Terror-Carnation: The Rebirth of the Fossils

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    Location: Penitentiary Marion, Marion, Illinois 300.2 Miles from Chicago
    Time: 08:45 AM

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    Kilo sat at the edge of her cold hard bed though it was not really a bed at all. What she really sat on was a piece of metal chained to the wall. Anyone similar to her though, it was a bed. There was silence in her head as the screams and cries of both gendered inmates echoed the halls. Screams of aggression, cries of sorrow, Kilo heard it all. Shortly it would be time for their first meal and Kilo only knew that because the guards started to venture out to the halls. She sat back closer to the wall awaiting for Vince her daily guard to come to her cell to open the doors and walk her to the cafeteria. Except today Vince wasn't the one taking her to breakfast, some unknown man dressed in a black suit was. "Janice Drowle?" The man said in a firm voice. "What's it to you? If you are looking for her, you would of seen the file first with a picture attached to it. Or a Guard would of pointed you to the right cell.... What the hell you want?" Her eyes was sharp yet emotionless, like she didn't really care why he was there to be honest. Two guards walked up next to the man. One was a bulky guy that began to unlock the doors with a set of silver, noisy keys. The other Guard was Vince, he just gave a soft smile to Kilo trying to keep her calm. Kilo didn't really like Vince but he did keep her temper calm. The man made a move towards Kilo once the bulky guard opened up her cell. "Janice I am not her to start any trouble. The government needs your help and we got word that you are a strong Rider with your rare Giganotosaurus. In return we will clean your records." Kilo was interested by the offer, she cautiously stood up cupping her hands on front of her as if they were in cuffs. She didn't want to alarm the guards. "Clean my record if I help you? Sounds a little too good. What's the catch Mr. Government Dude?" The man seemed offended by the name Kilo has given him but didn't take any action for it. "This catch is... You may not live more than 48 hours." She laughed a bit crazed. No more than 48 hours!? Challenge accepted. She glanced at both of the guards before she looked back at the suited man. She can easily find a loop hole in this then be back out causing trouble. "Alright, deal. Just tell me what I have to do..."

    Time: 11:26 AM

    It seemed like in no time she was out of that cell and walking out of those steel shut doors. The sun welcomed her first then the Guards roaming with sniper rifles and beanbag filled shotguns. Vince was next to her personally walking her out the doors, when the took a few extra steps outside he turned around to her unlocking her hand and ankle cuffs. Kilo was able to change before leaving and wore the same thing that brought her in; a black torn tank-top and dark blue skinny jeans. "Kilo be careful out there. While you were here the World...Turned for the worst it seems. A lot changed." Vince explained. Kilo just nodded and walked past him heading towards the gate. At the gates awaited the man in that black suit which she never caught his name. In his hand was a backpack. "Janice this is yours. The government put it together for your mission. Hope it's enough. Also there are a few packs of cancer sticks for you. We know you have a terrible habit of them." Kilo grabbed the bag from him and pointed her finger at him defensively. "If I am working for you, you got to get some things straight. One; the name's Kilo. Two; It's not a terrible habit and Three, stay out of my way." She nearly bit him for how close she was to his face as guards watched intensely but before long she walked off as she shouted; "Gigo!" Her dinosaur has been staying close to where she was remaining loyal to her and as she shouted it's name there were trembles in the ground. It seemed like it nearly teleported out of thin air how fast it reached her. Gigo let out a huge roar that could cause it's own earthquake. Before anyone knew it, Kilo was already up on Gigo and on her way. While Gigo was running towards back to Chicago where it knew as home, Kilo was going through the bag. There were weapons, supplies and a letter. Curiously she pulled the letter out and opened it. After a few words she was not interested and began skimming. Meet Tim in Chicago who will transport you to West Virginia. There you will be meeting up other people who is doing the same mission. Your mission is to...blah blah blah. Got it. "Well Gigo looks like we are back home to only leave again. We are looking for a guy named Tim and going to West Virginia...damn."
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  2. Location: A field, God knows where, Illinois.
    Maxwell rode on the back of his Minmi, facing up with his hands behind his head. Minmi walked on as Max relaxed. "Hey, Minmi." Max said to the dinosaur. "You know what I want?" Minmi turned its head to the boy. He looked up at the sky and smiled. "I want a hammock." Minmi rolled its eyes and continued walking. Max rolled over and sat up. "But really now. Lets find a rich people town and get a hammock. Keep traveling at night." Max sighed and flopped on his stomach. He had gotten used to the dull plates of the dino's back. The boy sat like this for a while. "I want my iPod." The two went on like this for 30 minutes, Max annoying the crap out of his Minmi. He got a good kick out of the dino. It was so... Human. After a long time, Max heard someone. He jumped off the dino, unsheathing his gun instantly. He crouched behind Minmi. He looked around. "It's coming from over there." Max whispered. The dino nodded. They moved quietly toward the voice. The duo went through some woods before coming out and darting back in again after seeing the girl. She looked murderous. She was jabbing her finger at a government official. "Don't make a sound." He whispered. Minmi gave him a look, as if to say, 'you are a hypocrite and should be kicked in the balls.' Max pointed his handgun at the girl. He had seen people like her. Cold blooded killers. He had to be ready if she saw him. Max wasn't going to shoot unless she saw him and attacked.
  3. A young man was at a bar in west Virginia being full of drunken people out on the town..He sat alone on a brown table with an empty beer mug on top. He had silver hair and red eyes with a red scar tattoo underneath his right eye. He had on a black cloak with the hood up covering most of his head and face. If uncovered he would look like he is in his early twenties. Underneath his black cloak was a tight black long sleeve shirt that showed his well toned body even though he was a little slender. Wrapped around his neck was a black scarf which he called his lucky scarf. The scarf was tattered and full of bullet holes at the end showing he been in a lot of dangerous situations for his young age. He also has on black baggy pants with two side pockets that hold his throwing knives which he kept five in each one. He had on a black leather belt and black leather boots. On the chair he was sitting on to left laid along side home two blades making him a master dual wielder. He sat there glaring straight the entrance. He look towards an older man telling stories about adventures he had. The young man shook his head letting out a small sigh has another beer was placed on his table.. he reached up and grabbed it with his right hand drinking the beer slowly. He would yawn has few people crashed onto his table he was sitting down at having a rumble with each other. He grabbed his blades and walked to another table still drinking his beer and after he finished he said in a cold voice with emotion " if you don't stop.. I will end both of you." They both stopped and looked up at him and they both got up and glared at him and in a drunken rage they charged at him. With great speed the young man reached and grab two throwing knives and threw them with great force and accuracy hitting them both directly in between the eyes killing them instantly. "Stupid fools." He said pulling them out of their skulls blood dripping has he looked up everyone watching but didn't do anything. He turned around walking out back to grab a smoke of his cigarette. He looked down leaning on the wall taking a deep inhale of exhaling all the smoke." Can't wait to get the hell out of here"
  4. Gigo was a giant and weighed way too much because of that he was slow unless he broke out in a run. Each step Gigo took shaken the Earth a little. Kilo took a quick glance back to see that the government officials thankfully have not begun to pursue her, she let out a sigh. As the dinosaur walked, it's head hanged low to keep a steady balance and they begun to head into some wooded area. Kilo rode her dinosaur in pride as she kept an angered look to prevent others from bothering her though she enjoyed scaring people as well. The first thing that entered the forest was Gigo's enormous head before anything else, but Kilo's body didn't even make it into the forest. The tremors stopped and Gigo began to sniff towards the left. "What is it Gigo?" She listened closely but couldn't hear anything other than her dinosaurs annoying whiffs, so she climbed down carefully and begun to investigate. Her gaze seemed unamused as she took out her gun as she roamed the small area the caught Gigo's attention. With each careful step she had her gun ready. A moment passed but nothing seemed to be around, as Kilo took a step back to turn around she heard a rustle of leaves. Her reaction was quick as she swung her gun to where the noise came from but could not see anything "off" as there was too many fallen trunks and other things. "Anyone the hell out here? Don't make me shoot I mean it. I wouldn't give two damns if I did." She scanned the area one more time with her angered, bold eyes. She maintained a crazed grin as if she wanted to shoot something. Gigo wasn't far off but could not move around too much due to size unless he knocked down all the trees in his way. He made a low hiss as his head knocked down a few trees as if trying to scare off any predators.
  5. Max stepped out of the woods, gun in hand, raised at the mysterious girl. "Drop your gun! I will shoot, but I mean no harm. I'm sure neither of us want to die today." He slowly walked toward the woman, gun still raised. Max had been in one of these situations before, and the other person had attacked. He was prepared to shoot this time. The dinosaur- who he assumed was the woman's- was growling at him. "Hey, calm your dino down, too."
  6. Kilo watched as a man stepped from almost thin air. His gun was raised at her and approached slowly asking her to lower her weapon. "You're a fool. I don't need to drop my gun to anyone! Do you even know who you are looking at? Drop yours first!" She demanded strongly. Though instead of causing too much trouble she complied to one of his demands and glanced over to Gigo. Instead of telling it to calm down directly, Kilo just lightly tapped her foot to the ground. The dinosaur growled but yielded as it raised it's head backing up a little. Her focus was on the man now and did not leave much room for escape. What really happened was, thus she calmed down her dinosaur, she told it prepare...Scanning the area around the man, he appeared alone to her.
  7. Max sighed. He held his head in one hand. "Okay. Neither of us trust each other. I'm going to hope you don't fill me with lead. Look, don't you think I'm a waste of ammo?" He asked the question, trying to keep things from getting more hostile. Max dropped the gun to the ground. He held up both hands. "I'm gonna call my dinosaur. Don't shoot. Please." Max slowly turned toward the woods, keeping his head facing the woman. Eyes still on the woman, he waved in the direction of the bushes. "Oi Oi! Minmi!" Max whistled. Minmi slowly walked out, just as nervous as Max was.
  8. (Going ahead and posting the other character)
    Seth took a swig of whiskey from his bottle. Then he took a drag from his cigarette. Heh, the world is overrun with dinosaurs. Screw it. He looked up at the trees. He was in a clearing. There was a pond a few yards away. He liked this little area. It was nice, and no idiots. Best part. Ashton was leaning against a tree. Neok, his Nothosaurus, was swimming around in the pond, carefree. "Of course he's carefree. You think out loud, by the way." He heard a voice behind him. "Don't kill me, I'm just a drunk." Seth fell over. "Nyeh." He looked up with hazy vision. It was a kid. Pfft. "Who're you?" Ashton asked the boy. He looked at his gun. Rather than cowering more, he stared at it. "Colt anaconda. Nice." The boy looked at it. "It was my dads." He nodded. "Your dad had good taste. Yo, Neok! Time ta go!" Neok got out of the water and began walking. Verrrrrrry sloooowwwwly.Ashton got out, took a tomahawk out of his pack and scraped a mark on a tree. "I like this spot. It's mine now. Anyways, what's ya name, kid?" Neok lay at Seth's feet. "Max." He said his name with pride. "Hey, dino hammock. Sweet." Ashton pointed at Minmi, who was now sporting a hammock hooked between a hole in her tail (from battle) and a hole in a tooth (cavity.) "Got room for one more?" Max nodded.
    (I don't know if Max and Kilo will be traveling together. But this is how Ashton and max will meet.)