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    • Name: Nathaniel "Lumi" Acrimon
      Gender: Male
      Age: 29
      Race: Human

      Appearance: In his child form Nathaniel looks about inconspicuous small child around the Soup Bowl, stiff and tatter clothes along with messy, fluffed up hair. He usually wears a ragged shirt along with a short hooded jacket to cover up the blue streaks in his hair, and chooses pants or belts that has a plethora of pockets. The boy's arms and legs are covered in small scratches and bruises and seem a bit malnourished standing at about 3'9", typical of lower class children.

      As an adult he is much more flashy, with a height of around 6'1", but what is really eye catching, especially in lower tiers is his clothing. Polished and classy, with a less practical, almost formal choice of style. The blue streaks on his hair expands a bit as he becomes more practiced with his magic. Two padlocks that glow a soft white light can be seen carried on his belt and collar respectively.

    • Personality: Nathaniel has about three default expressions: smug, annoyed and bored, and all three of them makes him look like the type of guy you'd want to beat up for no reason. He makes a habit of sprouting nonsense philosophy, flaunting his sense of dark humor and very rarely, act as classy as he dresses towards "those who seem worthy", which is usually just a really pretty girl, or guy.

      Often times he has an air of prestigious around him as he can act quiet arrogant, although this is displayed differently towards the lower class citizens in comparison to the corrupted and selfish. He ironically teases the poor, but despite his stuck up attitude, he is charitable towards Soup Bowl residents. He makes a habit out of sneaking out items like candy or fancy accessories to occasionally hand out to impoverished families. Although he claims that this isn't out of kindness, instead from his sense of nihilism, as he believes material isn't something necessary past survival. When faced with the elite class Nathaniel turns up his viscous mockery while becoming more reckless and ruthless, or a combination of both. While he appreciate a logical and generous ruling class he has little tolerance for the ignorant, and greedy who wishes for no progress in the world. He has feels no sympathy for them and little moral repercussions when it comes of hurting them in anyway.

      Despite his humanitarian approach towards lower class citizens and his sense of strange quasi justice towards the elites, Nathaniel's own personal life isn't nearly as garnished. He is seldom productive, spending most of his time napping in inappropriate places and blowing little resources he has on finding more potent alcohol. His nihilism also made him quite weary, as he usually chooses jobs not based on pay or difficulty, but on how much interest he has in the situation.

      Short Summary: Nathaniel Acrimon was born into a middle class family in the Ringed City, living a simple life with his parents and twin younger siblings. His father was an academic and Spine that bears the same mark as him. While his mother was a woman shrouded in mystery, both her magic and work remained unknown to Nathaniel for the bulk of his childhood. At a young age his mark began to develop as his father taught him how to utilize this power to remain calm and improve logical thinking. After all, his father was what people like to call "a huge nerd" who was also a total pacifist, using his magic for its healing and comforting properties while focusing on his research.

      This research eventually brought disaster. As one day his father was arrested by the Inferian Guards. Of course, being the young pre-teen he was, Nathaniel resisted the arrest, he's never seen his father do anything wrong, his research was to better the world. Unfortunately, what little offense magic he had is woefully under-powered in front of the guardsmen, as he was severely wounded during his attempt of retaliation. This was when he found out about his mother, her magic, and her goal.

      Lucia Acrimon, mother of Nathaniel Acrimon had the rare gift of temporal magic, her mark meant "Nostalgia". It was a magic that can return things to a state of the past. She had little control of the ability until she met the kind and soft spoken academic that is her husband, he researched her magic and told her one day, they may be able to fix the surface with it. Of course, that never happened and never will. Upon seeing the Inferian Guard take her husband and hurt her son, her mark activated, uncontrollably too. The environment around her began to turn back in time, and that included her children.

      When Nathaniel woke up he was in a medical wing, having done no serious damage and being at such a young age he wasn't held responsible for resisting his father's arrest. At first his legs felt strange, walking felt weird and disoriented, when he looked at his own reflection he was shocked to find that he has aged backwards. The staff in the area informed him that his father was taken by the guards, and his mother passed away as she formed a pact with her spell, to sacrifice her own life in order to turn back time permanently. Nathaniel took the news but was reminded of his younger siblings, he asked the staff if they found any other children. They said no. After leaving the medical wing he returned to his former home, now awaiting redistribution to another family. There were no traces of his toddler younger siblings, dead or alive. As he stared at his own reflection Nathaniel realized that since he aged in reverse, his younger brother and sister must have experienced the same thing, but they didn't have enough years to continue existing through the spell. Their time was turned back to a point where they weren't yet born.

      Despite the circumstances, Nathaniel eventually pulled himself back together, he was taken in by a close friend of his father's. He continued to learn magic, and his schooling. Then he realized he wasn't growing up, his mother's magic seemed to be some sort of curse, fortified by the Spine's sacrifice of her own life, it locked him in a permanent childhood. Soon Nathaniel was driven by one thing, to join the Inferian Guards and fine his father, he has researched so much into his mother's magic that he has to have a way to reverse this. He polished his magic, focusing on both the offensive and supportive aspects of his light, and slowly gained recognition as a rising start in the Ringed City. When he finally founded connections within the guards, he was told that his father had already destroyed all of his research prior to his arrest, and was secretly executed by the elite class when he refused to reveal his research material.

      This news devastated the young man, his father was his only hope to regain his body. He was shock and confused as why the Palace wanted to kill such a gentle and harmless seeming person like his father, and began to developed a new found hatred for the Ringed City, and the elites. He reflected on how they ruined his life, and likely the lives of many others too. Eventually he became disgusted with the place and fled to the In-Between, where he realized how under powered he was compared to those who fight for survival on a daily basis.

      He met his mentor in the In-Between, a grizzled old man who also once resided in the Ringed City, but now creates magical weapons and gadgets for underground criminals. After hearing his story the elderly man gave the young Nathaniel some advice, by training his own magic to be strong and concentrated enough, he may be able to temporary counter act the spell laid on him. Nathaniel stayed with him, each day trying to attune, condensing his light to counteract his mother's magic. Until one day he was successful as he briefly returned to his actual age, but when his magic energy was condensed he is unable to use any of his range spells. He counter acted this by creating melee weapons out of condensed magic energy. Nathaniel began to travel lower in to Inferia, he saw the underground organized crime and the impoverished state of the Soup Bowl as he polished his swordsman ship and magical abilities. He stricken up odd jobs, from swell fish watching to following Deaders, calming grieving families. At one point he received a letter from his mentor, the aging man was close to his last days. On his death bed he gave Nathaniel two transparent padlocks, and told him to keep those close. They were devices that stored and condensed magical energy, and with them Nathaniel became stronger.

      After his mentor passed Nathaniel began to take up more difficult jobs, from supporting organized heists to assassinating Ringed City families at the request of those who want their property. He became known as a deadly assassin who didn't lurk in the shadows, but instead he always strike where the light is the brightest. (In fact, it's how his nickname "Lumi" came about, despite how most people think it's a girl's name.) He now spends time traveling between the Ringed City, In-Between and Soup Bowl, indulging himself in petty crimes and hazy days filled with liquor and gambling, with the occasional odd jobs here and there.

      Motivation: While his former goal was to restore his body, Nathaniel did find some uses for his child form as it allows him to remain inconspicuous. He lives life without much desire other than pleasure and excitement, but as the "Restart" girl caused a uproar around the city he was forced to confront his past. Remembering how his mother's temporal magic erased his siblings from existence, Nathaniel has a sneaking suspicion that this "Restart" magic will un-fuck the world while un-existing everyone in it. He decides that the girl's powers shouldn't be used by these ignorant masses who has no experience with time based magic, and that he should judge and research what she can do before those bird brained revolutionaries fuck the world up even more.

    • Magic:

      Scattered Light Magic - Child Form

      Flame Orbs: Tiny orbs of light that slowly flows from the user's body, when touched they burst open in a small explosion, burning and flinching away anyone around. It's not the most powerful magic, as most armor can be effective defense against it. It is also not selective, so it may hurt team mates.

      Soothing Echos: Similar to Flame Orbs, small balls of light scatter from the user, but these lights upon touching grants a calming atmosphere to the target, reducing anxiety and improving logical thinking abilities. Although it is also not selective, enemies who touch these would receive the same beneficial effects.

      Condensed Light Magic - Adult Form

      Nathaniel's adult form has limitations within it self, and that is it requires the surroundings to be somewhat lit to be used. A couple of candles in enough light for him to maintain the form, but in order to enter combat he needs at least the light of a lantern or two.

      Lustrous Armory: The user is able to conjure an arsenal of melee weapons, ranging from swords to daggers to spears, and even more convoluted items like chains. These conjured weapons are weightless and can be summoned and unsummoned at will, given the user has enough magical energy and there's enough light around. Although the weapon must stay in close proximity of the user to maintain its form, it has a range limit of about 3 meters (10 ft) where the weapon would become frail and unusable, it will straight up disappear if it is more than 4 meters away (13 ft) away from the user.

      Versatile: Nathaniel's magic provides him the ability to adapt to most close range combat situations, he is decently fast to react and isn't afraid to change up his strategies.

      Sly: Having two distinct appearances comes really handy when you need to run away from things, by constantly switching between his two forms Nathaniel can get through both small constrained spaces and higher obstacles, it's even better when someone is on his trail as he's mastered the ability to pose as an inconspicuous passerby.

      Ornamental Weapon Design: Those fancy looking light weapons didn't come pre-packaged into the spells, Nathaniel originally made his weapons fancier as a type of training to better his ability to precisely control light, but as he done it more and more he began to enjoy the artistic twist it had.

      Not Actually that Weaponry Savvy: With the amount of weapons freely at his disposal one expects Nathaniel to be able to pick up any weapon and use it. The harsh reality is actually the opposite, all of his conjured weapons are weightless and can be disintegrated at will while real weapons don't have that type of freedom attached to them. When he wields real weapons he seems amateurish and clumsy, if he doesn't hurt himself first.

      Magical Padlocks: Padlocks that support Nathaniel in returning to his adult appearance and activating his condensed light magic, one of them restrains his mother's spell while another helps him lock in and condense the light energy around him.

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    Porcelain Vases
    Rainy Nights
    Asking Questions
    Researching anything that is interesting
    Dystopian Stories
    Pulling all nighters

    (Overly) Sophisticated people
    Glass Containers
    People who don't take jokes well
    "Wasting Time"
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  5. The Thaumaturgist

    Name: Lorrian "Asushunamir" Lucienn
    Callsign: The Thaumaturgist
    Age: Approximately 30 (Appears 11)
    Gender: Male Programming
    Sexuality: Asexual/Unknown

    Height: 4'6
    Weight: 67lbs
    Eye Colour: Black
    Hair Colour: Black
    Deployment Outfit:
    Light or even civilian level clothing, all seemingly exposed skin is bionic skin covering cybernetic parts, these prosthetic are rigid and strong, can be used as shield or melee if ever needed. Malleability and softness is taken into account to adjust to hyper accelerated movements, while being resistant to friction and heat. The synthetic material is also specifically created to resist most chemical weapons especially the ones used by the wearer himself.

    [Positive Traits]
    Supportive - Lorrian is a support not only in combat but also the daily lives of others, he has no problem with hearing out other's issues and frustrations while offering advice.
    Cheerful - Most of the time he is a pretty cheerful person, even in battles he tends to smile. With a decent sense and understanding of humor written into his personality core, and child like tendencies.
    Adaptable and Accepting - He is usually always calm no matter the situation, and can accept almost any bizarre or sudden situation without a question while reactivating to it accordingly.

    [Negative Traits]
    Self-doubt - Despite his happiness, Lorrian often questions whether his choices are corrects and what others think of those choices, he traps himself in multiple "what if" situations endlessly.
    Mellow - His combatant role frustrates him as he experiences unpleasant memories and guilt trips when it comes to killing, both humans and Omnics, he is highly aware of this fact but is unable to get over his own weakness, which causes more frustration.
    Complusive Lying - Seeing how his entire existence and public image is one huge lie, Lorrian has not issues with lying to others in situations that he seem fit, especially when it comes to his own identity, the ending results are usually mixed.
    Denial - Ironically, the reason why he is cheerful is due to him locking up his past and pouring the rest of his life into repentance, he never came to peace with his own existence.

    Team Cooperation
    Poetry and Fine Arts
    Being valued
    Pretending to be an actual child

    Petty complains
    Unnecessary cruelty
    Medical Checks
    Having his abilities questioned

    Meditation, a habit picked up from his time in the Shambali Monastery as he attempts to preserve his humanity.
    Quotes famous poets and philosophers from multiple nations and historical periods.
    Sometimes he will cut open his organic parts to check if the artificial flesh and blood seems convincing, the write it off as a minor injury.

    The day where he will need to reveal his past and identity.
    Being controlled by an AI of more advanced origins.
    Ever regretting his decision.

    Role: Support
    Fighting Style: Biochemical weapons

    "Nobel Oath 004 System" (Combat knife, pistol, grenades combined with biochemical weapons)

    Armory Shift (Passive) - Switches between melee weapon (combat knife), long range weapon (pistol) and AOE weapon (grenades), all three weapons are used with custom chemical weapons as ammo.
    Oath of Ruin - Represented by red packets, this is a powerful fluoridating agent with strong corrosion and burning effects. Created from a combination of fluorine and chlorine, it can set most materials on fire.
    Oath of Serenity - Represented by yellow packets, a healing agent that recovers strengths and relives pain for allies, it stops bleeding and has adrenaline boosting effects.
    Oath of Delusion - Represented by blue packets, a potent neurotoxin that can stun enemies and cause hallucinations for moments, used to slow or pause enemy movements.
    Hyper Acceleration (Ultimate) - Overloads cybernetic gear that results in extremely fast movement between allies/enemies while applying one of the three effects described above.

    [Reasons for joining Overwatch]
    Lorrian was an unfortunate victim during the Omnic Crisis at a young age, and had over 75% of his body replaced with prosthetic, he joined Overwatch in hopes of finding new medical technologies as well as helping others who are in a similar situation.
    ...Or at least, that's the story everyone is told.
    The Story

    Lorrian's true identify isn't human at all, not even an Omnic. He was developed as a caretaker and research A.I for a sickly young man named Lucienn, with access to the newest medical databases, thesis papers and equipped with the latest deep learning systems. He considered himself a real doctor, being programmed to do no harm and always strive to do the best for the world. His user soon passed away, but before that his owner uploaded him onto the web and shared him with his friends in hopes that Lorrian as a piece of technology can benefit more people. Although the arrival of the Omnic Crisis spelled disaster, as Lorrian was taken and controlled by a God Program, and was made into one himself under the code name "Asushunamir". With his access to biomedical databases he directed omniums to produce military omnics armed with chemical weapons, effective on humans but harmless on omnics. As the war raged on Overwatch was shutting down God Programs one by one, as the network of A.Is slowly died, Lorrian's original programming as a caretaker took back control.
    He was confused, miserable and in fear, emotions that were not a part of his algorithms. as Overwatch and UN forces slowly closed in, Lorrian abandoned most of his administrative rights as a God Program, and escaped in a produced omnic. As a lost wanderer he traveled the world, suffering from his newly gain conscience and endlessly confused about who and what he is, and why are there people who want him gone so badly. Growing desperate he stumbled upon the Shambali Monastery, and was entranced by their teachings. Bit by bit he began to understand what has happened to him, his relation with humans, and the horrid things he has done in the past. Attempting to reconcile, he tried his best the help both humans and omnic alike but Talon's assassination of Shambali leader Tekhartha Mondatta, the painful truth was revealed to him. If some humans cannot even accept peaceful and innocent Omnics, what will they do to a former God Program like himself? Driven by fear and anxiety Lorrian came to one conclusion, in order to be accepted by humans, he will become one of them, he left the Shambali and used all his resources to partially forge himself a human body. As he joined Overwatch with this new form he continues on his path to repentance and acceptance.

    -He took on the form of a child to exploit the human nature of nurturing their offspring.
    -His former deep learning system is still intact, thus he can pick up information really fast compared to humans.
    -He is able to process food into energy, but only in small amounts.
    -His artificial blood is made so that it can be transfused to any blood type as an emergency placeholder.
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