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  1. Testing thread, don't reply pls :P
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    Porcelain Vases
    Rainy Nights
    Asking Questions
    Researching anything that is interesting
    Dystopian Stories
    Pulling all nighters

    (Overly) Sophisticated people
    Glass Containers
    People who don't take jokes well
    "Wasting Time"
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  5. [​IMG]

    Height: 4'11" | Weight: 85 lbs | Eye color: Gold | Hair Color: Dark Indigo/Black

    Colvino Lineans

    Compact Firecracker: Given because of her small size and some explosive attacks.
    Vino: A short form of her first name "Colvino"

    (Though she claims that she's 16, even if she doesn't look like it.)



    Door room Number:

    Since she was only a small child, Colvino was an energetic tomboy who respects her own wishes above all. Compared to honor or fame, she is more loyal and works harder towards her own wishes. She isn't exactly what one would call rebellious, she just prefers more personal space than most others.
    Young people might not be able to do everything, but they certainly think that they can. Colvino is exactly like that. Being able to skip to S rank a year below the average age made her quiet confident in her own abilities. Though children are still children, she can act immature and irresponsible at times. Often putting herself and some other at risk.
    In combat she is a calm and reliable support, most of the time. She does panic sometimes, but doesn't often act like it on the outside, it reflects more in her attacks that on her face.
    In daily life and training, Colvino takes absolutely nothing seriously. She lives though her life in a joking manner, often irritating the more "serious" people around her. Many think that she's crazy, but she only acts like that for fun.

    Personal space
    Mechanics and Weaponry
    Sudoku puzzles

    Fixed Schedules
    Being underestimated because of her age
    Stern or strict people

    Colvino enjoys being at school, mainly because she hates her family. Not so much her older sister, but most of her family.
    Her family had served the military for generations, and honors must be brought back by every generation. Her older sister, Sonia was the honor of her family, becoming a hero before she finished school and served in the military as one also.
    With the comparison, Colvino was a disappointment. It was not that she was weak, but it was because she didn't have any loyalty toward her family. Her parents and the other member of her family was growing old and didn't understand what was going on with her, but made no exception with her training. Colvino never likes it, her magic required more creativity and ideas instead of only repetitive training in order to be used to it's fullest potential. She ran away from home many times, but was always caught back and punished.
    Soon, Sonia returned from the fronts to see her younger sister. Knowing what Colvino wants, she gave her the idea of going to school a year early, where she can meet different people, and find the best way to utilize her magic.
    School life was better that family life, Colvino was considered a prodigy at school. Advancing in ranks faster than average. She recently ranked up to S rank despite being only fourteen.


    "The Compass of Labyrinth"

    She can use her magic energy in it's purest form to form energy shots

    Long range combat/Sniping
    Field support
    creative strategies

    Hand to hand combat
    Short range combat
    Following orders and plans


    (Vocie at 0:37)

    Theme Song:

    -She doesn't like the idea of being in the military after graduation.
    -She plans on deserting if she ever was in the military
    -Her emblem started as a small red circle and expanded over the years
    -She has 4 main bullet types: Regular, explosive, target tracking (cannot do very sharp turns), custom trajectory (can do sharp turns, but tracks must be set before firing)
    -They can be combined, (example: two regular bullets together would make a armor piercing ammo) but it takes time to do that.

    Drawing that :P​