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  1. Hiya folks

    I'm an RPGuild refugee and I just arrived on this site, deprived of RPs for over three weeks after my original site went down. Luckily I only had one RP going at the time on RPGuild, with a real life friend of mine, so that will be easily enough rekindled once (if) my old roleplaying site comes back up and now I've found this great site to live out my passion.

    To the matters at hand! I'm currently experiencing holidays as I am a university student, and thus I have quite some time at hand. I am starving for some good RPs, and while I usually like GMing Rps and leading on the storyline (matter of fact I already have another amazing piece of work in store, it never ceases) for the time being I really feel like leaning back and going along with some else's idea. So here I am, let the story begin!

    As to me, what I enjoy and what my style and preferences are. I have already written one or the other thing in my profile/my account page I created here, but here is a short recap anyway:
    - I enjoy a variety of genres, but my favorites are fantasy, & sci-fi (naturally) but also Anime themed RPs, Science-Fantasy, Science-Punk, Steampunk, Military... I think that's it for the moment.
    - I enjoy well though out stories where the GM has at least some idea of what he wants and ushers his players through a storyline while still leaving them imaginative and creative freedom to build their characters and meaningfully influence plot.
    - I'm a decent, medium skilled writer. I'm proud of how and what I write, but I'm aware of my flaws and shortcomings, and I'm by now means an expert in any field. I do tend to enjoy RPs where all the players display at least a certain level of skill I can relate to. I'm no grammar nazi and I would never be condescending about another players post, but the least I expect are no oneliners posts, no posts swarming with grammar mistakes or typos, and at least a basic degree of coherent writing. Just wanted to have that said~ I have standards, but I'm still a nice guy and I'll never bash anyone no worries :)

    If you have an RP going or are in the process of creating an Interest Check that roughly fits these points then by all means do invite me! I'm open and I'd love to join a nice RP.

    *EDIT* I'm going to go and put up an interest check for my own RP I have in mind anyway, see if it takes off^_^
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