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  1. Time Traveler X Ancient Vampire
    Romance and mystery
    Willing to play with plot


    20 something lady with a dead-end life and no real anchor finds herself tossed like a heap of bad 90's clothes into the dark ages. What's worse, is that she finds herself inside the castle/prison of an ancient vampire whose cursed to spend eternity inside those walls.

    He hungers for her but doesn't want to eat the only company he may have for centuries.
    She's already convinced she's dreaming (sort of) so why not stay inside and away from the scary as fuck villagers and the man eating wolves.
  2. This actually sounds interesting! I like that idea a lot, I'm willing to play any role you'd like me to play, I won't be bossy and start saying things like 'bleh lemme be the girl... blehhh don't make me do that!!', I'm really cool and laid back (I think?) about most things, so if you don't like where things are going and want to change things, or you want to keep going in an idea, I'll be okay with it :) This idea is pretty cool, so I'm pretty excited to get involved in this, if you want to get involved with me :) But I will perhaps suggest ideas, but I'm okay with anything the creator of the roleplay wants to do :)

    :) I do love history, the drama, horror and romance (if this will be romance), and so I really hope you want to roleplay with me. :) I'm really new to this site, literally JUST signing in, so I might be a bit confused on how to use this site, but please consider me- This sounds exciting!! :)

    Message me if you're interested? :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.