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The Storm of Spikeroog
Sorceress | Enigma | Skellige King's Mage


Name: Ellesef of Svorlag
Abelone An Craite
Race: Human Sorceress
Age: 48 (appears mid twenties)
Allegiance: Skellige

Appearance: At a glance, Ellesef appears to be nothing more than another common daughter of Skellige. Some fisherman's child, trapped from week to week within the storms surrounding the island of Spikeroog, extending East in an unusual fashion towards the main island of Ard Skellig. She bears no visible scars, and actually has a rather soft face with full lips that are always caught upturned in a smirk. Ellesef is shorter than her fellow clanswomen, standing at an even 5'6", and has long raven black hair she keeps tied in bands at all times. Upon closer inspection, one might notice the peculiar charms and jewelry she wears. Made of stone, teeth, and whatever gems she's able to procure. Her favorites are sapphire and blue topaz.

When on the island of Spikeroog, Ellesef wears simpler, common clothes. Any time she needs to visit Ard Skellig, she wears a much more appropriate, as she describes 'mage appropriate' set of robes.

Personality: Ellesef is not one of the battle hardened warriors sung about in countless songs birthed from the hundreds of Skellige islands, no, but she has the stalwart heart of one. She would do anything to defend the island nation to where she was born and raised. This sense of protection can override her common sense, as was the case with her magically manipulated storms. What could have been disastrous for a nation that depended on the oceans around it to thrive turned out to be somewhat of a blessing from the sirens and downers coming in from sea. She tries to learn from her actions, wise enough to seek knowledge rather than ignore her past errors. Still, despite the fact that Ellesef would do anything to see that Skellige survive the mysterious uprising in monster activity, and the many years devoted to assisting in running a small herbal shop, she keeps to herself and almost never appears in public. When she does, most of the residents of Svorlag don't recognize the Sorceress for who she is.

✦ Access to an enchanted room where she sleeps, eats, etc, via portal.​
Gotta find it first.
Staff made of driftwood​
Regular and Mage clothing​

✦ Air and Lightning elemental proficiency​
✦ Alchemy and potion making​
✦ Runes (Elder Speech)​
History: Before she was ten, Ellesef doesn't recall much of her life. She knew she was born during a solar eclipse, a so called cursed day. When she began to display signs of magical ability, she was sent to live with an older couple, away from the main island.

Ellesef was raised by an elderly couple who lived on the outskirts of Svorlog near the old Watchtower to the South. The man, Lars Bach, was often lost in his studies. Once, he had been a scholar in Novigrad, studying Elder Speech as a result of the calm period after the destruction of the White Frost. With time, and love, he followed Irna to Skellige. The woman, Irna, was an old witch who sold herbal remedies. Ellesef never found out how old she really was, but no one could remember a time Irna wasn't there. She had long since abandoned practicing her magic but was able to teach the young girl how to keep her wild and uncontrolled magic in line. And in time, she did learn.

Sadly, Lars passed before Ellesef was fifteen. Irna continued to sell her herbal remedies but urged Ellesef to practice beyond the scope of potions and herbs. And so Ellesef created the first of the storms. Not knowing it was Ellesef's doing, the locals began to spread rumors there was a new beast of some kind. An uncertain force, the Storm of Spikeroog. But as the attacks from sea lessened, this no longer became a negative rumor but a positive one. Ellesef admitted to what she had done, and in a whirlwind of events, she had gone from the witch's daughter, to being invited to Ard Skellig for a meeting with the King. When she returned several months later, Irna, too, had passed, and no one seemed to recall who Ellesef was.

But, that's not the whole truth of it.

Ellesef remembers where she came from. She remembers her mother, her father. What's more, she remembers the reason she was sent to live with Lars and Irna, and it was not out of care for her magic, but out of survival. She wasn't supposed to be alive.

Ellesef was born to Adda, the former King's wife, and given the name Abelone. Adda was a Sorceress and was never expected to have children, no less two of her own. She had given birth to a son several years prior. Only this time, something in her snapped. Adda's health spiraled out of control as madness seemed to grasp her mind more each day. She spoke in tongues, and spent less and less time in public, eventually locking herself away in her room. The only time the King spoke to his wife, she told him she would raise the dead. For no reason other than to do so. When Ellesef began to show signs of magical ability at a young age, whispers circulated among the Jarls. The Curse of the Black Sun. How some women were only meant to destroy the world, not to be in it.

A plan was put into motion by none other than the former King himself. It was a decision as easy as moving troops on the field, the only difficulty being in how to execute the orders and follow through.

Adda and Ellesef, were to be executed. While Adda was collected, her firstborn son, Eadred, made a quick decision to help his sister. He dragged her to the docks, despite her protesting, and paid a man to take her to Svorlag and never return. Eadred set fire to her room, hoping it would be enough to convince his father that Abelone was gone.

So, when Ellesef received the royal invitation all those years later, she couldn't help but wonder if her brother knew who would show up at the docks.

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