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  1. "June 21,

    Experiment 454 is progressing oddly. Today, it has began to referring itself as "Ariana" it seems. How it even started to be able to communicate this quickly is beyond my comprehension. Either I've messed up terribly, or I've just created the first ever, cohesive and responsive life form from simple cells of two living beings. It seems to be able to speak, and speak English no less. Most likely, it has learned through my coworkers listening on and from me as well. I'm apprehensive to take it out of its tube, though, for the time being. It doesn't seem aggressive yet, which is in my favor. If 454 were to negatively respond to me, I wouldn't be able to gauge her power quite yet. For now, it remains docile."

    It was around two in the morning, and Rosetta sat in the dimly lit lab with her laptop nestled on her legs and her eyes glued to the screen, only looking up every now and then to take in her work. The more she looked at it, the more her smile grew. This was her manifesto to science. Naturally, she'd dedicated what a normal human would need to survive to something that others saw as inhumane. She wanted this, and just like her childhood, she'd get it in any means possible.​
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  2. Ariana sat in her tube, her furry jacket pulled tight to keep the chill off. She pulled apart the bread she was given and shoved a piece in her mouth, watching the white coat talk into her computer again. These people were weird. Ari's ears perked up when she heard voices and turned her head a little too quickly, making her antlers rattle the glass. A man looked startled when he opened the door, and looked Ariana up and down before looking over at the girl and her computer. " We are leaving now. You should go home too, get some rest."

    She pressed one hand against the glass, watching the two girls laugh and walk down the hallway behind the man. It was so lonely in this little cage. When the girls were out of sight, Ari took her normal position and started on her bread and water again. The man took one more look at her and turned to leave. When the door shut behind him, she stuck her tongue out. Some white coats were a little more up tight than the others. She liked her creator though. That was the only white coat she liked so far.
  3. Eyeing as the others left, Rose replied with rubbing her bangs before subtly flipping them off. Once her coworkers had left, she let out a heavy sigh before offering her creation a smile. "Well, I suppose they're right, 454. I need to head home, rest up for a bit, we can return to our study tomorrow, hm? Now I suggest you rest, you're not stable enough to strain yourself."

    And with that, she left. Packing away her things, she waved a quick goodbye to the creature with a sigh before dragging herself out of the lab. Why did she even talk to the thing? As far as she was aware, it didn't have emotions... Except for the few it had learned. It also seemed to refer to itself as a girl, though she had never actually insisted it be a certain sex. The entire thing was fascinating for her, giving her some life inside the rather boring job she was a part of. Locking up the lab fully, she wandered to her car with a sigh before driving off to sleep for a total of four hours before returning to work

  4. When the white coat was out of sight, Ari sat very still to make sure she was out of ear shot. When she was sure it was safe, she stood in her little tube of glass, bent forward and pushed as hard as she could with he antlers. When the glass wouldn't give in, she pulled back and looked at where she had been pushing. The was a very tiny line that looked to be a crack. Ari's heart lept at the thought of being free. She placed one booted foot on the crack and pushed again. The line turned into four, then split off into eight as it grew.

    Ari pulled her foot back and let it slam into the glass this time making a crunch sound. She smiled. She hit it again and again and again, until finally the glass could fight no more. It shattered into pieces and fell infront of her. Just one hole big enough for her to crawl through. Once she wiggled out with only a cut on her arm, she smiled and looked around.

    It was very diffent on the outside. It smelled different too, more like medicine. She walked over to the desk that her white coat sat at all the time and looked at the test tubes holding different colored liquids. All night was full of poking, and smelling, tasting and and touching. Everything she could reach or get her hands on she grabbed. Ari lost track of time until the heard the jingle of keys and a click from the door being unlocked. She stood very still watching the door, a tube in both hands.
  5. Whistling along as she wandered into her sector of the lab, she froze once her eyes locked on the broken and scattered glass. Following the trail of fluid, her grey eyes locked onto her creation with initial horror- not for seeing her experiment, but for the fact that it had caused such a MESS. Though she knew she had to handle her creation first. "Experiment 454..." She spoke slowly, "Why are you out of your containment? I suggest you return immediately..." She held up her hands, trying her hardest to keep what she thought was a docile being calm, but who knew? Assuming it was as sentient as a human, she knew that even the calmest people can freak under pressure.
  6. Ari watch the white coat walk toward her slowlyn her hands up in defence. Her eyes darted from the girl in front of her, to the tube, to the open door. If she was going to make a move, this would be the only chance she had. She dropped both tube in her hands, and let them smash to the floor.

    "I am not called 454..." she said bending her knees getting ready to dash for the door. "You will keep me here no more. I refuse to have more tests run on me, or pointy things stuck into my arms." She pushed off the floor and passed the girl, shoving her to the ground.

    Ignoring the gasps of syrprise from the people around her, Ari ran down the hall way she had always watch the others walk down. When she reached the end, it split off into three paths. Her eyes went from one hall to the next trying to decide where to go. When she heard voices and yelling behind her, she quickly took the right path. Two men jumped in front of her with some kind of weapon in their hands, but it did not stop her. She lowered her head down and continued down the hall. Eventually the men jumped back out of her way.
  7. Hurrying towards her experiment, Rosa bound towards the halls once managing to realize what had happened. She covered her mouth when the chemicals inside the tubes sizzled, the sudden urge to faint not stopping her. As she hurried down the halls, she followed the noises of the commotion, her hearing being pretty good for someone who didn't speak to others very often.

    Once getting a glimpse of her creation, she grimaced. "454.... Ari! Stop this right now. It isn't safe for you to be out of your containment!" She snapped, "Please, don't be uncivil!"
  8. Ari ignored the calls behind her and kept running. Her legs started to burn but she didn't slow down. She turned a corner, pushing off the wall when she ran into it and bumping into people who scattered papers everywhere. Two more men were running toward her with weapons like the other men, and these two were not stopping either. Without warning, the man on the right pulled his gun up and shot at her. A dart hit Ari in the arm and stuck there. "Agh!" she growled and stopped long enough to pull the small dart from her arm. She looked up at the two men right in front of her, holding their guns up to her again. She tried to step forward but her legs felt like jello. "Wha....what did...you..." she tried to talk but her tongue was like a wad of cotton in her mouth. They were trank darts. Ari hit her knees, and the men's guns followed her down. When Ari's head hit the floor, her eye lids fluttered shut, the two men dropped the weapons to there sides. When Rosa turned the corner, they frowned at her. "Do something with this... thing before we have to. She cannot stay here anymore." With out another word, they turned away and walked back down the hall they came from.
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