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  1. BBcode and all that jazz.

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    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam sit amet leo at nulla hendrerit sagittis.
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  3. Heidemarie Krupp

    "The might of Eirchenstahdt Kruppstahl has no parallel. Before us, the truths of the earth shall unfold."

    She prepares.

    Her steel will provide no parallel. Her guard admits none, not death nor light. A title of undefined place, and legacy that hath no precedent. Predictions of war spur not uncertainty, but opportunistic paradox. An experience that has no fit, but she is not deterred. The pieces of the puzzle are known but not found. Shall the foggy mists of coal deter or forge a new stairway to the unknown up above?


  4. Juniper Hamilton
    | 26



    APPEARANCE \\ On a glance, the raven-haired, crimson-eyed girl is one of the least assuming members of FEARLESS. Exhibiting a quality of finesse and social elegance not found in the lower classes and slum born citizens of their dystopian state, Juniper is the social model of the ruling elite.

    Standing at 5’ 7”, she is just above the average height for a girl, a minor trait that she takes advantage of by keeping a good posture. Her figure is slim, and with how she carries herself, looks taller than she actually is. Juniper has long, dark hair is done up in two high-sitting twin-tails, reaching to just above her lower back. Never messy, her hair is always kept neat in a meticulous manner, and she has sharp, observant eyes. Her skin is of a fair, unblemished complexion, enough to get a hint on her quality of life and living conditions.

    Juniper dresses simply. The clothes she wears tend to be on the dressier side of casual; she can be found in any fitting combination of plain dresses, button down shirts, vests, and skirts. She keeps up appearances, but never in a way that would impede her comfort, or if it comes down to it, to beat a swift retreat.

    BIOGRAPHY \\ Juniper was born into privilege.

    The daughter of a senior political officer and a high-ranking PALADIN, it was never in doubt that she would be groomed to join Ecclesia’s cadre of military elite. Unlike the common citizen, she lived up high above in a pristine, tree-lined neighborhood. Safety here was never in question; inhabited only by the upper classes of society and those they employed, the idea of trouble in that neighborhood were drunkards or vehicular accidents. With a life like that, anybody within its bubble couldn’t be faulted if they thought Valhalla was nothing sort of a utopia.

    Some shared those sentiments, but her family was never complacent, to the point of fanaticism. As a child, she received the best education that New Ecclesia could offer, a wholesome curriculum that might have rivaled the national standards of great nations generations past. She learned about the horrors of the world outside of the great walls that reached heavenward, but also of Ecclesia’s goals, and of their enemies, and of how they were to be dealt with. Juniper took all this in without fail. If it preserved their way of life, how could it be wrong? If so many sought to destroy what had been built, then they deserved to be struck down.

    She enrolled in an esteemed military academy. Graduating with honors amongst the top of her class, she was commissioned a CLERIC officer. The new graduate had a career path set out for her to eventually become a PALADIN herself, a promotion all but ensured through both merit and higher friends.

    In the end, Juniper was cut just short of that goal. Early in her career, she was injured in an explosion at the site of a CLERIC sub-headquarters. Several were killed; she herself was lucky and was only injured, but it was enough to end her active career for the next couple years. The origins of blast were never fully established.

    She was shaken, but not daunted. Putting her talents elsewhere, she refocused on intelligence, finding a new calling as an analyst working directly for the PALADINs to find, flush out, and destroy elements of the remaining NOAH and FEARLESS. Sitting in an office, looking through pictures, documents, and video, with some callings on the field, Juniper dedicated herself to this task for two years, gaining a reputation as a reliable agent with a strong work ethic.

    But as she worked through those two years, the brutality of the material she shifted through took its toll on her. Sitting in front of a workstation, she watching videos of brutal, unhinged massacres of innocents and children. She kept tabs on many purges, reading death warrants on men and women that Juniper would have considered outstanding, upstanding citizens. More than once, after following up on cases that involved flushing out FEARLESS, she bore witness to practices that could be called nothing other than nine familial exterminations.

    Slowly, she lost her faith in the society that she’d so served faithfully. At a certain point, the ends no longer justified the means, and the practices that she bore witness to had long crossed the line. There was no saving New Ecclesia as it stood now; it was only surging forward like a lorry out of control to its doom that it had so sought to preclude. She grew distant from her family.

    And then she began to leak. In her position, privy to intelligence information, it was not a difficult task. Data on compromised locations, positions of tracked NOAH, and even schedules of raids found their way into FEARLESS hands. But such an arrangement could not last forever without suspicion, and as internal investigations came under way, she engineered her own exit by faking her death. Skewing an analysis, she arranged a mission that would place a CLERIC unit into a perfect ambush that she managed to get herself attached to. Slipping away at the last moment, the party was wiped out, and she was presumed dead.

    The next week, she walked into the Afterlife. This time, she was the one sliding a thick manila folder over the bar counter.

    PERSONALITY \\ With an icy glare, Juniper at her default state looks a bit stiff and disagreeable on the surface but is actually personable enough. She has a strong willed personality that can be seen often in regular conversation; in private company, Juniper is the type of person to let her thoughts be known to everybody around her, more often than not in a vivid and colorful manner. She is far from lacking in discretion, however, being raised in the social platitudes of her more privileged class, and can play the straight-edged game of trite politeness and inane political correctness when needed.

    Juniper has her own unique flavor of warmth. She values those with a backbone and seeks to work well and develop a rapport with most people, at times bending over backwards for some –all if they’re accommodating. To those she dislikes, she is standoffish and rude, often forthcoming with biting witticisms about their character, a fact that is not helped by a tendency to become irritated. It’s not to say, however, that she doesn’t have her own occasional remarks on those she finds favorable.

    Inquisitive and proactive when driven, Juniper is not satisfied without knowing the full picture of a given topic or situation. It was this nature that set her on her fact-finding mission about her very own government, to learn the truths and horrors regime that would later on her path to fall in with the FEARLESS. Perhaps as a collection of that experience, she’s desensitized to the cruelties of Valhalla, and her own outlooks sometimes fall on the side of cynical.

    But in the end, like the rest of the bunch, she’s still a dreamer, wishing for a better world.

    Likes \\
    \ Books, all kinds
    \ Trying out new foods
    \ Tea, with any combination of sugar, milk, and or tapioca. Hot or cold.
    \ Scotch Whiskey
    \ A good smoke
    \ Archeology
    \ Shitposting

    Dislikes \\
    \ Getting wet
    \ Disrespect
    \ Hypocrites
    \ Bland food, drink
    \ Spiders, bats
    \ Teaching

    WEAPONS \\ \\ Scoped rifle, bolt-action
    \\ Walther PPK
    \\ Folding knife

    TALENTS \\ Combat \\
    \\ Small arms
    \ Handguns
    \ Rifles
    \ Blades
    \\ Sharpshooting
    \\ CQC

    Non-Combat \\
    \\ Social Engineering
    \\ Programming
    \\ Espionage
    \\ Observation
    \\ Data Analysis

    SOUND \\

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