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  3. I LOVE IT.

    EDIT: Edit box shows black on black. D: Can't see anything.

    The "Reason for Editing" box shows white until you click on it, which makes it turn black-- so you can see the white font. D:
  4. Blair

    "Id like to see you try mon ami." She chuckled "My egg skills are off the charts." She went over to the kitchen and pulled out some ingredients


    She knocked again and pulled at the door "Jason please. I need to talk."
  5. (For uncharted? I've never actually played it)


    He kissed her. "Mmm, maybe."


    He smiled and kept kissing her.
  6. Gwen

    "Yes." She agreed,hoping that would be enough "I. I think that will be enough to keep them off your back." She frowned and gave a gentle exhale "If not we have our back up plan."
  7. Blair

    She went to the next building and when she saw people inside she decided to inspect around the building
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    editing test to see what happens with the diiiice
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    editing to see what happens.
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