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  1. A Quick Vocab Quiz

    Fijo got:

    I can live with this Number

    How about you guys, what did you get?​
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  2. That was fun!

    I got
    30,000 words.
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  3. 10,100.
    I'm totally fine with that. Especially since they estimate that foreigners get around 2,900-9000. xD
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  4. Couldn't figure out how to link it but I got 41,200.
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  5. 17,900

    Which sorta makes me feel bad now. I mean, I know I'm not a native speaker, but I'd at least expected to score the minimum for that.
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  6. 35,000 words!

    Oh God! That was unexpected, lol xD.

    I can live with this number ^^
  7. 37,200 words.
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  8. 35,200

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  9. 10,800 words.

    Oh. Kay.
    Looks like I should start reading and writing a bit more to expand my vocabulary. But I guess this is alright... for now.
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  10. 19,800 D:
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  11. 24,500

    It's not the size, it's what you do with it!
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  12. I got 12,800 words. I'll get more, but I'm satisfied(being a foreigner) =)
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  13. Oh so many ways this can be taken.
  14. 28,500
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  15. 19,500.
    It's not bad, I mean, considering I failed English. Besides, words like legerdemain aren't used on a daily basis... Not where I live, anyway.

    Wait, I tried again. I got 21, 100. Since I know what him means.
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  16. 37,300 words

    I think Gorilla Toad beat me and PureKor is RIGHT behind me.

    Honestly, given the sheer amount of terminology in medicine and chemistry, I daresay its likely double that. They just aren't words you'd ever use IRL outside of a hospital.
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  17. I found this in part two; there were lots of words I didn't know, but vocabulary can be subjective. A medical worker knows lots of words that a tradesman maybe doesn't, but the reverse is true, too.
  18. 37,900 words. WOW. I thought I was a bit empty headed at times XD.

    I can live with this. Though I think some of those words were just made up...... They have to be.
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  19. I find this to be true as not a lot of people know what viscus means. It is an old medical term often referring to a major organ.


    The doctor removed the man's heart, and placed the viscus organ in the nurse's hands.
  20. true dat
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