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Test our new MOBILE style.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Since we have a lot of members who are shameless roleplay addicts and tend to check the site on their tiny tiny phones, we've added a new MOBILE STYLE.

    You can switch to it via the Quick Style Chooser at the bottom of the forums. (in the foot) Or change it in your settings. (Settings -> General Settings)

    This should [hopefully] make ultra fast checking up on the forums easier for you!
  2. Awesome. I am always checking the site from my phone, on some days more than I do from my computer.
  3. wooohooo :D I always gets so angry at my phone when I feel like checking if I have gotten any messages on iwaku, because it's so slow xD You're the best ;)
  4. It soooorta works, but as soon as you click one of the quick links, everything goes tiny again. :[

    Awesome that we're working on this at all, though!
  5. It works well for me; though it runs slow. But I have an old phone, so.... Yeah! It works great for me! :D
  6. But...But I don't own a mobile phone.
  7. THANK YOU. i just went mobile. THIS IS HEAVEN
  8. Hmm, I shall have to try this :D
  9. Only the index page works :E
  10. I'll say what everyone else has. The index page works, but as soon as you do anything, it all goes tiny again. /:
  11. Having net access through a psp, it's actually nice to be able to get onto one of the oldest rp sites I've been a part of (off and on) for over 6 years with ease.

    *Does happy dance*
  12. For you guys whose style keeps reverting back - You probably need to set the style in Settings -> General Settings. The quick-style chooser uses cookies to remember to keep that style on, and it sounds like your device isn't saving the cookie setting. D:
  13. Mobile style is annoying, the index to the forum/board only appears halfway on my phone, leaving half the scree a gray blank. The boards themselves are cut off in 2-3 letters and pictures like the banners advertising RPs are cut off 1/3rd through or so. I'm assuming this is getting worked on but for now I'll stick with how it normally is on my phone, it's more convenient.
  14. I was on my phone and came to Iwaku and it was the full site then i went to a topic and posted then went back to the main page and it was the mobile one then went to something and went back and i was on the full site again.
  15. For those of you posting about the problems with the mobile style, please read this Announcement!
  16. This is a great relief. Thank you. I roleplay on my ipod most of the time and this app helps alot.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.