Testing! Now accepting off-site banners in our rotation for donations!

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  1. Because our new server is so damned expensive, we have been looking in to ways to pay the bills without being obnoxious. We can't run google ads because we're still blacklisted, and other advertisement sites put up crappy ads with terrible payouts. Ugly ads that no one will care about anyway really suck. >:[

    But what we CAN do is just accept ads from people/places directly to put in our ad rotation in exchange for booze money donations!

    You can already advertise off-Iwaku websites for FREE in our Advertise & Affiliate section as much as you want, but having a banner in the rotation is a much shinier and more often seen advertisement.

    THUS, we're currently TESTING THIS OUT CLICK THIS LINK and seeing how it goes! <3 If you have a website of your own that you want to advertise, we have different moolah options. And if this actually gets omg popular I can afford a fancy script that has stats and shiny ad management. >>;

    As always, this money is going directly in to the Iwaku-kitty and is ONLY spent on Iwaku's bills and upgrades! Iwaku is a not-for-profit funtime place and it's a costly monster!

    If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, we'll take those as well. O_O
  2. If i may, why were you guys blacklisted to begin with? just curious.
  3. Population boom that their algorithm didn't like so they black listed without listening to appeal. They thought it was click abuse.
  4. Yeah, what Ocha said. ;__; They denied my appeal and proof of sudden site growth. It's a common thing that happens for smaller/medium sites, though. And the second time I have had it happened. >>
  5. lol, so google's full of assholes. what else is new?

    either way, thanks for the reply ^_^
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  6. Google did not become the biggest search engine by not being assholes.

    It's like the little brother that secretly plans to kill everybody else so he can take the limelight in his 20+ famiky.
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  7. lol, while I agree gombaa, there's difference between being a corporate asshole (killing the above family so you have less competition) and being an asshole to consumers (killing everyone who pays attention to yoru brothers and sisters instead of you)
  8. I would like to point out that it happens to 90% of sites our size. It's unfortunate. In my case they owed my site $200 before pulling the plug. needless to say they got free advertisement both prior & during the boom of my site. =/
  9. jesus, clearly there'w something wrong with teh system then. but of course it's only harming us and profiting them, so we can't expect them to actually DO anything about it.

    8sighs* seriously, just fuck google these days.
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