Terror Strike: A Left 4 Dead Roleplay

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Location: Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Time: One Day pre-Infection.

Life, as the inhabitants know it, has not ended for the good people of Fairfield, not yet. They, and the rest of the world, haven't experienced the horror that is the Green Flu.

That will soon change, and the lives of the survivors will become like that of hounded prey. Like that of people trying to find a safe haven in this time of turmoil.

Very. Very. Soon.

Character sheet






Name: Elliot Franklin

Age: 20

Appearance: 5'9 190 lbs.

Personality: He is very quiet. Tends to go with the flow.

Inventory: Nothing. Yet. =)

Other: Elliot is a cornerback, for a local semi-pro football league. He received a concussion (not from football), which is way he was in the hospital.
Name: Akira Toutah

Age: 20

Appearance: 5'5". Light brown, boy-short hair (usually spiked up). Brown eyes. A tattoo of a black-widow spider on her neck.

Personality: Jittery and nervous most of the time. Often thinks about worst-case scenarios. However, she will somethimes joke around and lighten up, as long as she's sure no infected are near.

Inventory: A baseball bat, later to be traded in for a 9mm Smith&Wesson handgun.

Other: She was a regular college student. Akira was sitting in her small, one-bedroom apartment when the first patient began attacking others. Later, when she heard a commotion outside, she left her apartment. Unfortunately, it would seem to be the last she would ever see of her home.
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Name: Kazimura Miller, "Kaz"

Age: 18

Appearence: http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g416/Her_Sacrifice/Male RPCs/1299732633.png

5'10", amber brown eyes, and a near permanent look of boredom on his face. That look can change at times, though seeing him smile is a rare occurance.

Personality: Kaz is the type of person who bottles up his emotions and doesn't show them around others in ordinary circumstances. He is anti-social in the way of the loner and seems to have adopted the mindset of "Another shitty day at this shitty job". That could change quite quickly.

Inventory: A simple multi-tool (aka: A swiss army rip off).

Other: He is employed at Pump N' Run gas station.
Okey... And... Um... Why is the guy dressed in high tech stuff?
Oh my bad, he's appart of the U.S special forces. His team got ran-sacked as soon as the landed and he's been lone wolf ever since with just him, his training, and his five-seven.
Okey... Remember: We're starting at day -1. The day before the first infection.
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Name: Kendra Todd

Age: 22


Personality: Kendra is feisty and trigger happy. If she has a weapon in her hand, she's going to use it. If she can actually grab hold of a gun? Oh ho ho...all hell is breaking loose. Most of the time, she doesn't take well being told what to do or being told to "calm down." In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, there is no 'calm down.' If she's pushed into frustration, she
ll start speaking in Spanish, knowing her partners can't understand a single word of it. Other than that, she enjoys conversation.

Inventory: Double-Barreled Shot Gun and a Crowbar. Yeah. Crowbar.

Other: Doesn't take well to asking for help. A bit naive, to say the least.