TESTING: Roleplay Resume stuff under avatars!

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  1. We are testing ways to make roleplay resume stuff easy view! Having it under the avatars like this is a good way to do it.

    What do you thinks NEEDS to be there under avatars for quick information?

    What do you think is totally unnecessary?

    Do you have any suggestions for things that should be added to our roleplay resume?
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  2. I think the little sign that you put just under a profile pictures is very nice, but it's visibility is really minimal. Other than that I think that the current roleplay resume is quite sufficient, but I might be wrong. :-)
  3. Going off of the resume page here, I'd suggest just going with the favourite/least favourite genres and the "open to invite" information. For me, that would tell me enough about how compatible a person would be with myself, or my roleplay, and if I had further questions I would then take a look at their full page.

    The drop-down button is nice, as I like the "clean" look of empty space, but I didn't notice it at first so maybe it needs to be made a little more obvious?
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  4. Their favorite forum on Iwaku would be cool. Something like 'most likely to be seen in' the forum name and it links you to that part of Iwaku. So that other members can check it out too.

    The RL age of the member.

    Members favorite RP that they are currently involved in.


    I'll come back if I can't think of more.
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  5. Agreed!

    Favourite RP's a good idea. Gives people a good idea of what that person finds interesting if they care to look in more detail.
    How about also what the member things their writing level is at, like a multiple choice of amateur, intermediate and advanced or something, so it's easier to select people with the writing level you're looking for if your RP requires a higher level?
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  6. Role playing As: (character they are currently Rping)

    may be a bit too tedious, but sounds cool. Possibly linking members to read the character Bio, sorta a way to read and sample the members creations.

    Edit: Or their favorite character they made,Role playing as sounds edgier though XD
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  7. Trying to come up with things I do or don't like (genre) is often difficult for me because there are so many genres out there, that I'd just as easily forget many of my liked but not most favorite genres. If there were a multi select option (like for the content one can select that a roleplay has only then with genres instead of content info) that would be so wonderful. Right now I think it's simply a blank space where you can fill out whatever you think up. And that should stay I think, because there are too many genres that one can think of, making the list otherwise far too long.

    That, and as suggested before, an option to select what level of writing you are generally speaking. That would definitely be handy, also as a GM to see if someone who showed interest in the roleplay really is up to the level required. (Like if a basic level writer enters a roleplay that requires advanced or higher level) I think that's allowed right? To not accept someone due to them not being able to keep up with the expected level of writing?
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  8. Their limits and gender preferences perhaps or favorite genre would be a good idea. Or their no-gos.
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  9. I don't want a long list of things to read personally so perhaps the gender they prefer to play (since a LOT of people forget to put what they'll play in their search threads), real life age, plot candies maybe, and no-goes. If you know what they won't do that gives you an idea of what they do like.
  10. How about their most experienced genre, or their most experienced RP plot?
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  11. I don't think age should be in it. Some people like their age private (as thats a preference) so perhaps what libertine section they belong in?
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  12. That sounds like a better idea
  13. I think some of the confusion of what /how to use the current platform can be dealt with if you create an explanation of the sign up process and user interface. this could make your request for improvements redundant. some of the things in your sign ups I still didn't know what you were asking for.
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  14. Keep these suggestions and comments coming, they are very handy! O_O

    Also, it'll help too if you tell us specifically which of the current resume fields might be confusing or need improvement!
  15. Under the avatar would be nice if you had age (if the account owner prefers their age to be shown)

    It would also be helpful under the profile page to have a tab that says what threads the account has created, and not just what the account has posted on, just in case you're looking for a specific thread created by someone~

    Anyways... I would get rid of the character stereotypes and no-goes. Those are things that will easily be hashed out in conversation. Plot candies as well, as those are things that will be created as the plot evolves further. However the genre likes and dislikes are important, if you are going to invite someone to play.

    I would also include something about standard posting length/expectations. Someone who commonly writes one-liners won't fit in with someone who writes paragraphs and paragraphs of text.

    Also, if their activity is public, including that would be very handy. You can see it when you click their name, but the whole idea of this is making basic information more available. To me, that falls in basic.

    I don't know if such a thing would be possible, but maybe allowing people to select what aspects they want to show, and what aspects they would rather hide? People all have different impressions of what constitutes the useful information about them, and sometimes it fits more naturally in a space that someone else wouldn't use.
  17. Yeah, showing and hiding aspects tailored to specific people's desires is a good idea. And maybe with the age thing or some other parts, adding it to the little thing that pops up when you click on someone's profile picture from a normal thread, because then you're looking for more information about the person anyway, and what shows up on that is quite limited. A bigger box would be nice, as a place to put some more detail. I don't really need to know everything about everyone, but if someone piques my interest and I click for the popup box, I always just click profile page or send PM straight from that. The box itself is somewhat redundant.
  18. I'd keep the no-gos area please. I like to know so I don't ask someone for an RP style they don't like. It also saves me from having to disappoint people when there's something I won't do.

    Stuff to add . . . Maybe something that says if they don't do libertine role plays? I know we can leave it blank, but it would be nice if the no button actually showed up as a no.
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  19. I think you should have icons which appear under each players avatar accordingly. Icons for their top played and second top played Roleplay forums. A check or an X for open to invites. And (I don't think this is possible but it'd be cool :3) but either an S, M, or L to indicate average post lengths IC. I hate it when I find someone who seems so perfect at a glance but then they post and it's like -_- really? You give me 3 sentences in an advance-high intermediate RP?

    But yeah!

    I think we should have simple icons to indicate the following:
    -Accepting/not accepting invites (check or X)
    -most and second most played forum (use the icons from the forums)
    -preferred maturity rating (G,PG,R)
    -average activity level (Green light for active daily, yellow for 2-5 times a week, red for less than 2 times a week)
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  20. The font is so tiiiny, it's very difficult to read, especially on a dark background. D: Also, I think that left align would be better than right align as far as aesthetics go.

    As for things I think are important:

    - Gender(s) they play
    - What romance/pairings they like (M/M, F/F or M/F or straight, gay, lesbian)
    - 'Level' they role-play at
    - Favourite settings/genres
    - Age (if nothing else, 'under 18' and 'over 18')
    - Accepting/closed to requests

    I feel things like 'plot candies, character stereotypes, character no-gos' are pretty unnecessary. As far as playing habits go, I like Soulserenity20's idea for green/yellow/red icons. I don't think that a text box is really necessary for it.
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