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    Recently deceased, wandering spirits. Lingering ghosts, restless undead. Please form a line in front of your guide, and he will lead you across the Veil.

    His name? You really don't need to know, but well, if you insist, it's Changlin.

    Zhao Changlin. He's been dead... well, it's been a long time. Far too long, and still, the memories elude him, day after day, like running fingers through water and trying to catch it everywhere between. He spends his nights contemplating, trying to decipher anything from those frustratingly vague glimpses of that life an eternity ago, his days reaping souls harder, helping whoever he can, just trying to remember- something, anything, give him a sign. He knows that he failed someone, whoever it might be. It can be anyone, and that's what he fears. To owe something to someone without even knowing who. When one interacts with him he comes across as though he owes too many debts to this world, and he's unsure of where to begin apologising for. He speaks and works with a self-loathing diligence, never at rest... always restless.

    Is he always like this? Well, no. Within him hides the dormant dragon of passion that's been tamed and chained, silenced until tempted. A word, a conversation, a subject that matters, will see him burst upon the listener like fireworks on a New Year's night, as though he's inhabited by a completely different person. That is, until he finally remembers what time and place he is in, and wilts away, returning to that subdued form once more.

    But that's enough talk. He has to work, you know. Please get in line so he can make this quick and hopefully painless for you.

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    memento mori
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  2. Ok where did I go wrong cri let's do that again
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