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  1. "Hello,"
    As the second "hello" was repeated, the Scientest clapped his hands in joy. He looked back at his new creation.
    "What is your name?"
    "My name is Charles Yager."
    "What do you do?"
    "I am a new testing model for Adonis laboratories. I will be able to read emotions, have conversations, speak in multiple language, and also a stay at home nurse. But what I am most capable of is being a romantic partner."
    The voice was perfect. It was natural, not forced. It was soft and kind.
    "Alright...good good." The scientist jotted down notes on a clipboard, still smiling to himself.
    "You're a rough draft right now. We need to test if you can be a romantic partner. That's more important than everything else." Charles smiled as he heard romantic partner.
    "Here, look at yourself." Charles was handed a mirror.
    He was the most human looking model they've had in years.
    His eyes were a dark brown, honey brown hair that was neatly cut, pink looking lips, and a baby face if anyone was to be honest. That's what they wanted. Sweet,soft facial features.
    Charles looked down to see his uniform. It was more of a white t shirt, clean white converse,clearly never used, and gray pants.
    "Something's missing..." The scientist mumbled as he looked around. His hands quickly found an old pair of glasses, a nice rim to it.
    He placed it on Charle's face.
    "Perfect," he smiled.
    Charles smiled back.

    There was a knock at the door.
    The scientist opened the door to reveal a man.

    "Charles, this is going to be the person testing you. They're going to be your partner. Okay?"

    Charles looked to the man.
  2. When Travis had entered the contest to potentially be the first person to have a successful relationship with a non-human being, he hadn't expected to actually win. In fact, at the time of his entry, he had been in a relationship. And, while they had been arguing at the time, and eventually broken up, it was still cheating, right?

    Still, against all odds, Travis received the email telling him that he won. He had gone to Adonis Laboratories on the specified day, dressed in his favorite black v-neck shirt and ripped skinny jeans. And while he felt that he looked like some sort of high-schooler, he thought the pants made his ass look fantastic.

    Once he was led to the room he was to meet the test model, he politely knocked on the door, his hazel eyes bright with excitement.

    Smiling as the door was opened, he quickly caught sight of the test model, and his smile grew. "Hello," he replied, giving a small wave. Turning to the scientist, he said, "I am so excited to be able to test him. Thank you so much...What should I call him?"
  3. "His name is charles. Cute little thing, isn't he?" He smiled back as he took a flashlight to test the pupils dialating.
    "But, this is only a rough draft. You're goindg to be testing it for a year and tell us about it." He gently brought Charle's lower jaw down and shined the light in his mouth.

    "We want to make sure he can be a romantic partner...if you really like him, you can keep him after the testing."
    He smiled.

    Charles looked over to travis, a bit confused as what was going on.
    "What if he doesn't keep me?" He whispered to the scientist, the scientist got a bit excited over the realization that the robot could be secretive and whisper.
    "You come back here."

    "Now, youre Going to take him home and make sure he can do all of these things without any problems." He said as he gave a packet of paper.

    Charles slide off of the table, landing on his feet.
    He looked at Travis.
    "Are you going to give me a name? The paper said you can change it."
  4. Travis looked over the paper once it was given to him. It was pretty basic basic stuff, holding hands, kissing, massages, listening. Then, he got to the dirty stuff. Sexual intercourse being the number one. Travis blushed a little; Charles was cute, and he wouldn't argue against that. But Travis wasn't sure he was ready to sleep with anyone right now...after his ex, he needed time to himself.

    Glancing back at Charles as he asked if he would change his name, he shook his head. "No. I think Charles is a perfect name. Shall we?" he asked, holding his hand out for Charles.

    "Thanks again," he said to the scientist, giving him a bright smile.
  5. "Yeah..." Charles was still a bit shy.
    It was weird. You barely knew the man but you were now his partner for a year.
    He held onto his hand like a lost child as they started to walk.

    For a robot, he knew exactly what he was meant for. He knew that he wasn't human. He was only a piece of metal with a computer.
    He was only programmed to love. He wasnt programmed to fall in love. At least he thought.

    Charles smiled nonetheless,knowing he was safe with this man.
  6. Travis led Charles out of the building, to his car. Holding the door open for him, he asked, "What do you want to do? We can have our first date, if you want..." He smiled, deciding that he would let Charles decide what they did first.

    "You know, you're really cute," Travis said, glancing over at Charles as he stopped at a red light. "Those scientists really knew how to design a person...I never thought that I'd ever actually win the contest...guess I'm lucky, huh?"
  7. "Well... I don't know many places. The park maybe." He said.

    Charles began to blush as he said he was cute. He felt this tingly sensation in his chest. Was he supposed to feel that?
    "What are you going to do with me?"
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  8. "The park sounds good," Travis answered, smiling as he turned onto the road heading towards the park. Still, he couldn't help but blush as he was asked what he planned on doing to him.

    Silent for a few minutes, Travis focused on driving for a while until he finally answered. "Whatever is in the packet...and if you want me to do anything more to you, I will..." He smiled gently, not sure if Charles could want. It was probably just programmed into him. Charles was a robot, he reminded himself. He wasn't human. Whatever he said was just what his programming telling him to say.

    Sighing softly, he soon pulled into a parking space at the park, and got out, waiting for Charles to get out, too.
  9. "I don't think I'm programmed to receive," he said as he looked up at the sky.
    It was a rather clear day, sunny and warm.
    He wasn't programmed to want but he wanted something.
    "I want to know what warmth feels like." He said, still looking at the sun.
    "Do you think you can make me feel things?" He asked as he started to walk.
    He sat in the grass that was by the pond, a bit saddened that he couldn't feel a single blade.
    "The only things I can feel are programmed emotions. And they don't feel like much, if I'm honest."
    For a robot, he knew exactly how sad it was.
    "I hope I feel your touch,"
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  10. Travis felt his heart break a little as Charles said that he didn't know what the sun felt like on his skin or what a lover's touch felt like. "I...I don't know," he answered, looking down as he led Charles towards the lake. He sat down next to him, looking down into his lap. He slipped his hand into Charles's, squeezing it gently.

    "I...I don't know," he said in answer, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "But, I do know that you're cute and I am excited to see what will happen as our relationship progresses." He smiled softly before brushing Charles's hair back from his forehead, his grey eyes happy.
  11. Charles felt the squeeze and the kiss. He looked at his hand, baffled of how he could feel it.
    "promise to treat me right,"
    He mumbled as he contined to look at his hand.
    Charles brought his own hand to travis's chest,feeling his heart beat.
    "My scientist said that I should only use this for medical reasons. But I can use it for my own ideals."
    It was surprising.
    Charles knew he shouldn't be doing that yet he did it.
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  12. "Use what?" Travis asked, letting his hand close over the one Charles had on his chest. "And...I promise, I will always treat you with the utmost respect and care. you may not be human, but it's not right to treat anything proper."

    Travis let his hand fall before he let his arm wrap around Charles's shoulders, looking out over the lake happily. "You know, you're really cute, Charles..."
  13. "You've been saying that a lot. So I guess it's true." He mumbled as he looked over the lake.
    "You're pretty good looking yourself...do you want me to show me your home?"
  14. "Sure," Travis said, getting to his feet. He slipped his hand into Charles's and helped him to his feet. "Can you eat food?" he asked, wanting to know if he should have to start cooking for another person. He led Charles to his car and helped him in again before he got in on his side of the car.

    Beginning to drive off, he asked Charles, "Do you like to do anything in particular?" He smiled over at him, wanting to know everything he could about Charles.
  15. "It would be pointless for me to eat." He laughed a bit.
    "I just need to be charged once a week. Don't worry." He smiled more as he felt his hand being touched.
    "I don't really know what I like if I'm honest."
  16. "Then we'll just have to do a lot of different things and find out what you like," Travis answered, smiling. "But we can do that tomorrow. Today, why don't we get you situated into my place so you can get used to it."

    Soon, he was pulling into a parking spot in front of an apartment building. He helped Charles out of the car and then led him inside, to an apartment on the third floor.

    "Sorry it's such a mess," he said as he opened the door. "I didn't really have a chance to clean recently." He smiled apologetically before he led Charles inside. His apartment was definitely one that belonged to a bachelor. There was clothes scattered on most of the furniture, the floors needed a good vacuuming, and there was a variety of things scattered on the counters in his small kitchen, from boxes of cereal to a lone apple.

    "As I said...sorry..." He gave a small smile again before he went to the couch and cleared a spot on it. "Here, you can sit down if you want. There's TV, if you want, or I can show you the bedroom..."
  17. "I don't mind the mess. I really don't. I can clean if-bed?" Charles was programmed to be alert to a few keywords. One of them being 'bedroom'.

    "I can hang out on the bed. I think you need to rest. I can tell you're pretty tired."
    He said looking him up and down.
    "From a medical view you seem stressed and sleep deprived... I can relax you." He smiled gently and sweetly.
    "Like, hugging."
  18. When Charles suggested that he could help relax him, Travis smiled and said, "Okay. Let's go..." He took Charles's hand and led him to the only bedroom in his apartment. The room was occupied by a bed, a dresser, and a bookshelf, though all three looked to be in need of replacement. Sitting in the middle of the bed was a pure white cat, deep in sleep.

    "That's Val. She's my kitty cat," he added with a cute smile. He lied down on the bed, waking up Val, who looked over at him with one blue and one brown eye. He gently scratched behind her ears before telling Charles, "C'mon, lie down. I'll move Val." He picked up the cat, setting her down on the ground beside the bed and telling her, "Go on, Val."
  19. Charles grinned widely at the site of the cat.
    He sat down next to Travis and started to pet Val behind the ear.
    "...do you want me to start you a bath? Or do you want to just go to bed right away?" He asked as he scooted closer to him, slinging his arms around his shoulders.
  20. "Mmm, a bath would be nice," Travis answered, smiling as Charles's arms wrapped around his shoulders. "Are you waterproof? If so, I would love being able to take a bath with you..." He smiled, turning his head to smile at Charles.
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