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    Matthias Wolfgang Nikolai Cartwright

    - Matthias -

    Pronounced mə-THIE-əs.
    Meaning "gift of God"

    - Wolfgang -

    Pronounced WUWLF-gang.
    Wolfgang is a German male given name traditionally popular in Germany and Austria. Its earliest known bearer was a tenth-century saint. The name is a combination of the Old High German word wulf, meaning "wolf" and gang, meaning "path, journey".

    - Nikolai -

    Pronounced nee-kah-LIE.
    Meaning "Victory Of The People" in Russian.

    - Cartwright -

    Pronounced CART-right
    Meaning "carpenter who makes carts," early 15c. (late 13c. as a surname), from cart (n.) + wright (n.).

    Wolfie (despises this one)

    Sixteen || July 23, 2007 || Leo ♌

    - Male -

    Gryffindor || 6th Year


    - Wizard -

    - Muggle Born -


    Arrogant || Egotistical
    Matti spiraled out of control when his brother and mother died. His father was of no help when this happened as he was as devastated by the accident as Matti. So Matti really received no actual help after his mother and brother died, he was left by the side of the road so to speak, and although his father certainly loved him there was now a gap between the two. All this changed Matti from the sweet and caring boy that he used to be into an arrogant and egotistical teenager. It was a downward spiral from there, Matti found it much easier to block everyone out of his feelings rather than let them in. In doing so he also distanced himself from his friends more and more, leaving him to become even more conceited.

    Tease|| Bully
    Before his brother died, Matti teased people jokingly and out of love. Now, his teasing tends to get out of hand as he doesn't know when to stop. Often, he steps over the line of teasing into bullying without even noticing. He can be downright mean at times and never gives a second thought to how much he may be hurting someone. Matti doesn't really see himself as mean, he can't see how mean he actually is.

    Loyal || Brave
    If you are one of the few Matti finds he can actually trust, he will be loyal and have your back at all times. His loyalty and trust are things that are few and far between, and you'll have gotten past the outer shell of Matti if he is loyal to you. You wouldn't think that one who completely turned their life into hell once their brother died would be considered brave, but braveness comes in all shapes and sizes, though Matti doesn't really see what the sorting hat saw in him. And Matti was sorted before his brother died, and he was certainly a different person on the outside before that. Did his inside really change that much though?

    Clever || Savvy
    Matti was always the smart one, and this hasn't changed. He's a fast thinker and loves to figure things out on his own, although this does lead to frustration when it takes longer than usual for him to figure something out. He is very perceptive and sees things that other people wouldn't usually. Intuitive, Matti can usually get the gist of someone's character directly after meeting and/or seeing them.

    Romantic || Humorous
    To those who ever get close enough to Matti to push through his outside shell they will find a very different guy inside. He has a keen sense of humor and loves to laugh. Matti also has a romantic view of how the world should be, all men chivalrous and people's dreams always within their grasp. He would love the world to be beautiful as he sees it when he draws.

    Stubborn || Charismatic
    Matti possesses the air of a leader, though he doesn't see it or use it, it is there nonetheless. This is probably one of the reasons he didn't completely go bad when his brother died, his stubbornness wouldn't let him. Even though Matti is someone most people would avoid, he is very charismatic and draws people to him. He doesn't realize this though, it is a part of him that just is.

    Twin brother died, mom spoils, dad hints that he would have rather had Matti die instead of brother.
    Born in Galway, Ireland.

    - Childhood -

    Born and raised in Galway, Ireland, Matthias had a good childhood. Just himself, his mother, father and twin brother, Tristram. Matthias and Tristram were thick as thieves, although could you expect much else from twin brothers? They did absolutely everything together, from walking to the store to adventuring through the neighborhood. If you saw one, the other wouldn't be far behind.

    His mother and father loved the boys very much and they had a normal, happy childhood. Mr. Cartwright was a lawyer and was busy a lot of the time, but he always made sure that there was time for his family at the end of the day. Mrs. Cartwright was a primary school teacher and was with the boys more than her husband could be, especially in the summers.

    - They're Wizards! -

    Matthias and Tristram lived normal lives as muggle children and grew up as muggle children do, but the boys could tell that there was something just a little different about them. They couldn't quite put their finger on it, but they knew something was up, especially when they saw something's that just weren't normal, like the strange horse that they saw in fields when it was grey and foggy.

    Still, they were caught a bit off guard when a strange person bearing two letters arrived about a week before their eleventh birthday. Matthias letter read,

    Dear Mister Matthias Cartwright,

    We write with firmest congratulations informing you of your acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Enclosed is a list of all necessary books and equipment.

    Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

    Yours sincerely,
    Minerva McGonagall

    The unusual fellow who brought the letters then explained to Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright that their sons were indeed, wizards. As you can expect, everyone was quite overwhelmed. The boys were mostly excited and begging their parents to let them go. The wizard from Hogwarts eventually convinced Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright that this was no joke, and their sons really were wizards. After explaining to them what they were to do, he departed, saying he would return on July 31st for their final answer.

    After lots and lots of discussion, and pleading on the boys part, the family came to the conclusion that Matthias and Tristram would attend Hogwarts. No muggle child was more excited to go to school than those two boys that September.

    When they were purchasing the boys necessary supplies, they bought them an owl to share while they were at Hogwarts. The boys named him Finnegan, and he was an exceptionally spunky Short Eared Owl. Now, while they were out and about shopping, Tristram and Matthias ran off a head of their mother and father, because, well, that's what eleven year old boys do. They were running by a small dark alley when Tristram heard a pitiful mewling coming from within the alley. Tristram convinced Matthias to go and see what was making the pitiful noise. So the boys approached the alley cautiously, ready to run at a moment's notice, but what they found there melted their hearts. Two kittens that were probably about six weeks old had been abandoned in a dirty shoe box. They were covered in grim and were meowing pitifully. The boys gently picked them up and took them to their parents, saying there was no way they could leave the kittens behind. Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright finally agreed that the boys could keep them, and so Matthias and Tristram gained another two more pets.

    Matthias's kitten was a ginger colored tom with green eyes, whom Matthias promptly named Oliver. Oliver was much more outgoing of the two kittens and was quite the handful at first. Tristram's was a smaller tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes and she was much more reserved than Oliver.

    Needless to say, it was quite a fairytale experience for the boys on their journey to Hogwarts. When they arrived at the sorting ceremony, they were especially pleased to be sorted into the very same house, Gryffindor.

    And so went the first few years at Hogwarts, they still did nearly everything together and if you saw one walking the hallways by himself it was either because the other was sick or in trouble. It was soon to all change for Matthias, and nothing would ever be the same again.

    - Storm -

    It was summer break, Matthias and Tristram were turning fourteen in just a few days. They were going on a car

    - Family -

    - Friends and Acquaintances -

    Amarie and Matti hate each other's guts.
    (Love interest, family, friends, enemies, etc. Optional.)

    - Tiger -


    The tiger is a very strong, independent patronus. They have a fierce personality to them that they show openly, and have no problem doing it. However, there is more to them than just an impression, they have parts of their past that are a bit dark, and that has caused them to grow a bit cynical. They don’t like to show their feelings to others, as they like to maintain the impression for themselves and for others that they are unbreakable. They are not fast to warm up to anyone, but once they do they will protect you with all that they have. The most common house for a tiger patronus is Slytherin. The most common signs are Gemini and Aquarius.
    © Patronus Analysis Tumblr: Patronus Analysis

    Matthias fears losing everyone that he holds near and dear the most. Because of his experience with losing people he cared for more than he cared for himself he fears this the most. His boggart takes the form of his twin, Tristram, as a lifeless body, sometimes his mother as well. This is the main reason why Matthias tends to distance himself from other people now, he is afraid that if he becomes close to them he will end up just losing them. Also, if he does become close to someone, he will protect them fiercely and remain loyal no matter pretty much anything.

    Orange Tabby Cat || Oliver 'Olli'


    Tortoiseshell Cat || Cara (was Tristram's)


    Short Eared Owl || Finnegan 'Finn'


    (An owl, rodent, cat, or toad? Or maybe something more exotic? This is optional, and make sure the pet is something that is accepted in Hogwarts grounds. It cannot be something that can be dangerous to other students and it needs to be domesticated. So no wild animals or things like dragons, okay?)


    Cedar || Unicorn and Ceffyl Dŵr Hair || Slightly Yielding || 12 5/8 inches


    - Wood -
    Whenever I meet one who carries a cedar wand, I find strength of character and unusual loyalty. My father, Gervaise Ollivander, used always to say, ‘you will never fool the cedar carrier,’ and I agree: the cedar wand finds its perfect home where there is perspicacity and perception. I would go further than my father, however, in saying that I have never yet met the owner of a cedar wand whom I would care to cross, especially if harm is done to those of whom they are fond. The witch or wizard who is well-matched with cedar carries the potential to be a frightening adversary, which often comes as a shock to those who have thoughtlessly challenged them.
    © Pottermore Wikia Cedar

    - Core -
    Ceffyl Dŵr
    (Keff-ill dwrr)


    The Ceffyl Dŵr is a winged breed of water-horse which inhabits waterfalls and mountain pools in upland regions of Wales.
    Largely, it appears as a small mountain pony with a mane, tail and wings composed of a cold mist. It is capable of flight, and also of transforming itself fully into mist, letting it pass around solid objects and difficult terrain.
    A friendly but mischievous breed, they will often allow riders onto their backs and take flight, then transform into mist such that the rider falls through them. This is their idea of a joke. Taming is difficult and should be done from a young age, through built mutual trust.
    Ceffyl Dŵrs exist only in natural colours, generally grey.
    More at Wikipidia: Ceffyl Dŵr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    © Breedsheet: Ceffyl Dwr

    In a wand, the Ceffyl Dŵr hair lends a certain spunk to the wand, and usually reflects an impish nature in the wands owners. If a core were to be made purely from Ceffyl Dŵr hair the wand would be much to feisty and tricky to be used properly, however, if it were to be combined with another core that would ground it and make it more reliable, it would perform with minimal amounts of mischievous related issues. This core has strong ties to both air and water.

    Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard.
    Minor disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may 'die' and need replacing.
    © Pottermore Wikia: Wand Cores

    When Unicorn and Ceffyl Dŵr hairs are put together as a core, the Unicorn tends to tone down the Ceffyl Dŵr's trickery and the Ceffyl Dŵr gives a bit more heft to the wand over all.

    - Flexibility -
    Slightly Yielding
    A wand with this flexibility will initially resist new owners, but if the owner is persistent, it will warm up eventually. It is particularly good for spells involving potion-making, animal-taming, and defensive magic, although, it may have a little bit of difficulty with nonverbal magic. Wand owners with slightly yielding wands are often very kind and compassionate, but they may have some reluctance in trusting others since they possess a strong sense of skepticism. It usually takes a lot of strong arguing before the owner of this wand will believe claims that don't make any sense to them.
    © Pottermoreforum.net Wand Characteristics - Pottermore Fan Forum

    - Length -
    12 5/8 in.

    Loves to hike, loves being out in nature. Loves to draw, but would hate it if anyone were to find out he did.
    (Extra classes or clubs, secrets, etc. Whatever happens to tickle your pickle. Optional.)
    Color = 9, 153, 46 (#09992e)

    Matthias stands at about 5'9" and wishes he were just a bit taller, like most boys do. He's still growing so he may yet obtain his dream height of 6'. Not a bulky guy, Matthias weighs about 145 lbs. Not really a working out type Matthias doesn't have the body builders figure, he's got a little fat on his stomach, but there is a six pack there, you just have to search for it a little. The standout feature that Matthias possesses would be his flaming red hair. This shock of curls has a lot of girls swooning, or that's what he likes to think. He rarely combs these locks of curls, usually opting for a little go through with his fingers and a little gel, leaving his hair free and wild for the most part. To go right along with the red hair, he has bright green eyes with flecks of blue in them. As you would expect of a redhead, Matthias's skin tone is on the paler side, though not as pale as most redheads you see. He doesn't have to constantly hide from the sun for fear of burning to death.

    When not sporting his Hogwarts uniform, Matthias can be found wearing jeans and a (usually) graphic t-shirt, with a jacket or sweater thrown over it with sneakers for footwear.
    Matthew Goode with an Irish accent ()
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  2. Matthias stands at about 5'9" and wishes he were just a bit taller, like most boys do. He's still growing so he may yet obtain his dream height of 6'. Not a bulky guy, Matthias weighs about 145 lbs. Not really a working out type Matthias doesn't have the body builders figure, he's got a little fat on his stomach, but there is a six pack there, you just have to search for it a little. The standout feature that Matthias possesses would be his flaming red hair. This shock of curls has a lot of girls swooning, or that's what he likes to think. He rarely combs these locks of curls, usually opting for a little go through with his fingers and a little gel, leaving his hair free and wild for the most part. To go right along with the red hair, he has bright green eyes with flecks of blue in them. As you would expect of a redhead, Matthias's skin tone is on the paler side, though not as pale as most redheads you see. He doesn't have to constantly hide from the sun for fear of burning to death.

    When not sporting his Hogwarts uniform, Matthias can be found wearing jeans and a (usually) graphic t-shirt, with a jacket or sweater thrown over it with sneakers for footwear.​
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  3. Outline for bio storm:
    • Winter break of third or fourth year
    • Driving home in storm (or somewhere else?)
    • Get in wreck when other car loses control
    • Matti gets knocked out and is in coma for a week
    • Tristram dies of severe head trauma two days after wreak
    • Mom is pronounced dead at scene
    • When Matti wakes up he has no mother or brother
    • Both him and father are totally devistated
    • Both begin downward spiral into depression
    • Father doesn't know how to enteract with Matti any more
    • Matti gets more and morevout of control
    • Etc
  4. [​IMG]

    Amarie - Joy - Connell


    AMARIE ~ Pronounced Aa-mar-ie.
    (African-Yoruban) strength; (Old Greek) unfading flower. (English) "gracious under adversity". Also a name in Tolkien's Quenya, the name is not given an interpretation within the legendarium. Helge Fauskanger suggests that this Quenya name is perhaps derived from mára "good". Another possibility is that the name includes the element mar, "home" Ruth S. Noel makes a similar interpretation and defines Amarië as "Of the Home". (Info from Tolkien Gateway)

    JOY ~ Pronounced J-oy.
    Simply from the English word joy, ultimately derived from Norman French joie, Latin gaudia. Is has been regularly used as a given name since the late 19th century.

    CONNELL ~ Pronounced Con-EL.
    Irish and Scottish: reduced form of McConnell or O’Connell.

    Mari~ used mainly by family and close friends.
    Mar - Mar~ used by her best friend, Briar, and probably other friends as well.


    Fifteen || December 1 9 , 2 0 0 7 || Sagittarius ♐


    Gryffindor || Sixth Year


    It was about to begin, the moment Amarie had been waiting for practically her whole life, the sorting ceremony. She was wedged in between two other kids about her age, they wiggled around as they sat, waiting anxiously. Amarie's stomach was full of butterflies and she wiggled right along with the others, she was excited, nervous, and ecstatic to finally be here at Hogwarts.

    Glancing around the room, she took in all the sights around her, the magnificent vaulted ceiling that made her feel as if she were in a cathedral of sorts, the homely floating candles, it was almost too much for her to hold in.

    As her eyes scanned the crowd a familiar smile caught her eye, she grinned back. It was her brother, Rilian, he had come to Hogwarts the year before and had gone through his own sorting ceremony, he was now a proud Gryffindor and Amarie wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps. He waved at her through the sea of faces and gave her a thumbs up. She smiled even bigger and waved back, she couldn't wait to talk to him about everything that had happened.

    Suddenly, there was a loud 'thunk' and the great room grew hushed. Amarie twisted her head to see what was going on, and was rewarded with a glimpse of the raggedy old hat that would soon decide the future of the children who sat waiting. Professor McGonagall stepped forward and called out the very first name from the list. Amarie watched as the boy that had been called shakily got to his feet and clambered on top of the stool. The great big hat was dropped on his head and immediately it started to talk, it discussed the boy's strengths and weaknesses and then ended with a loud yell of "HUFFLEPUFF!"

    The rest of the names and faces went by in a blur, a red haired girl to Ravenclaw, a green eyed boy to Slytherin. Amarie felt her knees start to shake as they began the names that started with 'C'. 'What'll happen?' She thought to herself, 'What if it doesn't know what to do with me? What if I get put in Hufflepuff? Or Slytherin?' She shuddered at the last thought.

    She had built herself almost into a tizzy when through the buzz of her thoughts a clear voice broke through, "Connell, Amarie". Amarie felt the floor rush away from her, and she got to her feet, knees knocking. The walk to the stool seemed to take years, and sweat dripped off her nose, she was terrified. Then she was clambering up on to the stool, it felt like she was sleepwalking, not actually in control of what she was doing.

    Turning to face the other students who watched with wide eyes, Amarie let out a shaky breath. Suddenly, something heavy was placed on her head and a voice cackled in her ear, "AH HA! Scared out of your wits are you?" It chortled at her before beginning, "A tender heart, a lover." Amarie could've sworn she felt it raise an eyebrow, "Hufflepuff would suit, but something else is calling, something not quite complete. Impulsive and steadfast, with the grace of ambition, you'd go far my dear, with Slytherin." Amarie cringed, anywhere but there! "But wait! What's this? Adventuring? A thread of hope a thread of thought, and there it is, what you might have lost!" Amarie quirked her eyebrows, what did it mean? A smile curled around her, "It will be the best, the way to go, look deep, look far and hold unflinching, GRYFFINDOR will be the one! And no one better knowing."

    Loud cheers and table thumping greeted Amarie as the hat was lifted from her head, and a wide smile broke on her face as she tripped over to Gryffindor's table. Rilian greeted her with a high-five and she squeezed in next to him.

    The rest of the ceremony was a tangle of faces and names. Amarie couldn't take her mind off what the hat had said,"what you might have lost," what was that supposed to mean? Did it have to do with looking deep and far and holding unflinching? Amarie sighed, whatever the hat meant she certainly didn't know, and did it even matter? She was in Gryffindor, and the world was waiting!





    || extraverted - annoying ||
    Amarie is an extraverted girl, she is very outgoing and loves to talk. Always the first to start up a conversation with random strangers, Amarie is kind at heart, though if you disagree with her core values or insult her or a friend, she will most likely fly off the handle as she is quite the hot-head. If she were to walk into a room of strangers she'd be sure to have the room laughing in less than ten minutes. That is, if she hadn't annoyed them to death. Amarie has a need to please and make people happy, but sometimes her good intentions aren't met well and she could very easily be perceived as annoying. She doesn't know when to stop most of the time and will wear you out just with her chatter.

    || performer - jokester ||
    As stated above, Amarie is very outgoing, this coincides with her desire to make people happy. Because she jumps in and stands out and wants to please, it is only natural that Amarie likes to perform. She loves to do overly dramatic renditions of folk tales or other stories she's heard. Being a performer and a jokester go hand in hand with Amarie, she can often be found acting out a funny story to a group of people, or even juggling strange objects while singing a ditty to children younger than her.

    || trusting - gullible||
    One of Amarie's worst faults is that she is too trusting. If a strange man were to walk up to her and offer her candy if she went with him she probably would. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, she has a more common sense than that. You would think will her ability to read animals she would read people fine too, but that is not the case. Perhaps she doesn't read people well because she read animals so well. Amarie is gullible though, and when people she believes have good intentions don't she ends up being tricked into doing something she shouldn't or being burned by them in some way.

    || tenacious - hot-headed ||
    Amarie stands by what she believes in very firmly. When she decides that she's going to do something, it's going to get done, it might take awhile, but it will be done. If someone were to criticize what she believes in she would quickly and heatedly tell them what she thought of their criticism and in not so nice words. When told that she can't do something, she would reply with indignation and then go and do exactly that just to prove them wrong.

    || impulsive ||
    Amarie's impulsive nature often goes hand in hand with her hot-headedness. When she's angry she will often go and do something fairly stupid when most people would see no point in her actions. She will often do things on the spur of the moment without thinking through to the probable consequences of her actions.

    || adventure seeker - brave ||
    A lover of stories, Amarie dreams of having an adventure of her own. Not just any old adventure, one of epic proportions where she saves the day are always what she has in mind. Because of this side of her Amarie gets in trouble quite a bit. Where's the adventure if there's no risk after all? People call her brave, but she really doesn't see herself as brave. She willingly runs into situations that many people would run screaming from.

    || competitive ||
    Amarie is very competitive, which often leads to her getting angry when things don't work out like they should. From the classroom to chess to any outdoor sport, Amarie has to be the best she can be, which means better than everyone else, though she's never been that good at chess to tell the truth.

    || athletic ||
    To say that Amarie likes to stay in shape wouldn't be correct. Amarie has never not been in shape simply because she loves to be outdoors, and so she's never given any thought to staying or being in shape.

    || animal lover ||
    Animals have always been Amarie's soft spot, she loves them and has a way with them that none of her siblings ever had. She is very good at reading them and can sense what type of mood they're in and can anticipate what they will do next.



    Amarie Connell grew up in the rural town of Docking, Norfolk, England with her parents, Timothy and Gwyneth Connell, along with her seven siblings. From oldest to youngest, Marcus, Jemina, Rilian, Arthur, Lynnette, Fairem, and Rose. Being the middle child in such a large family gave Amarie the best of being both the older and younger sibling, she got to get away with things that her older siblings never got away with and she also got to tease her younger siblings. Though there was the downfall of also getting the worst of both being older and younger, from being teased by her older brothers and sister, to seeing her younger brothers and sisters get away with things she hadn't.
    It was a good life, living where there was room to run on their small farm with the family's many pets, but Amarie knew from a very young age that her family was different than most. The other families didn't have an owl that brought them mail, and they never used wands like her family did.
    Amarie loved to make friends with the other children, but found herself more at home with the animals that were their pets or other people's pets or just creatures that lived in the area. Most of her summer days were spent out in the fields running with the dogs, or talking to the horses, or stalking mice with the cats. Many of the children that lived by Amarie thought she was strange for spending so much time with animals.


    If you are interested in getting a relationship description with your character here, just let me know. I would love to get more relationships with people so Amarie can interact with people more, and from a more personal level.


    Timothy Connell

    Amarie's funky father. Mr. Connell is a Herbologist, which works well on the small farm that he owns. Amarie absolutely adores her father and the two are very close.

    Gwyneth Connell

    Amarie's smart and loving mother. Mrs. Connell is a stay-at-home mom, she really couldn't be much else with the children she's had! She also writes a column for a wizarding magazine. Amarie and her mother aren't as close as her and her father, but they are still close.

    Marcus Connell

    Eldest brother, aged 23. Also went to Hogwarts and was a Gryffindor. Amarie affectionately calls him her, "Favorite oldest brother."

    Jemina Connell

    Eldest sister, aged 20. Also went to Hogwarts and was a Ravenclaw. Of all of Amarie's siblings, Jemina was the one that she didn't really get along with. Jemina always had a "holier than thou" attitude.

    Rilian Connell

    Amarie's actual favorite brother, aged 17. Also attending Hogwarts and a Gryffindor in his seventh year. Even though Rilian probably teases her the most, Amarie and him have always been very close, he was the only one who understood that she could actually sort of communicate with animals when she was younger.

    Arthur & Lynnette Connell

    The twins, aged 8. Amarie's annoying twin brother and sister who always get in the way and do exactly what you don't want them to do.

    Fairem Connell

    Youngest brother, aged 5. Amarie's very bright littlest brother who certainly doesn't act like a 5 year old. Amarie secretly believes that he'll end up in Ravenclaw when he goes to Hogwarts, and hopes that he'll stay the sweet little guy he is now and not turn into a boy version of Jemina.

    Rose Connell

    The baby, aged 2. Everyone loves the baby, especially when she's got tiny blonde ringlets and shockingly pale blue eyes. Amarie adores her youngest sister, and Rose adores her!


    Briar Black

    Best friend, 6th year Ravenclaw. Nickname Bri. (WIP)
    Met on the boats over to Hogwarts in their first year.

    Rose Pevensie (WIP)

    Melinda Geralds (WIP)

    Zedekiah Blackbourne

    Quidditch Trainer, 6th year Gryffindor. (WIP)

    The first impression of an individual with a hedgehog patronus can be very deceiving. On the outside, they can first appear happy-go-lucky and kind, as well as slightly naive. They are optimistic individuals in the way they want to be happy and have the feeling rub off on others, but this is not who they are completely. Rather, they actually have a tough personality to them, and have the ability to fight and defend themselves. Do not take them for weaklings, because they certainly are not, and are much more perceptive than they appear. (credit to patronus analysis tumbler)

    Amarie's biggest fear is being completely cut off from everyone she loves, being completely and utterly alone. Nobody. Nothing. And no way of getting back. Her boggart manifests itself as a cold black nothing, that gives you the sense of being completely and utterly alone.

    Domesticated European Otter


    Amarie owns a lively young otter by the name ofJoki (River in Finnish. Pronounced: Yo-key). Amarie domesticated Joki herself, he was orphaned at an age too young to be weaned so Amarie took him home and bottle fed him. Now there is no way the otter would ever leave Amarie, the two are steadfast companions. Joki is a very mischievous little thing and likes to hide Amarie's belongings, it quite the game for him.

    1 2 ½ in. || Ash || GranianFeather || Reasonably Supple


    (Taken from Pottermore's "Wand Woods")
    The ash wand cleaves to its one true master and ought not to be passed on or gifted from the original owner, because it will lose power and skill. This tendency is extreme if the core is of unicorn. Old superstitions regarding wands rarely bear close examination, but I find that the old rhyme regarding rowan, chestnut, ash and hazel wands (rowan gossips, chestnut drones, ash is stubborn, hazel moans) contains a small nugget of truth. Those witches and wizards best suited to ash wands are not, in my experience, lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. However, the brash or over-confident witch or wizard, who often insists on trying wands of this prestigious wood, will be disappointed by its effects. The ideal owner may be stubborn, and will certainly be courageous, but never crass or arrogant.

    Much like the Abraxan Feather used for cores, the Granian feather may take some time to master, but will produce very rewarding results. Well-balanced between speed of casting and power. Strong ties to air element. This core also does well with Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration. (Via, my brain, Squarewarts Wiki and Pottermoreschosenfew)

    A wand with this flexibility will take even more time than a supple wand before warming up to its owner, but it also will become very loyal once it does. Unlike supple wands, however, it will have difficulty performing for any new owner unless they prove their worthiness. Reasonably supple wands are usually well-rounded and perform average or well in just about every area of magic except for curses and jinxes. Owners of wands with this flexibility are patient and kind, but they have limits to this patience and kindness. They are not as likely to burn themselves out in an attempt to please everyone, but it is still possible. (Via Pottermore Fan Forum)


    Amarie is about the average height for a 15 year old girl, standing at approximately 5ft 4in. Lean and lithely built, Amarie has a fit body and is stronger than most would think. She has blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a mysterious grey-green-blue color and are constantly changing their shade, almost as if the ocean were in her eyes. She has a small nose that is slightly up turned, and her face is narrower with high cheek bones. (The pictures I found that actually looked like her really don't have the spark she should have in her eyes, there is one picture I found that does, but it is not in the same style as the rest and for the life of me I couldn't find any more like it!)
    When not in school uniform, Amarie dresses in what she feels comfortable in, which is usually jeans and a tee-shirt, or sweatshirt, depending on the weather. She does like to dress a little nicer every now and then though.

    and then though.


    Above was drawn by the awesome @Henri I absolutely love their style.


    All the above artwork by the amazing dCTb on Deviantart of her character Hana
    Amarie's personality is much more like dCTb's characterAnni Mei, but Amarie doesn't look like her.

    Here's a picture so you can see what I mean:


    Anyways, be sure to check dCTb out! Her art is absolutely stunning!

    And here's the last picture, it looks like Amarie and also has her personality!




    - Astronomy
    - Charms
    - Defense Against the Dark Arts
    - Herbology
    - Potions
    - Transfiguration
    - Care of Magical Creatures
    - Study of Ancient Runes

    Hogwarts Orchestra
    Gryffindor Quidditch Team | Seeker

    Color codes for coding:
    Red: R 171, G 12, B 12
    Gold: R 216, G 195, B 127
    Purple: R 144, G 128, B 217
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