touch it again and you might not come out so lucky."
    False warning to catch his attention aside, Rydia shot him a glare when he made his claim that there was something wrong with her and that he owed no explanation. "Oh, I'm sorry; I was unaware that when a woman finds herself minding her own business when she received a kick to the face from some incompetent moron, it was out of place for her to confront said moron... After saving him, nonetheless!" she declared, placing a hand over her chest in mock sympathy and apology. "Clearly I was mistaken. My most sincere apologies," she spoke with a mocking pout. "Could you possibly forgive me, stranger? If not, perhaps I should merely return my orb and take my leave... Certainly you can face the waves and the savages underseas alone." ...Okay. That was a thought that made her pause, pictures of the boy before her now trying to outswim any of the king's daughters or sharkfolk dancing about her mind with mild pleasantry at the thought.
    But back to the matter at hand.
    Pulling herself out of that pleasant daydream, Rydia only rolled her eyes at his not-apology, waving it off. "Oh, please, please; don't fret over an apology," she remarked, sarcastically, only to blink with surprise as the male went on. "...You fell?" she repeated, raising a brow. "You couldn't have fallen out of a boat and produced that big of a splash..." she mumbled under her breath. Frowning with concentration, she released his wrist temporarily, beginning to look him over, swimming a slow circle around him and poking at various parts of his body, getting uncomfortably close as she observed every inch of him. "..You're clearly no harpy. You lack the pulchritude of a Sylph or angel... and certainly the manners to be the latter," she listed off, thoughtfully, coming to halt in front of him, face mere inches from his as she tilted her head. "So. Just what are--..."
    "If you just let me go, and point me in the direction of the nearest landmass, I'll leave your sea and be on my way,"
    Unwittingly, Rydia found herself stricken to silence, her expression completely unreadable as she stared at the boy that had fallen from the sky. She blinked in momentary, rapid succession, for once at a total loss for words as she stared. What might have gotten to her most about his words was how serious he was in saying them, as though he was completely oblivious to the bearing they held. Did he really not know? "...You're kidding," she finally spoke, expression completely blank. But staring at him as she was, she knew he was being completely serious. Which, inevitably led her to laugh, eventually shaking her head.
    "I'm sorry, it's merely...-- Oh, goodness. You truly must have hit your head amidst your fall," she giggled, finally drawing back and retreating from his personal space, grinning at him sardonically. "I'm not quite certain who- or what -you are, but clearly you haven't a clue about this place... So allow me to inform you straightaway. And I suggest you clean the sand from your ears to listen, because I don't intend to repeat myself; you don't stand a chance in this ocean. sweetie. You may have lucked out in having me be the one to find you, but your luck won't last," she mused, expression actually turning serious once more as she spoke. "Between the Ichthyocentaurs, merfolk, hydra, and rusalka.... Not to mention the less savory sirens? You wouldn't last an hour. And even if you were to make it to the 'nearest landmass', you wouldn't get past the shallows. Not with the licentious daughters of Triton fancying that turf. All of that said, I suggest you forget your little dream of getting back to wherever the hell you came from and get used to the waves, small-fry."
    And with that, one last smile was given, right alongside a wave. "Now then, if you'll excuse me, I've places to be. Do take care." With that, with a swish of her hair as she turned, she began to swim away. "Come along, then, Semele," she called over her shoulder to her dolphin friend, only to find said dolphin letting out a squeal and swimming in front of her, blocking her path. "What the-- Semele, what's gotten into you?" Rydia inquired with a pout, crossing her arms.
    "What?!" Rydia suddenly exclaimed quietly, trying to keep her voice down as she spoke to the dolphin so as to avoid the male overhearing, but evidently struggling. However, after her initial exclamation, she managed to quiet back down. "No. I already saved the ignoramus, I don't owe him a single thing. Besides, you heard him; he's..." Pausing, she glanced back at the male over her shoulder, wincing slightly before looking back to the dolphin. "...capable. My assistance isn't owed or required."
    "Oh, come along, Semele. Don't take that tone. I'm not changing my mind."
    "Eee-ee--- eee!"
    "Semele, I--"
    "...Fine. You know what? Fine!" Rydia finally relented, throwing her hands up in the air before pointing a finger at the dolphin, placing her other hand on her hip. "But only because I know you won't let me be unless I do. Don't think it's for that washout over there," she huffed with clear annoyance, reluctantly spinning to swim back up to Icarus, her dolphin friend gleefully squealing and swimming alongside her as she did. "Oh, don't sound so happy," she muttered just before reaching the male again. "...You," she spoke to him, crossing her arms once more. "It would appear, after consulting my truncatus companion, that I'm expected to... assist, you, in your completely futile quest to reach the shore. Questions?" she asked, not allowing him any time to answer before grabbing his wrist. "No? Good. Then let's get a move on. I'd prefer to get any affairs with you and any of your mental capacity out of the way as quickly as possible," she muttered.
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 9, 2017 at 11:19 AM
    The longer Icarus stayed under the water, the colder his body felt. Sure, he may have been able to breathe now, but the oceans cool waters were doing a number on his body temperature. He felt numb and ice cold, causing some of his words to come out in stutters. When he would open his mouth, his teeth would even chatter on occasion. It was bothersome, and only made the boy crave to get out of the water even more. Still, he wasn't going to take the time to deal with someone like this annoying female!
    "Irk!" Icarus cried out when Lydia would tell him not to touch the orb around his head. He fell for her warning, scrambling to remove his hands from his face. Realizing what he had done shortly afterwards, the male huffed and shook his head. "I wouldn't e-even need your breathing orb if you would just let me go. I can return to the surface and get air the usual way instead of relying on accursed magic," he complained.
    "Hmph, y-you're a fool. You act as if I meant to kick you. Falling into the water and making contact with you was an unintentional mistake I'll have you know again. And you most certainly did not save me. I was swimming along and you p-pulled me under the surface of the water against my will. I wouldn't call that a rescue," the male continued, folding one of his arms as he would gripe at her.
    "B-But yes, I fell. Not from a boat. Don't insult me. The son of a god has little use for a commoner's means of transportation. I was flying in the sky, however, my wings seem to have broken off, in turn causing me fal-- W-Would you refrain from touching me, thank you very much," he grumbled when the female would poke at him and examine him rather closely.
    "G-Goodness, you're a rude fish," Icarus would reply back when the girl would tell him to clean the sand from his ears and whatnot. "Perhaps I damaged your brain when I kicked your head," he retorted, not really in the mood to deal with her antics. As far as the male was concerned, this female was harassing him and really getting on his nerves. He was tired, cold, and honestly just wanted to get out of the water and go home.
    After she finished warning him, he continued to speak. "While I appreciate your half-hearted advice, I'd like to reiterate something I said to you earlier. I am the son of a god. I'm unlike ordinary h-humans and I will most certainly make it on my own." He paused for a moment before adding, "O-Oh, and don't call me small-fry, you commoner. I don't appreciate it." While he didn't appear to be in the best shape, Icarus still seemed to have enough energy to argue back with the girl.
    Just when it would look like she might let him go, the male raised an eyebrow when she would have a conversation with a dolphin, afterwards insisting that she help him get to shore. "Excuse me? Thanks, but no thanks. As I said before, just point me in the direction of your nearest landmass and I can make it there on my own."

    Midnight Maiden - May 9, 2017 at 3:18 PM
    "Oh, please," Rydia huffed, glaring harshly at the boy. "The only one here dense enough to be fooled by such a claim is yourself. I saw your rather sorry attempts at 'swimming'... if you could even call it that," she jabbed, completely serious. "Of course my actions saved you. Besides, if you weren't such a fool, perhaps you'd be aware that swimming near the surface is dangerous. All of your thrashing, you might be mistaken for a juvenile merman... Though having seen them before, I'd say even they have more grace than you." Jeez, her insults really never stopped, and what might have been the most insulting was how seriously she spoke it all. Regardless, she did find amusement in how he recoiled when she stated that he might break the bubble.
    Heh, heh.
    Still, the amusement didn't last long, her patience with the strange boy already beginning to run thin with every word he spoke. "Yes, I'm aware; I just said that, after all," she snapped as he stated he hadn't fallen from a boat, smiling tightly. "But oh, no, I'm afraid there must be a misunderstanding," she added, clasping her hands in front of her just in front of her chest with a seemingly more sincere smile. "I wasn't insulting you, small-fry. I was merely making observations based on the behaviors you've demonstrated thus far," she explained, sarcastically. That statement alone was yet another insult, obviously. Oops. "In any case, oh mighty 'son of a god', I do so apologize for hurting your special feelings. Please do spare me of your wrath," she remarked dryly, once again pouting at him. Shortly after this statement, she broke her mocking facade, once again getting uncomfortably close the the male, her face hovering by his once again as she peered into his eyes. Only, this time, it was solely to make him uncomfortable. "But- and do tell if this is out of place of me to ask -how, precisely, did an alleged 'son of god' so easily lose his wings? Oh, wait, allow me to guess..."
    Grinning, Rydia once more withdrew, miming wielding a sword at him. "You were caught up in valiant battle.... with a pigeon. No, no, wait--" Cutting herself off, Rydia now clasped her hands together under her chin, batting her eyelashes seductively. "You were flying along when, all of a sudden, the sound of a maiden so fair's voice carried to your ears, striking you down from the air," she cooed, dramatically, before dropping her hands. "Perhaps you were stricken down by lightning? Ahh, or perhaps a curse was lain upon you, causing you to drop as though a bug that came to close to the lamp it was inevitably drawn to," she went on, unaware how accurate her last analogy was. But eventually, she shrugged, smirk falling away. "I suppose it matters not. You've fallen, and that's that--"
    Rude fish.
    Damaged brain.
    "Excuse you is quite right." Any trace of a smirk falling away, Rydia glared at the male, feeling the overwhelming urge to embed her fist in his face, or perhaps just destroy the orb and let him drown like most any other Siren would do to anyone unfortunate enough to come too close to the ocean. But she prided herself on the fact that she was different from them, having harmed very few in her lifetime. But she certainly felt the urge to change that more than once. Still, though, she refrained, managing to restrict herself to only glaring at the boy. "I'm not quite sure what obscure god you happen to be the offspring of, small-fry, but I recommend you drop the superiority complex. I'm not exactly a 'commoner' myself," she snapped. "And if you want to make it out of this ocean, I suggest you treat me with respect. You may be a 'son of a god', as you seem so fond of reiterating, but that means absolutely nothing here. All it takes is one word from one of those mermaid savages and you're done. Now, to make sure you get it through that thick skull; you want to live? You lose the ego and do what I say. Now, can you repeat that after me?" she spoke, condescendingly, placing her hands where her knees would have been, had she had human legs.
    Still, moments later, she had retaken his wrist and began tugging him. "Now come along. I already told you, I only have so much time I can waste on you."
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 9, 2017 at 6:04 PM
    Icarus groaned like a child being lectured. Despite the fact she had told him not to touch the bubble around his head, he was sorely tempted to place his hands over his ears and drown out the sound of her voice. Letting out a scowl he would say, "I-I always imagined sirens to have be ravishing, lovely creatures. Yet, I never imagined m-my first encounter with one would lead me to wish either I had been born deaf or the siren herself had been born mute. Do you ever quiet down?"
    "A-Anyhow, I need not prove myself to be a worthy swimmer in your eyes. If I want to swim on the surface, I'll do just that. It's quite cold under the w-water and smothering my body heat. Besides, I don't have to prove anything to you. I only just met you, and I care little what you think of me. You can mock me as a god, make fun of the fact I-I lost my wings, or say anything else you want. I don't care, and there's no way you can make me care by behaving in such a manner. The only thing I c-care about is you leaving me alone so I can make it back to dry land. Ack, and will you--"
    Icarus cut himself off to bend his arm and elbow the siren in her throat when she would again move uncomfortably close to him. "--s-stop getting so close to me! I know I'm a delectable sight for w-women to behold, but I don't care to be your play thing." The male reached down to straighten the collar of his shirt, a habit that did him little good while he was under the water. "Although, I suppose I d-do regret calling you a commoner. Even filthy commoners have more manners than you do, fish," he said, continuing to call her by the name since she refused to stop calling him small-fry.
    His words, however annoying they may have been to the siren, held very little punch to them. His speech was tired and forced, as if it were a struggle for him to even speak at all. This only frustrated Icarus more. If he died right now, it would be the sirens fault for not letting him go. She was wasting his time keeping him here when he could've been using his valuable minutes to find a way back to dry land. He didn't care if she wanted to help him, this was something he would do on his own! His pride as a man was on the line!
    "I do want to live, but I-I can do so on my own. I don't need your magic bubble to help me breath and I most certainly don't need your help. I would never be able to forgive myself if I owed my life to someone like you." Icarus pulled his arm back, trying to break the hold this woman had on his wrist. "Why are you so worried about me anyhow? I'm n-not your concern!"
    Why was she being so difficult? And here Icarus thought losing his wings had been the worst part of his day. Dealing with this female was far more troublesome than anything that had happened to him today!

    Midnight Maiden - May 9, 2017 at 9:36 PM
    Well, the boy had done it, now. Between his insults of her, his claims of superiority and capabilities where she knew he lacked them, and his attempt to elbow her? Well, Rydia had lost the last of her patience with the boy. She didn't even have the patience to be a tease in her jabs, instead just unleashing pure aggravation with him with every word. "You know what? Fine. If you're so insistent...--" she trailed off, taking a deep breath, struggling to maintain her composure. Slowly, she opened her mouth again, only this time? She did not speak. Instead, she sang; nothing involving words, not at the moment. Merely a beautiful, stunning harmony one would never think could be matched. So beautiful, in fact, that it left any whose ears it reached in a trance-- including the passing sea life, not limited to a school of fish that happened to be swimming by at the time, or the sea turtle that had joined Rydia's dolphin companion- Semele -'s side.
    Pausing in her song only to peer at the boy, as though to assure he was under her spell, before sighing in relief. "Oh, thank goodness. Silence. Sweet, blissful silence," she admired, only to give a more reluctant expression, pouting briefly. "But I suppose it can't last forever, hm? A pity, but I suppose all good things must come to an end..." she murmured, shaking her head. "Ah, well. Go on, then; you're free," she spoke to the male, snapping him out of the trance. "Don't fret if you feel lightheaded. It shan't last." Much like that nice bout of silence I had been enjoying..

    But now was no time to be bitter. There were other matters to tend to, after all.
    "--Ah. Right. Now that you know how easily you can be turned into putty in any number of this sea's occupants' hands, I suppose I ought to grant you your wish then, hmm?" she mused, not bothering to offer any sort of explanation to the male. "You're correct. You're not my- or my friend over there's -concern. That said, the landmass you seek is that way. Do enjoy the trip, small-fry," she hummed, pointing in a seemingly random direction with a sweet smile, before suddenly seeming to recall something. "Oh. And you won't be needing this, I suppose," she hummed, suddenly giggling and blowing him a kiss...
    ...Only for the orb giving him air to pop, and her to wave at him before folding her arms behind her back sweetly.
    "Good luck, now."

    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 15, 2017 at 8:22 PM
    With an unchanging expression, Icarus would simply stare with irritation at the siren before him, letting out a small huff of air while she would sing. While it was probably possible for her to enchant any ordinary man with her abilities, Icarus was actually unaffected. It wasn't as if he had any magical, special, or godly abilities that protected him from her singing, no, it was quite the opposite in fact. He actually had somewhat of a disorder that just so happened to be helping him in this situation.
    Icarus was tone deaf.
    For once in his life it had come in handy too. Unlike most people, his brain didn't process music in an ordinary manner. It was hard for him to understand, enjoy, or even hear most music. This siren's song was no exception. However, since he knew the female would be expecting him to shut his mouth after her melody, Icarus remained quiet on purpose. He wasn't sure if she would realize her enchantment hadn't worked, but he didn't really care.
    He grunted when she would finally tell him he was free, shaking his head afterwards. "N-Not really lightheaded, just freezing my ass off in this water. If you're honestly going to let me go then I'll just be on my--" The male cut himself off when the bubble around his head would be popped, his eyes popping when his open mouth would take in a vast majority of water. Urgently, he would then begin swimming to the surface, choking when he would reach the air.
    "R-Really nice," he spat out, coughing as he did. "You could've at least waited to pop the bubble until after I had reached the surface. Hmph. Forget you. I have to reach land," he grumbled, forcing himself to swim forward. Tired and injured, his limbs were stiff and hard to move through the water. Nevertheless, he wasn't going to give up just yet. If he did, he was certain that stupid fish would laugh at him.
    As time passed, and the daytime's sunlight had begun to fade, however, Icarus found it more and more difficult to continue moving onward. He grew so cold and tired from swimming that he eventually stopped moving along, remaining stationary in the water. His skin appeared ashy blue, almost matching the color of his hair.
    So tired. Maybe I should just rest my eyes for a minute...

    Midnight Maiden - May 27, 2017 at 11:39 PM
    It didn't work.
    Why isn't it working?
    What the hell...--
    Quickly, Rydia attempted to rid herself of her briefly shocked- and, more than that, annoyed -expression, instead just letting out a huff. He was obviously pretending to be affected by her, so she would pretend she wasn't onto him. But damn it... What the hell was he, to be able to resist her lull? It made no damn sense. No creature was truly immune to a Siren's song; not even fellow Sirens. So how this... boy, was capable of resisting her song...--
    --Whatever. She would find a tune that was more his pace and show him what she was made of. But for now, she would let him find out how worthless he was here of his own will. This would teach him to act so damn high and mighty. It was tiring, dealing with such dense and pretentious parties, for certain.... But now? Now was where the fun would begin. Yes, her mood was lifted as he fervently swam for the surface, the female much more calmly swimming after, her head breaching the surface with a grin soon after, humming in false thoughtfulness before uttering a reply. "Hm. You know, I certainly could have done that. I suppose I merely presumed, what with how eager you appeared to be rid of me, that I ought to simply take the quickest course of action to set you on your way," she remarked innocently, smiling sweetly at the male.
    And promptly following him as he swam along, not bothering with being discreet. In fact, she took joy in making herself blatantly obvious, swimming right alongside him with grace and often piping up. "You know, if you would just admit you require assistance, I could warm you right up," she mused when his skin began to turn paler, oblivious to the inappropriate implications that statement might have : |. Next was, "You must be getting hungry. If you wished, I could give you something to eat." And, thereafter? "It would seem you're rather breathless. If you say the words..." And on, and on, and on.
    'Til finally, she won their little silent competition, Icarus's eyes falling closed. And internally, petty as it may be, Rydia laughed. Good luck to Icarus if he attempted to act as though he were so high and mighty, now. But even so...
    "I suppose this would be my cue. Wouldn't want you dying on me... Down we go, then."
    And without another word, all too cheerfully, Rydia dove back under the waves, carefully tugging Icarus down with her as well. Much more gently than the first time she had, for sure. And soon after, a new bubble had been made and enveloped Icarus, followed by another gentle melody being sung out by the Siren. Only this one was... Different. It did not entrance those around as before; rather, it caused a soft whitish light to form around the male before her, dancing around him upward from his ankles, a feeling of warmth coming with it as it swirled around him before finally coming to cease as Rydia allowed her harmonizing to end.
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 28, 2017 at 3:20 PM
    Even with the pesky siren swimming right alongside him and making her presence blatantly obvious to him, it took a lot of focus for Icarus to pay any attention to her at all with his dulling senses. And when he did finally pay attention to her, the male would hardly react to most of what she said. He remained stationary, looking up at the female with a blank expression on his face. Eventually, he gave up looking at her all together and closed his eyes.
    It wasn't as if he wanted to give up on life and just let himself die here in the water; no, he was definitely spirited enough to want to try and save himself. Still, he happened to be rather stubborn and didn't want to submit to the aid of a rude fish who couldn't help but constantly pester him from the first moment he fell in the water. It didn't matter if she seemed to be his only option of escaping or not. He had convinced himself, no matter how impossible, that there was a way he could escape on his own.
    Thankfully, Icarus was lucky that the very annoying mermaid seemed to be just as stubborn as he was and decided to go ahead and save him against his wishes. Had she decided not to, he most assuredly would've died, the foolish boy.
    Eventually, a feeling of warmth would overcome the male, even if he was unconscious and couldn't feel it at first. The warmth greatly helped to relieve his body, almost to the point where he had entirely forgotten he had been cold in the first place when he finally awoke.
    When he did wake, Icarus felt a numbness surrounding his body. He groaned and glanced around, flinching when he would realize he was under the water again. This time, however, when he realized where he was, the male wouldn't complain about it. He ran a hand through his wet hair, moving locks of it out of his eyes before he would close them again. He didn't have to look around much to know what had happened, the boy was more than aware he had been rescued by that siren.
    "I can't make it to land," he admitted, too weak physically to realize how much his own words had hurt his pride. "If it's possible, would you bring me to land?" he asked, no hesitation in his voice. He would hate himself for being so pathetic later on, but for the time being it couldn't be helped that he needed assistance. His life depended on it.

    Midnight Maiden - May 30, 2017 at 4:56 PM
    "You really are a stubborn little thing, aren't you?" the female muttered as she dragged him under the water, rolling her eyes and cupping her chin in her hands, tail idly flickering in the water as she awaited the young man before her's awakening. While he may have been annoying as all hell, she had to admit; he had moxie. And on some level, she could appreciate that about him.
    Everything else about him, though? She didn't really appreciate. At all. How could she? He was a complete and utter pain in the arse, despite the fact they'd just met perhaps a few hours earlier. And she wasn't just saying that because she knew humans- and their allegedly innocent and pure angelic counterparts -were a bunch of foolish miscreants. He had proven himself to be an obnoxious soul within the first few moments of their encounter. And thus he had earned her righteous judgement and, because of that? Her attitude as well. He had it coming at this point, the dense angel, for acting so poorly.
    So it was as he awoke that she offered a sardonic smile, briefly, giving a small wave of her fingertips. "Fancy meeting you here," she remarked, before looking off thoughtfully, eyebrows furrowing as though in realization. "Oh, wait.... No, it most certainly isn't." Well, at least she hadn't started gloating yet. Humming thoughtfully and once again resting her chin in her hands, she tilted her head at the boy, curiosity gleaming in her blue eyes. "Still. Tell me, then. You truly have a death wish, then, don't you? That look on your face was unmistakable. Pathetic, certainly, but unmistakable nonetheless--" And then he spoke.
    "Pardon me?"
    At first, Rydia actually seemed genuinely surprised by his words, as though she had expected him to declare that he would waltz off on his own now that she had provided him with warmth and air under the water. Or perhaps he would once again request she leave him be, or try to swim once again to the surface despite his previous failed efforts. But this?
    This was much more satisfactory.
    "My ears must deceive me. Never would I have expected to hear you utter such a request," the Siren mused, managing to keep her forming grin at least somewhat under control. "But far be it from me to reject a poor, unfortunate soul such as yourself.... on one condition," she purred, grin coming to be in full as she once again got a little too close for comfort, face hovering inches away from Icarus's as she peered into his eyes, expression slowly morphing to a more serious one as she spoke. "Learn a bit of respect."
    And with that she drew back, turning away entirely and beginning to swim without waiting up. Though she did briefly glance back to call in his direction with a raised brow. "Well? Come along, then. ...You too, I suppose, small-fry," she added as almost an afterthought, her dolphin friend that had been behind him hurriedly swimming past with a happy scree at her first call. And fortunately for her, she still didn't know the boy's name, which meant she was free to call him as she pleased; which, even had she known, she still would do so.

    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - May 30, 2017 at 6:10 PM
    Suffering from a genuine lack of spunk due to his exhaustion and near-death experience, Icarus wouldn't give the siren any lip when she would throw insults at him, calling him pathetic and even saying he had a death wish. At this point, it was as if she were verbally beating a dead horse. Any words she tossed his way that ordinarily would've pissed the male off to no end had little effect on him today. Maybe later, when he was more in a rational state of mind, he would reflect on this situation and be far more frustrated.
    He would, however, react to one thing she would say. The male would flinch upon being called small-fry again, letting out a sigh afterwards.
    She wants respect and yet she's the more insulting one who won't even call me by a proper sounding name.

    "Small-fry isn't my name. It's Icarus," he said, his tone calm.
    While part of him wanted to insult her back, he still wasn't energetic enough to do so. Not only that, but he also wanted to be careful about making her mad. He was well aware that if he pissed her off this fish could leave him behind to die, and that's most certainly not something he wanted. He could have a sharp tongue if he wanted to, but he was not foolish enough to abuse it in a situation such as this one.
    "Also," he began to say, frowning when she and her dolphin companion would swim ahead of him. "I don't really think I can swim right now. I'm exhausted to a point that it's almost painful to move."
    Ugh, this was so pathetic. Here he was, royalty, appearing before this fish as if he were a pitiable fool. The only comforting thought that even brought him any peace was the fact that his father, nor anyone else, could see him like this.

    Midnight Maiden - May 31, 2017 at 12:44 AM
    "Ah, so he has a name," Rydia mused, words directed ahead of her as opposed to back at Icarus. "I never would have guessed... But I can cut you a deal, small-fry," she stated, pointedly, finally glancing back at him again. "Refer to me by my name and I'll consider using yours. Rydia Anais. Not rude fish, not commoner; none of it... Or it's no deal," she stated curtly, giving a sagely nod and a polite smile. "Now then. It shouldn't be too long a swim from here; perhaps a--"
    "...Well, I hope you're aware I'm not carrying you," the siren remarked dryly in a deadpan, turning to stare at the male with an almost unbeatable poker face. Begrudgingly, she slowly swam back to him, her dolphin friend watching with a curious expression as she did so. "So I presume you're proposing taking some time to compose yourself, then? I suppose that's fine.. As much of a pain watching over an air-dweller after nightfall in one place will be," she mused, adding the last piece in a mutter. Shaking her head, she was quick to make an addition to her words. "Fine, then. Just don't get too comfortable. We can't stick around here forever."
    The sea was dangerous in more than one way. And one of those ways happened to be that it was unpredictable. A place may be safe one day, and flooded with danger and predators the next. It was risky lying around one area for too long, as alluring as it could be, and she wasn't eager to allow for too long of a break even knowing the male needed it after his experience.
    But so be it. It wasn't as though she were incapable of taking care of not only herself, but the male before her as well should the need come. Though, eventually, she did have an afterthought.
    "...Do you require sustenance? If you're hungry and need rest, now would be the ideal time to eat. I don't intend on stopping unless absolutely necessary, from here on out."
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Jun 1, 2017 at 10:57 AM
    Icarus felt one of his eyebrows involuntarily twitch when he would hear the siren continue to call him small-fry even after he had told her his name. Not only that, but she would also suggest he call her by name after refusing to do the same.
    "Hang on, you expect me to--" he began to say, only to cut himself off shortly afterwards. Clearly, this female had the upper hand here. He would have to do what she wanted for the time being if it meant his survival. Even if it meant he would have to kiss her feet-- er, fins, Icarus realized that he would need to make sure she wasn't pissed off at him.
    With a tired, defeated sigh the boy would reply, "Fine, Rydia, those terms are fair enough, but..."
    "...I never said I wanted to stick around here. I only said that I don't think I can swim in my condition. If you don't think you can rescue me, just drown me now and put me out of my misery," he complained, side-glancing to his left arm.
    I haven't been able to move my arm since I hit the water. I'm no physician so I can't say if it's broken. It's just numb.

    "Trust me, I don't really care to be carried either. I wouldn't even be suggesting such a thing if I thought I could swim on my own." He paused when Rydia asked if he was hungry, a frown forming on his lips. She expected that he could eat in such conditions? He was too nauseous to even think about food at a time like this.
    "Unless you think this trip to land will take more than a day, I don't intend to eat anything unless you'd like like to see it again shortly after I ingest it," he stated, hoping his words wouldn't irritate her. At this point, it wasn't as if he was trying to snap back at her, if he did so it was only due to his exhaustion.

    Midnight Maiden - Jun 2, 2017 at 1:38 AM
    Ahaha, that was more like it. What had seemed to be a lead up to lip had quickly been cut off by the male's own accord, something that Rydia found rather pleasing. Perhaps it was possible to teach a dumb dog new tricks, after all; even without magic. She supposed he deserved a treat for that... But eh. His treat could be her guidance out of these waters. That was extremely generous as it was. Still, she supposed she could offer some praise and appreciation. After all, he appeared to be obliging, and it was only fair she kept up her end of the bargain as well as such. Sassy as she may be, she wasn't a bitch.
    Even if she liked to pretend to be.
    "So be it, then, Icarus. It would seem we have a deal," she replied contentedly, refraining from teasing about his obedient little cut-off of his soon to be insult. For the moment, anyways. She could always find time to tease him later if she felt like it. For the moment, though? His next words caused all traces of her smile to fade. "'Don't think I can rescue you'?" she repeated with disbelief. "You really haven't been listening. I'm likely the only one who can," she remarked. "You certainly aren't saving yourself, obviously," she muttered before sighing dramatically. "But fine. I suppose your knight in scaled armor is at your service... Until you regain your bearings. I'm not your mother and I don't care for carrying you about all day," came her reluctant submission as she swam close enough to help the boy up into her arms, bridal-style.
    Only to promptly regard him with a blank expression upon his final claim, eyebrows briefly furrowing as she peered down at him. "...You haven't a clue where you fell, do you?" she inquired with a lack of detectable emotion. "The swim to shore must be three days at the very least. If you wished for a one-day journey, you certainly didn't pick the right landing spot."
    "..Semele. He doesn't understand you. You're practically attempting to communicate with a grain of sand."
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Jun 2, 2017 at 7:20 PM
    "Believe me, I know I'm not saving myself," Icarus replied when the mermaid would defend herself. "But if I have the humility to admit that, surely you can do the same if you don't think you can save me. Hope is nice, but swallowing false hope will only bring me misery in the end."
    Despite his words, however, it appeared as if she hadn't exactly given up on rescuing him just yet. Rydia swam over and scooped him up in her arms, which caught the male off guard. He stiffened awkwardly, averting his gaze from hers when their eyes would meet. Usually it was the male who carried the female in his arms bridal style, not the other way around. Although embarrassed, the male would forget about his position when his rescuer would tell him how long this trip was to take.
    "It isn't as if I had any choice where I was going to fal-- W-What!? Three days!?" Icarus exclaimed, his mouth falling open and a low groan rising up in his throat afterwards. "Tell me you're not serious!" The male ran a hand through his hair, a worried look on his face. "Will I even be able to make it that long, I wonder?" he then said, frowning. "My injuries are straining enough already; I can't imagine dealing with them for three days."
    And could Rydia possibly imagine hearing him whine about his injuries for three days? : |
    "Are you sure there isn't any faster way?" he questioned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "If there isn't a way well I-- well, um..." Icarus' already pale face paled even further. "...I may die before we make it back."
    Ugh, what went wrong? My wings were foolproof! This fall shouldn't have happened!

    Midnight Maiden - Jun 4, 2017 at 10:16 PM
    "Hmph. I'd certainly have the decency to admit it, were it the case that I were incapable. As it isn't, I'll settle for proving such to you," Rydia quipped, disbelief laced through her silky voice. 'Couldn't save him'... Tch. What a notion. "And it'd be appreciated if you would cut back on your woe is me attitude. I hardly desire to listen to the rantings of some angsty teenager. I told you I'd get you to your destination fine, and I'll stick to my words, I assure you. I don't care for promises that can't be kept, or aren't intended to be."
    And she was not one to fall into that category. Stubborn as she may be, she wouldn't swear upon doing something she was aware she was incapable of. And this? This wouldn't be hard at all. The trip to shore was one that could be made with ease, though it was somewhat lengthy, even with the necessary navigation around potential predators. Though as she spared a glance at the male in her arms, she duly noted; if you were sincerely capable, or, at the very least, savvy on what needed avoided. Yes, that was better. No room for misinterpretations there.
    Though apparently, there was a lot of room for complaining.
    Letting out a sharp, less than subtle breath of discontent, she didn't hesitate to chide him. "Tell me, do you ever hush up?" He was really annoying, and she didn't know how much of his whining she could take. "You'll be fine. It may not be my craft, but I'm certain we'll find someone with the ability to fix you up. And I'd certainly feel better for it, too, if it would lead you to hold your tongue. But regardless, you ought to tone down the drama. You aren't going to die here."
    If he were, it would have happened already.
    "If it would make you feel better, I can possibly cut down the time slightly. But it depends on a number of things that aren't within my control. So I suggest you accept it as quickly as you can manage, because it's not something I can control."
    And so, self assured that Icarus was held firmly in her arms, she began to swim in the appropriate direction. Something told her this was going to be a really shitty journey.
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Jun 7, 2017 at 9:02 PM
    Icarus frowned, letting out a sigh afterwards. "So you're telling me not to complain? But my arm hurts and I'm exhausted," the male whined, crossing his arms. "If you were in my situation I'm sure you'd be complaining just as much as I am. It's only natural one would express their unhappiness in such a situation."
    Even after scolding him and trying to assure him that he wouldn't die, Icarus still seemed hesitant to believe Rydia. He ignored her attempt to hush him up, and only continue to speak. "Let's say I do believe that you can rescue me," the boy began, "That doesn't mean I believe I won't die. I've never been out at sea for even a day. If we're attacked by something, I'm dead meat."
    Icarus shuddered at the thought of them meeting a shark or some other kind of undersea monster that might threaten them. He most certainly wouldn't be able to defend himself if they encountered something dangerous. But could Rydia defend them, he wondered? He honestly didn't know much about her, or sirens in general, so he couldn't say for sure if she had any skills to defend herself. She did seem to be able to communicate with sea life, so perhaps that was how she stayed safe...
    "It would make me feel better if this could go faster, yes," the male replied, balling a fist to rub one of his eyes with. "The sooner I can get on land, the better. You may not be so exited to help me, but I know someone who would be more than happy to do so." Although he wasn't sure exactly where he had landed, Icarus had a feeling he was close enough to the Midas Kingdom. Anyone there would be willing to help him out. He was from a family of nobles, after all.

    Midnight Maiden - Jun 21, 2017 at 6:28 PM
    Icarus's gripes were met by nothing more than an exasperated groan, the female quickly finding herself growing tired of the kvetch she had unwittingly taken to assisting. "Again, I will ask you please cease with the caviling. It's giving me a headache," she remarked lowly, though she seemed to at least somewhat cut back on any harsh tones she may have had. Though, a small huff of amusement was earned at his claim that she too would be complaining if she were in his shoes. "I assure you, I've gone through scenarios just as wretched without uttering a word. Surely you can do the same, no?"
    Apparently not, because he kept running that damn mouth of his. Ughhhhhh.
    "So you are deaf, then," she concluded sarcastically, continuing to swim on with the dolphin apparently known as Semele just behind. "You won't die, so long as you're under my protection. You may be immune to my song- I presume due to lacking the mental capacity and intelligence to be controlled -, but the same cannot be said for the other occupants of this sea. Or likely anyone else, for that matter. Any opposition we may face can quickly and efficiently be deterred with but a simple hum, if I will it," she stated bluntly, though she actually didn't seem to radiate much pride about this fact. Not at the moment, at least. She appeared to think about adding something else, but lost the urge when she heard another call from her dolphin friend.
    "...Is that so? Well, I'm flattered you've chosen to escort us, then," she remarked with sarcasm and amusement to the sea mammal. Recalling that Icarus was incapable of understanding her friend, she slowly added to her statement. "Semele wished to inform you that she is very capable in combat, as well. Or, at least, more so than you--"
    "Hey! Alright, alright-- goodness, no need to raise your pitch," Rydia complained briefly. "Fine. The last piece was an addition of my own," she stated, looking somewhat miffed as she glanced to her friend. "Content? Good. Now then..." she mumbled, not bothering to look anywhere but forwards as she addressed Icarus's concerns about when they would arrive. "Yes, I'm certain your charming personality has gained you many a friend. I would be most unsurprising if it were to happen to be the case, truly," she remarked dryly. "More seriously, so long as we keep pace and don't encounter any obstacles, we should be able to clear the distance in two days. Perhaps even one and a half, but that is much less likely."
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Aug 2, 2017 at 6:29 PM
    Rydia groaned at him. Yes, of course Icarus should've figured she would. "If you have the right to complain about me complaining, then I should have the right to complain about this horrid situation I've been entrapped in," he grumbled, showing no signs that he intended to stop his whining any time soon. He honestly hadn't been very fond of swimming even when he had a choice to do it in a safe, comfortable environment. So to say he wasn't fond of his current position was a major understatement. "I'm sorry you have a headache, but I'll have you know my arm still hurts."
    When Rydia mentioned him being deaf, Icarus raised an eyebrow. "So you did notice," he mumbled, mostly to himself. "Maybe if you had the proper mentality you would know that a person being deaf has nothing to do with one's intelligence. It's something that can't be helped. And I'm not entirely deaf. I'm tone deaf. There's a difference. It means I can't hear certain sounds, such as music. Most of the time it's unfortunate, but in this case it means you can't sing sweet nothings in my ear to control me. Although, I am a bit offended that you even tried to do that. All I want is to go home, not be a play toy for a siren," he complained.
    He paused when listening to what Rydia would translate for her dolphin friend, chuckling when Semele would correct the girl's statement. "It's official. A fish has more manners than you. At least she is trying to be nice to me. Maybe if you would be more polite, so would I," he said. He grumbled afterwards, shaking his head. "There you go again, now saying that I don't have any friends. This is another entirely untrue assumption on your part. I have plenty of friends back home."
    Icarus was actually of the opinion that Rydia must've had very few friends herself. Although, he was still trying to be careful enough not to say anything too insulting to the individual who was saving his life--even if she was doing a rather shoddy job of it. If she was any kind of rescuer, she'd surely be nicer to him and perhaps be a bit more sympathetic to his feelings. Even if he wasn't very cold anymore, he was still exhausted, in pain, wet, and uncomfortable.

    Midnight Maiden - Aug 16, 2017 at 11:50 PM
    Ugh. Now he was complaining about her complaining about his complaining. This was so ridiculously frustrating. "There's a difference between a request for something to be ceased and complaining," she stated, as though this were painfully obvious and Icarus was just an idiot. Which, at this point, it was more than likely that she thought just that. "Now, what say you we end this circle of complaining? Lest it may never end, and I certainly have no desire for that." Jeez. Could you imagine? Days upon days of naught but the male's complaining and her requests of it's end, in turn. The thought was enough to make the Siren shudder. What a painful journey this would turn out to be, should that occur. "In any case, if you're so concerned about your impaired appendage, I would suggest not exerting yourself worrying over it. Rest. Take air rather than waste it. Your sort need it, after all, don't they?" she added, half sarcastically. "I'm certain we'll find a healer in time."
    "Of course I noticed. What do you take me for?" she scoffed, seeming offended by the implication that she wouldn't have caught on. "On second thought, don't answer that. Your acting attempt may have been admirable for an air-dweller, but us sea-folk are not so susceptible to trickery. Perhaps I could offer you lessons someday. Though unlike this rather charitable rescue for which I will not charge, I can't say I would do so for free," she teased, actually seeming... Playful, this time. Slightly. Just enough for it to not sound entirely malicious, anyways. "Ahem. Anyhow," she muttered, apparently not caring for her own attempt at being more gentle in her taunts. "I never stated your deafness was what rendered you impaired in the field of intelligence. Nor did I intend to turn you to my... 'toy'," she spoke, actually visibly grimacing as she seemingly forced herself to spit out the last word. "I'm interested in no such thing. 'No such thing' referring to both you and... the rather barbaric tactic to which you refer." In truth, she wasn't exactly fond of what she was. A human-Siren hybrid, neither of which species did she identify or agree with. It was as though each half of her was constantly at war with each other, their medium desiring to be neither.
    Rydia huffed, on the verge of responding when she was cut off by an obviously perturbed wail from her aquatic friend. Something that made her sigh, seeming to grow more annoyed. "It would be appreciated if you would refer to her as a dolphin. She isn't fond of your chosen label for her," she complained. "But fine. I suppose if you're truthfully willing to be more polite, I will attempt to do the same."
    It wasn't something she was keen on attempting, but she was even less keen on being bothered by Semele and or Icarus about. That said, she'd have to attempt to behave, no matter how difficult the boy in her arms may be, or how frustrating it was to do so when she had been treated so poorly.
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty - Aug 17, 2017 at 10:13 AM
    "I suppose I can live with that," Icarus remarked, giving the female a small nod. "If we both stop complaining things will be a lot quieter, at least." But, on the down side, complaining about his situation made him feel a bit better. He had no power to change what was going on so complaining about it just so happened to be the next best thing. Still, that didn't mean he should keep it up forever, especially since his rescuer had actually asked somewhat politely for him to stop this time. "I'm trying not to move my arm very much, it's just a bit difficult to do when I'm not very used to holding it still for so long."
    "I think I'll pass on the acting lessons. I honestly don't want to return to the ocean, so I can't see us visiting any time soon after this is over. Unless, that is, you can magically change those fins into feet and come on land. By the way, I was never taught much about mermaids or sirens. So if you do have those abilities, don't get on my case for me not knowing. It's not my fault that I don't." Icarus did notice the siren attempting to be more gentle in her taunts, however, so he did relax a little and ended up not speaking as stern himself.
    "Good, because I'm not unintelligent due to my hearing," the male replied, more fixated on that bit of her explanation. "You could even call me a toy or whatever else you want, but verbally jabbing at a person's handicap is uncalled for," he said, obviously a bit sensitive about it. Sound was an important part of life and the fact that he couldn't hear exactly the way other people could was rather upsetting to him. He had grown used to it over time, but always hated when he ran into the people who would tease him about it.
    "But she is a dolphin, isn't she? Why would she be offended by that? I'm a person, so I wouldn't be offended if someone called me one. I just--" The male cut himself off and uttered a relenting sigh. "Fine then, I'll go along with this. What exactly does she want me to call her?" Icarus wasn't exactly sure why he should try and be respectful to a dolphin he would probably never see again after this trip was over, but if it meant something to his rescuer he should probably try and be polite about it. After all, he could tell that she was somewhat making an effort to try and be polite now herself. It was only fair that he return the favor.

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  18. [​IMG]
    A continuation of Reapers' Game and Reaper Squad



    A group of recently deceased individuals, souls gathered from all across the multiverse, have been granted a rare opportunity: a second chance at life. This chance to return to the world of the living, however, won’t be an easy one…

    Welcome to Shibuya’s Underground, a spirit world where dearly departed souls, handpicked by the reapers of the afterlife, have been granted the opportunity to participate in a week-long game of life or death. These lucky souls will face trials and dangers, but should they manage to survive until the end of this challenge they will win a one way ticket back to existence. It is highly suggested that those brave enough to venture into this game tread carefully though. Losing this high-risk game means losing your spirit for good.

    After learning about and agreeing to participate in this new game, the players find themselves at a party, a small event put together by their hosts, the reapers, and their leader, the Composer of Shibuya. They are celebrating the return of their Reapers’ Game events after a long hiatus and the players are their guests of honor… for now.

    The next day, all players are thrust into day one of their seven day challenge. The game begins as normal, but a messenger bearing bad news lurks in the horizon with information regarding something sinister that could effect the very foundation of Shibuya and all other afterlife realms.


    Players won't be granted access to any of their original powers or abilities. Instead, they will be given use of a few pins of their choosing. These pins contain unique abilities such as elemental powers, defensive abilities, and energy bullets. While these powers will be the primary method of attack for all players, other options may become available as the story progresses.

    At the beginning of the game, all players must locate a partner to form a pact with. Without a partner, a player's pins will not function.

    This game will contain a handful of traitors working against the main group. The reason behind the existence of the traitors, and their purpose, will be revealed as the story progresses. As always, kills will be done via PM.

    For this game, you are highly encouraged to play a character who is considered deceased in their canon. Should you choose to play a character who has not died in their canon, you will need to come up with a death for them in their backstory. If you select a character who is already from an afterlife setting, I'd recommend asking for GM approval to make sure they will work out in this roleplay.


    1. Please be respectful toward the GMs, co-gms, and everyone involved in this roleplay.

    2. Godmodding / Metagaming is not allowed.

    3. Players of all posting levels are welcome here. That being said, please at least put something whenever you make a post. You can also use images if you want, but keep in mind in that case that I'd like as little IC posts being nothing but image spam or so as possible. Speaking of image spam, please only post a maximum of three images / GIFs per post in order to not flood the page with images that make it harder to load.

    4. This roleplay will go at a rather quick pace so it is recommended that you seek out other users to be your "posting partners" so that you have some people you can stick with. Using the tagging system is very much recommended just so that you or your fellow rpers don’t accidentally fall behind. This is actually very important. It's fine (and encouraged) to only keep up with a few characters / players for the majority of the game, as that is far easier than trying to keep tabs on everyone. Summaries and important GM posts will be made prominent.

    5. Please post once a chapter. Chapters will generally last from a few days up to a week, so you'll hopefully have time. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, contact Sav or myself if anything comes up.

    6. Duos will not be allowed for this game.

    7. OCs are allowed in this game, but we are limiting them to five.


    Appearance: [A picture of your character]

    Name: [What is your character's name or nickname that they typically go by?]

    Age: [List your character's age here. If you are uncertain how old they are, either give it your best guess or mark this section as "Unknown."]

    Canon: [List where your character originates from here.]

    Personality: [What are some characteristics and qualities your character possesses?]

    Short Bio: [Explain a little bit about your character here. Wiki links are acceptable.]

    How they died: [Since this roleplay takes place in an afterlife setting, please tell us a little bit about how your character died. If this death contains possible spoilers for their canon, it may be best for you to put this under a spoiler tag. If you have chosen to play an OC or a character who is not dead in their canon, you must come up with your own death for them and explain it here.]

    Entry Fee: [Those who participate in the game are required to pay for it. The price is the thing they love most. List what your character loves most here. If your character survives the game, it is promised their entry fee will be returned to them. Should they lose, their fee will disappear along with them. If your character does not have many things they love and you are having a difficult time deciding what to put as their entry fee, the default entry fee is your character's memories.]

    Pins: [As mentioned above, players will not have access to any powers, abilities, or equipment from their canon. Instead, they will draw strength from pins that will grant them certain abilities. You will be allowed to choose three pins for your character to start with. To view the list of pins you may choose from visit here.]

    [list all teh peeps here]
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