Terror Time (Game Show Roleplay)

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    Now that I've got your attention, my name's Ali and I'm looking for a few select individuals interested in my Game Show Roleplay concept.
    A couple notes to get you accustomed to the depths of my mind in which this spawned.
    • It's a HORROR based RP - scurry sh*t
    • You will be playing a contestant - no monster characters allowed!
    • There will be a lot of gore, blood, guts, and pure... monster murder basically.
    • I won't be looking for in-depth character bio's, seeing as most of your characters will be killed off.
    • I will be playing the GAME MASTER - the one who runs the show, and will not be interacting in the RP as a contestant.
    • Each contestant will be a head security guard, nominated from their company (THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN MAKE UP A COMPANY :D) to participate in the game show and win their company tons and tons of money!!!


    Alright, now that you know what's going on in my noggin', let me know what you think!
    Anyone interested, please post below :)

  2. *Whistles*

    I'm so glad I keep this Forum on Watch.
  3. By the way. It means I'm interested. Count me in sister.
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  4. Count me interested as well.
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  5. Awesome ^-^!
  6. Maybe, What are the restrictions on appearances of characters? Real or Animated? or Both allowed?
  7. @Edward I'd like to say either, seeing as the CS/Character Skeletons won't be to thoroughly thought out due to mass amounts of character death. So, with more options for photos - it should be fine to choose either or.
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  8. okay, I'm in then.
  9. Sweet ^-^
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  10. I'm interested!
  11. Awesome :)
    That should be enough people to get this "show" on the road <_< >_>
    See what I did there...
    I'm sorry. I'll let myself out.
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  12. Oiii... So punny, it kills me.

    Huh? Huh? :D
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  13. When is this roleplay gonna start?
  14. I'm interested!
  15. Is that jesse from breaking bad?
  16. It's the actor, but I believe it's from an Xbox commercial he did.
  17. Awesome, I loved breaking bad.
  18. Hey guys, sorry about that, I was away from my computer all day today so I didn't have a chance to respond.
    I'll be getting this RP up within the week (hopefully) seeing as I've just started up another RP and it has sort-of pulled my attention away from this one.
    Irregardless, I will be getting this up - you'll just have to be patient with me.
    I apologize if this inconveniences you, but I tend to get sidetracked.
    Thanks for waiting!
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