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In order for Iwaku to be on a private server and allow us to do whatever we darn well please within legal boundaries, it costs moolah. D: Most of the time this comes out of pocket. Recently, when we were -finally- making enough off ads to pay all of the costs, our account with the big Goog got revoked and our appeal denied. Totally suckballs.

Since then we have been trying some new advertising agents to see what works for the site and gives a fair payout. <b>Don't click spam ads!</b> Because that's totally illegal and gets accounts cancelled. XD

Our NEWEST ad we'll be testing is called Skimlinks. What it's going to do is link random keywords in your posts. I have NO IDEA how annoying this will be or if it's worth it until we give it a try. I'm going to be fucking around with the settings to make it as non intrusive as possible.

If you can't stand it - You CAN turn off Skimlinks in your Settings -> General Settings

Alternatively, if you ever wanna help out with Iwaku bills, you can use the Subscriptions or the paypal button on the forumhome.

So minions, test away. Test away. D: Links should start appearing over the next few days as keywords get keyed in.
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