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  1. Wait no-

    Uh, hey. I'm ROFL. I've been RPing for about 13 or so years now. I like to think I've matured from the cringeworthy stuff I used to write back then, but eh, you never know.

    So, uh, I heard about this place... somewhere (I honestly can't remember), and I figured it'd be a nice throwback to the forum RPs I used to do.

    And yes, I made an account forever ago. Just... forgot to do anything with it until now.
  2. Well welcome aboard! That is a long time to be rping. And I love cringe worthy rps. They can be so much fun. Also we all have an rp we did in the past that make us a little embarrassed.

    I see from your Resume that you enjoy both High Fantasy and Medium Fantasy style rps. Very interesting. Like Games of Thrones or more Lord of the Rings?
  3. Lord of the Rings. And I can see the appeal of Game of Thrones; I do enjoy it. But, I dunno, I kinda like the innate optimism of LoTR.
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  4. *Tosses a Ring of Power at your feet and just grins*
    Can you deny your urges to pick it up and take up all the power I have bestowed upon it?
    Or do you have the will that is strong enough to withstand as I greet you and welcome you to Iwaku?


    Welcome to the site dear. I'm rather new myself. I do hope your stay here is enjoyable, however.
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  5. Oh I understand. I love LoTR, and it optimism is indeed very fun and enjoyable. :p
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