Terror on the tracks: Across America

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  1. -Terror on the tracks-

    "A chill? What do you mean a chill? Like a draft? Look, I know you're in pain right now, but the best we can do is ask the conductor to change our seats."

    Snow covered evergreens swam outside the windows of the passenger car train while low lying hills peeked out on the horizon. It was 5 am, pre-dawn, and the first finger of light could be seen stretching out over the pristine white that blanketed the ground.

    "I don't -Want- to change seats, I just want to know why there is a chill in this seat." A woman in her mid 40s squeaked impatiently at her husband.

    "Yes, my dear" Just then a set of cracking wheels approached the couple in their seats. All the seats around them were empty, not unusual for this time of year.

    "Anything from the cart?" A crumpled old man with deep sunken eyes and matted white hair

    "No." Answered the man "But we were wondering why there is a draft in this seat. It feels like ice, while the seats all around it are normal. Whats going on?"

    The old train Attendant looked at the man then at the seat. It was marked 217. "That's seat 217." said the attendant, picking up a pot of ht water and tea bags, offering them with a gesture and raise of his eye brow.

    "No, thanks." Dismissive "We know what number the seat is, we've got it and the two on either side. 218 and 219, see." The woman produced a ticket. "What we want to know is why there is a draft here.

    "Seat 217. That's where the evil gets in. That's where the evil gets you."

    Windows blew out as shattered glass sprayed in razor shards throughout the train.The gnarled old mans eyes went black and jagged as the couple clutched each other and screamed. Decomposed hands reached out from the floor boards of the train, grabbing at their feet, the temperature of the cab dropping to no more than 20 degrees. A high pitched scream sounded, echoing in the air, it was shrill and intense. As it rang, it slowing transformed, from a human voice to a whistle.

    "All aboard!"

    Daylight. All is well. Passengers boarded the Zephyr headed from Pennsylvania to California. This particular train was a historic masterpiece, restored from a turn of the century passengers train. The seats and metal that lined the interior had history.......not all of it good.
  2. Clicking nails snapped flicks sounded as slender pale legs slowly moved throught the corridors train. Pitter patter of disembodied feet ran past the woman. A ruby red smile grew beneath thick black curls.

    "Pax, you shouldn't run in the corridors."

    "Semper, you're no fun"
    Childish tones rang over the bumping grind of the tracks.

    Semper only smiled. Her huanting figure leaked ectoplasmic tendrils. Gostly hips swaying down the long corridors of the Zephyr.
  3. To the humans aboard the Zepher there wasn't much out of the ordinary, but to the many sould that had either died aboard or gotten lost here, it was their home. Not to say they all hated the living, but for the most part they resented them. Enter Senji Moto, Japanese immigrant who was killed in 1908 when 3 drunken railroad hands had made a slight correction in the speed, sending Senji flying across his car, head first out the window. Although over a hundred years had passed, Senji never left seat 217, nor had he bothered talking to any of the other spirits. He was a 30 year old man, handsome good looks and so down to earth, chiseled body and dark eyes.

    For whatever reason he decided to get up from seat 217 and adress a pair of deceased children.

    "She's right. Running isn;t safe while the train is in motion. Come with me at once I am taking you to your parents."
  4. Pax whirled air, running circles around Senji until sherealized who he was. The living werent totally oblivious, and Pax was the youngest but eldest spirit. Being the daughter of the Zephyr's first conductor, Pax ran with all the energy a 4 year old had, living or not.

    Pax was trains first victim, her death a mystery to not the lost spirits of Zephyr, but the living as well. The Zephyr's first departure, Youngest duaghter of Murel Gergage. Murel first conducted the Zephyr in 1902, October 12th, The day Pax missing.

    "Senji...in a hundred years not a single word." Childish voice held tones of wisdom, hollow eyes looked if they could at the manly spirit.
    "It must be important I do not run"
  5. It all came rushing back in a flurry of explosive thoughts. A stream of Lost memories rushing through his mind like a raging water fall. An optimistic, if not blatantly ignorant, afterlife had left Senji in denial. It's very odd how even in death a person can ignore what he hates. If Everything you once were was brutally taken away in a flashing burst of Yellow train lights, you too may try to ignore it. Senji only really opened his eyes when the littel girl spoke his name. As her voice ultimately 'brought him back to death' so to speak, his soul felt free.

    "How...how did you know my name?"
  6. "I know everyone aboard the Zephyr, Senji."
    Pax let herself realease agaisnt gravity to hover at eye level. She moved around Senji with more Curious eyes then the living.

    "I was lost once, but you...you Senji, have only just been found."

    She sat in his seat, feeling the handles with what oxygen breathers consider nothing. Pax felt things...but unlike Senji she was found long ago. Death himself had bound her to the Zephyr and now it was Pax that bound others to it in attempts to not be lonely...in atempts to truly be found.

    "You don't remember me. But you have seen me before...a long long time ago. You were the only one who was living living find me...but your carelessness took that discovery to your death before my could be freed."

    Pax looked up the ghost of a man shelled away and with an accusing look she could only blink her hollow eyes at him waiting for yhe living memories of his once waking life to surface.

    "go on...," she smiled gently for him, " go ahead...Remember me"
    She pryed into him with a vicious youthful sounded voice, holding her twisted little smile.
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  7. "I was lost once, but you...you Senji, have only just been found."

    Senji realized for the first time just how long he had been sitting in that seat, waiting for a stop that never came. His memory of his life, as it had been prior to his accident, was hazy at best. He remembered only that he was to stay on the train until his arrival in San Fransisco, and after that, a boat back to his home in Kyoto Japan.

    "Little one." Senjiu said "If it is us that are bound to this train, wouldn't it also be true that it is bound to us? This feels like a prison." He shifted uneasily noticing as living passengers cringed away, Inexplicably, as they spoke.

    Senji looked at her face long and hard as she spoke. He found that gazing in her eyes made his own well up with salty sadness. Like his own death, he suddenly remembered.

    It was a hot day in august when Senji met the young girl. She had strayed away from her parents and was on the wrong side of the tracks. The side of the tracks where men drank cheap booze from brown paper bags, and where for the right price anything could be purchased. Anything. Senji was lost, didn't speak more than a few simple phrases of engrish, and was in a panic. Dispite his own problems, he couldn't help but notices the tall dark man as he stood over a young girl. His eyes swam like a shark over her body and Senji had seen that look before. In his left pocket was a 7 inch hunting knife, he clutched it, but did not draw it. Walking up the man and the little girl he stepped between.

    "You have found my daughter, thank you sir." Senji's eyes were hard, like iron. Unforgiving mayhem lurked just underneath his stare.

    The tall dark man, obviously drunk, spoke.

    "How do you figure? You're a Jap! And she is as white as lined." Senji remained steadfast, one of his hands finding the little girls and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

    "She is my daughter, and you are going on your way now." The knife, which could easily end the dark drunk, was shaking in his hand. The stand off ended and they both boarded the train. less than 4 hours later, Senji was dead.
  8. Like swimming through a sea of thought, Pax emerged them from their shared memories.

    "You are going to far Senji" She said, fleeing away into the ceiling her voice echoed around him

    "You know where I am Senji"

    Just then Semper came back from where she was going before, stopping behind the Japanese man. The woman smiled almost too sweetly as she tapped his shoulder.

    "Pardon, but did you see which way Pax went?"

    Green emeralds glared into Senji as Semper stood, tilting her head into her pale hand, parting her red lips to nibble at her pinky.

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