Terror in the forest

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  1. Running and running, heart pounding, breath fast and sharp. Annix ran through the dense dark forest of Aura. A huge growl of a beast tumbled behind her. She gazed half back, looking at the minotaurs horns. His eyes glowed bright yellow, hungry and lost In darkness. Another crash behind her, a tree groan in pain, falling over with an almighty crash.

    Annix gritted her sharp teeth which were used for eating fish as such.
    "Xuth!" She said in the aragonian language known as jel."you leave me no choice." She said, her eyes glowing yellow with seriousness. She was nearing a town now, and this monster was causing havoc among life. She would put a stop to it.
  2. The distant crash echoed through the forest, reaching Reed's ears. He brought his horse, Naira, to a halt and listened closely, barely making out the sound of growling and stamping. Whatever was making such ruckus was obviously not happy.... and very huge.
    With a sigh and a quick prayer, he pointed Naira in the direction of the noise. After a few nickers and complaints, she obliged and sped off in a full sprint. It did not take them long at all to reach the scene, and when they did, Reed's eyes widened a bit in surprise.
    A Minotaur! And it seemed to be chasing someone, though he couldn't make out who. Without slowing down, or even thinking for that matter, he unsheathed his steel sword. As soon as Naira was close enough,he leapt from her saddle and latched to the monster's back, preparing to thrust the sword in its spine. But the action was flawed, as the beast began to thrash about in an attempt to throw him off.
  3. Annix jumped through the sun setting forest, changing course slightly to lead the monster away from the innocent folk in the small town. Only wearing a silver cloak and normal clothing, she held no protection against such a beast. Such a beast she was surprised to see in a peaceful environment such as this. She had seen deer grazing only a few hours ago, no sign of "monsters" until the sun started to tier for the night.
    She cursed herself for going this direction, only passing through to stay in a local tavern for the night. But then again, better for her to run into such a beast than a innocent person strolling by.

    Suddenly the huge beast screamed in a might roar, the noise bounced off trees, echoing long and far into the forest. She span round quickly, agile on her feet thanks to her Aragonian flexes. She looked and gasped, surprised to see someone take on a creature so boldly. Her tacit had been to lose him slightly then pounce at a particular moment, but then again this might work. This man was obviously strong. Without a second moment to hesitate, she pulled her Tungstead knife from her belt. Charging into the beast, as it tried to knock the man over. Using pumped chakra into her arm which entered the dagger. An energy source similar chi in some ways. Suddenly the blade started to steam with heat, charging forward she plunged the knife into his right lung.

    But the beast was strong, it did not want to die that easy. It thrashed and moved, looking to knock anyone out with its huge beastly muscles. Annix kept moving, dodging a arm swinging her way, keeping the knife stabbing into his lung, she kept pushing gritting her teeth as she pushed as hard as she could.
  4. Reed gritted his teeth, holding onto the beast for dear life as it thrashed about. He noticed the person it had been persuing had charged forward, obliously for an attack. As always, he was beginning to have second thoughts at the last minute, and he cursed himself for it. He most certainly wasn't as strong as he was quick, and the only strong thing about him was his reflexes.

    Saying a quick prayer, he raised his sword and, with a powerful thrust, plunged it into the minotaur's back. It didn't work out as planned, unfortunately. As soon as he loosened his grip, the beast manage to throw him off. Loosing his sword, Reed was sent flying through the air, colliding with a tree. He winced in pain whe he heard a sickening snap of his ribs breaking, rendering the boy nearly useless. His vision faded to black, a female Argonian battling a thrashing minotaur being the last thing he saw before he passed out.
  5. Annix witnessed in horror as the young male was thrown to the side and rendered...Well...Hopefully unconcious. But the plunge had caused a serious amount of damage to the Minotaur.

    Annix held her dagger still, sending it deeper and deeper in his lungs, from the screams he was deleivering, he was losing breath and light...Suddenly she yanked the hot dagger out, and went in to stab again. The minotaur used all his strength he had, and punched her as she stabbed him in the chest again. He roared in pained, though a dying roar at that. Annix dropped to her knee's gasping for breath.
    Inside Annix
    The beast awoke, his huge golden eye opening. The sense of pain washing over him, as Annix lay gasping for breath. Suddenly he sat up right, his huge claws pushing him up to a sitting position. He could see everything that was happening.
    "You need energy..." His calm voice said in her mind.
    "We...Dont...Have much...Tonrah..." She replied gasping, her breath ever slowly returning.
    The Minotaur started struggling to pull the blade out. Using this to her advantage, she span on her feet, picking the man's sword up from the ground, not too far away from her. Suddenly she plunged it into the Minotaurs back, pushing it deeper into the cut the man had just created a few moments ago. The Minotaur roared, collapsed to the ground and died....
    Annix collapsed to her hands and feet, feeling her insides burning. She had been training most of the day, simple lighting the dagger to burn had cost her too much energy...Too much chakra. She sat gasping for breath, suddenly coughing, blood escaped from her mouth, forming a small puddle on the thick grass. She needed his energy, Tonrahs energy to start healing. But like hers, it needed time to recharge in a sense....Push too much chakra out...And she could face death instead...But still her eyes wondered over to the young man. She wanted to heal him first, perhaps she could spend a little chakra for him.

    Slowly lurching over to him, like a zombie with hardly any limbs, she put her fingers to his throat.
    "Thank....the....Nine...." She gasped out, relieved she could feel a pulse.
    She left her hand still on his neck, and slowly tapped into Tonrahs chakra.Her hand bubbling in a cloaked red Aura, which made contact with the young man. She gave him a small portion, not wanting him to feel overwhelmed with this energy, but enough to feel the man. He deserved it after all, as she wasn't quite sure she would be here right now without him.
    A few seconds later, she collapsed to the floor, staring out at the calm forest, the stars which were starting to emerge. She hoped the young man would be okay, she hoped nothing else would find them...And somehow, this strange feeling started to seep into her, she felt that they had been lucky with the Minotaur. It was smaller than some she had seen wonder the planes of Tamerial.
  6. The pale white dragon streaked with dark purple landed behind the argonian and the seriously injured boy. "You need hiff, help" he said in a deep and scratchy voice. (Sometimes speaks in dragon tongue)
  7. As he stared quietly into the dark abyss, he gritted his teeth at the pain in his ribs. Everything around him seemed so dark... empty...
    Suddenly, he felt a new surge of energy flow through him. And with that newfound energy, he opened his eyes, seeing the Argonian collapsed next to him. Even though he was now awake, his mind still had yet to comprehend what was going on around him. As a result, he never noticed the dragon that had landed behind them.
    With a pained groan, he stood to his knees, clutching at his side. "What in the Nine Hells...?" He noticed the minotaur, and the memory soon came back to him. He carefully lurched next to the Argonian, whistling for Naira.
    It was then he noticed the white dragon, and his eyes flashed with a bit of fear. Instinctively, he reached for the sword that would normally be at his side, only to find the hilt missing. He waited, watching the dragon closely.
  8. The dragon cleared his throat. "Vahraan vokren dro" His voice was deep, and resonated power. The argonian and the boys wounds slowly healed, repairing themselves before their eyes. "That was a great deed done by you, sen, boy" the dragon rumbled
  9. "W-what...?" Reed staggered a bit as his ribs suddenly seemed to fix themselves. He glanced back at the dead minotaur, seeing his sword still buried in it's back.
    "Oh... Y-yeah..." He stammered. He turned back to the dragon. "Why... are you helping us...?" He asked. From all he ha heard of dragons, they only sought destruction and the enslavement of all races. Why would this one suddenly wish to help...?
  10. A few seconds, perhaps minutes rolled by, Annix fell into an unconcious state. Perhaps the conversation nearby, perhaps because of her energy was returning, Annix awoke and caught the last part of the conversation. With the dragons healing, and her own healing she felt fine.

    Looking over her eyes widened in surprise for a moment, then quickly calmed again. This wasn't the first time she had seen a dragon, or something of this size. In fact she had something which rivalled it's height inside her.

    "Not every dragon is aligned to be evil" Annix said, slowly rising up to her feet."I know a dragon which is a good friend" she said gazing up at the dragon in a curious manner. Despite her being calm, she wondered what he was doing here.

    Slowly, she started walking over to the beast.
    "It's not uncommon for a beast to be walking the forests. But it is highly unusual, I wonder what it was doing here. I guess I will have to investigate the forest." She gazed at the creature, growing more and more curious to the events around her. Then suddenly she remembered something. Her eyes widened and she turned to the man again.

    "Where are my manners..." She said while turning round."thank you for helping me. I had been training nearby, and foolishly I had used all my energy. With so few energy left, could not do a thing." She stated, still staring at the Minotaur curiously.
  11. "Oh, it was no trouble at all." Reed replied, rubbing his side. He walked over to the beast and pulled his sword from it's back, cleaning it with a small white cloth. "I had heard about the minotaur terrorizing the nearby villages, but I hadn't had any luck finding it. At least, until I saw him chasing after you." He sheathed the sword and nodded to her. "I'm Reed, by the way."
  12. The dragon looked at the Minotaur and shuddered. He shook himself, and adressed the couple. "Forgive me, my name is Gollullas, mortals" he rumbled. "Or earth flora life, in your language"
  13. "My names Annix." The aragonian said while slowly pushing the Minotaur over, she still had her Kuni in bedded in the creature. It took her a moment with heavy groans, but eventually the heavy beast complied and rolled over. She wiped her blade, and set it back on her belt. All the while, her eyes seemed to be elsewhere, some place else. Curiosity had completely taken her over.

    "Minotaur's don't usually travel this far.Hmmm" Annix said thinking out loud , bending down to take a close look at him. "This forest is near the land of Cyrodiil, parts of the land do hold Minotaurs, but they usually stay in certain parts of the land... " Annix said, continuing to think out loud.

    She sighed, got back up to her feet and looked at the pair in turn."I'm going to investigate this forest. Perhaps one Minotaur did happen to wonder here too far. But if not, then it means more are roaming this forest...Somewhere..." Annix said trailing off as she looked around the forest.

    She walked a few metres, nowhere in particular and an idea struck her."I might be able to sense if there is anything nearby." She said, sitting down into a meditating position."Well...It won't be me sensing..." She said trailing off.
  14. "What are you hiding, girl?" The dragon growled. It stepped up to the fringes of the forest. "Genun kun volo" he boomed. He then turned to the couple again. "Aav. Now you will also see what I se-" he whipped his head around and around, seeing minotaurus outlined in a pink glowing light, some very close, some miles away. Dozens of minotaurus were stomping in the exact same direction. He turned to the couple. "Ru. Run mortals" he whispered hoarsely, as two minotaurs burst through the foliage and gored the dragon with their massive horns. "Yol ag parok!" He roared, as flames burst from his maw, driving the beasts back. The couple saw the nearest minotaurus heading for the ruckus. "GO!" The dragon roared.
  15. Her irritation sparked when she was called "girl", her eyes flashed yellow, but she had no time to say anything. A battle...More Minotaur's had shown up. Her worst thoughts were now alive in front of them. Chaos everywhere...

    She heard Gollullas shout to run, but instead she gritted her teeth. She stayed put, wanting to help in this situation. She would protect the village, protect everyone, despite that fact that her Chakra was still recharging.
    Inside Annix
    "We must go into your form Tonrah." Annix said in her mind.
    The huge crocodile gritted his huge teeth, replying.
    "Aye that we can, but cautious we must be. My chakra is still recharging." Tonrah said.

    "I Don't need to run!" Annix shouted, and suddenly she was ignited in a red glowing Chakra. Her form changed, and suddenly smoke had exploded around her. It hid her form for a second. Her spiritual energy and Tonrah's energy connected together, enabling Annix to transform into Tonrah's full form.

    One of the nearest grunt Minotaur's headed towards the smoke, ready to run through and kill any in his path. Suddenly a huge crocodilian hand burst from the smoke, smashing the Minotaur like a bug on a wind shield. The smoke cleared, showing that Annix had transformed into a huge crocodile. An entity known as a "tailed beast".

    "I will protect! You will not hurt these villagers. Go back to Cydrolli Minotaur's!" She boomed.

    The Minotaur's had the upper hand of speed to a huge beast, another grunt appeared, head down and charged towards Annix's right leg. She tried swinging to hit him, but he dodged and gorged her leg. She groaned in pain, blood starting to flow. She swung one of her nine crocodile tails, and knocked the Minotaur flying. But the wound on her leg was bad, but she wouldn't give up.

    She could see more coming in this height, as well as having better senses in Tonrahs mighty form. She could see dozens coming, and to make it worse she spotted a few who were Minotaur lords. They carried heavy double handed maces, with their upper body strength...A hit from one of them would be bad....

    ((The size of Annix in the tailed beast form))

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  16. Reed stared in surprise as he saw Annix suddenly shift her form into that of a crocodile nearly ten times larger. He shook his head, realizing that it wasn't necessarily a good time to be gawking, not with these monsters crawling around.
    This ought to be interesting... He thought, tearing the steel sword from it's sheath.
    "I'm not running anywhere!" He said, turning to Gollullas.
    Of course, being eightteen years of age, he was naturally quite stubborn. This would often get him into situations that would have been better off left alone.
    Again without thinking, he charged one of the minotaurs, his sword raised and ready to strike. The minotaur, seeing the boy running toward him, raised his ax and brought it crashing down in an attempt to quickly dispatch him. But with quick reflexes, he dived out of the way just in time and the large battle ax buried itself in the dirt.
    "Oh, it's not that easy!" Reed taunted, charging toward the beasts legs. With two swift strikes with his sword, he sliced the tendons apart, bringing the beast to his knees. With a graceful leap, he was on the minotaur's back, running to it's shoulders. And before the minotaur could react, Reed plunged the steel sword into the beasts skull.
    "Okay... That was awesome..." He panted, leaping from the minotaur's shoulders. He ran over to Annix... or what used to be Annix, wincing as his ribs continued to ache. "H... how many... are left..." He said, panting and eyeing the wound on her leg.
  17. A Minotaur charged toward the oblivious human boy. The dragon growled with frustration at his stubbornness. "Fus, Roh Da!" He roared. The four minotaurs wrestling the dragon flew back, snapping trunks and spines alike. He grabbed the boy with a curled up wing and used his claw to hitch the huge crocodile along with him. He took off, eyes bulging with the effort of carrying the crocodilian beast. He flew along the forest, scraping on the leaves. "When I say run, you RUN" he roared at the two he was carrying, his voice impossible loud in their ears.
  18. A demon having heard the commotion left her house and caught wing of the dragons scent as she made her to to it. Stopping in front and taking on a docile position as she held up her hands non aggressively. "You appear to be in need of help. I'd be more than happy to do so...its all I can do now anyways."
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