Terror-Carnation: The Rebirth of the Fossils (OOC)

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  1. NOTE: This RP was originally a Group Sign Up. Due to little Interest it converted to a JumpIn. If Interested in joining the concept is the same. Sign Ups don't have to be complicated or approved. Just post a small CS so we get an idea.

    Two hundred and thirty one million years ago was the start of the Triassic period. A time where archeologists claimed that dinosaurs first appeared. Dinosaurs were reptile creatures that roamed Earth for many of years while they hunted or be hunted and tried to survive in every climate possible. But after a hundred and sixty five million years of roaming the Earth, their time ended in chaos. Floods from terrible storms, meteors crashed onto the Earth, extreme climate changes all had something to do with the end of the Dinosaurs. In the 1800's their bones were being discovered by archeologists that created an excitement in the 1900's. At first these bones just appeared as your average hollow bones but there was more to these. They were producing dormant living cells, this caused them to start trying to awaken them and figure out how they were still alive. When the new year, 1962, rolled around there were earthquakes appearing all around from the United States to Hong Kong, Antarctica to the South Pole and everywhere in between. This caused a lot of fear for the people as the earthquakes were fatal. Around 1964 an explosion was reported at Mount Logan in Canada, when people rushed to see what it was, they were shocked at the site. Three unknown large reptiles were spotted roaming near the explosion which later turned out to be some type of dinosaur. After that more and more of them started to appear caused by mysterious explosions. Then in the 1980's-Late 1990's archeologists and scientists learned that there were certain people who were able to "tame" them, this lead to the greatest discovery of "Dinosaur Riding". This caused people to eventually abuse their privilege while others were filled with jealousy trying to steal or kill someones tamed dinosaur. Government claimed Dinosaur Riding to be dangerous and was prohibited throughout the world except for certain parts of Asia but eventually killed of their discovered dinosaurs by hunting them. Early 2000's, Dinosaurs were extinct once again.
    Nearly fifty years later, people started to "re-discover" the dinosaurs in new locations which eventually led to the prohibited Dinosaur Riding to be legalized by those who were able to tame them. Though there were nearly not as many deaths as before, the world seemed to go backwards in some ways. People started to become more "wild" instead of staying modern, weapons were going backwards as guns were seen less and less, homes were not as classy and transport varied less and less making planes to be less used specifically. People all around the world took a leap into the past metaphorically and people who were able to tame dinosaurs seems to become more common. Till this day scientist have not discovered what allowed someone to tame a dinosaur. But despite everyone's leap to the past with their clothes and means of transport, they started to become more aggressive then things started to turn from bad to worse. Wars and fights between neighbors were breaking out nearly everyday, government lost control and people have turned primeval. Not only are people turning against each other with their dinosaurs but wild dinosaurs still roam the Earth and could be hostile!

    Your story choices;
    The Hero Group (6, Some Can Join Later On)
    The United Nations are trying to find ways to end the chaos that has taken place upon "their world", but few are tamers themselves and have not volunteered to risk their greedy lives to help. Instead they have searched desperately for people of any age, nationality, and skill to fix this mess. A letter has been sent out to those (you) they feel capable of ending this chaos and have them meet together as a group to take care of things. Either you trust the government or you don't, but in the end they are right and things do have to be put back on track...

    The Opposing Group (5+)
    You caught wind that the United Nations have sent out letters to people to form a group. But this group was not just any group, it was a group designed to stop the Dinosaurs or so you think. Their true goal is not for sure. Instead you decide to stop them, either be by a group or by yourself. Determination is key.

    The Side Group
    The news of a group created by the United Nations has been spreading like wildfire. You are an average working man/woman and may have been lucky to tame a smaller dinosaur. You either have decided to aid the Hero Group or Opposing Group. Can even decide to join a group later on for a short period of time. (Can be a parent or sibling to another person as well. Please request permission from hem first.)
    Character Sheets

    NickName: (If Any)

    Horoscope: (Optional)

    Sexuality: (Optional)

    Species: (You're Human, Get Over it.)
    HomeTown: (Where are you coming from?)
    Occupation: (This is a MUST for Side Groups)

    Relationships: (Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Mother/Father, Siblings, Friends etc)

    Appearance: (Put A Picture Here or Above Before "Name", A Small Description Would be Nice.)
    Equipment: (Non-Weapon Items. If you have a backpack, what are you carrying? Be Realistic. If you are carrying a larger item, you can't just expect to have. Needs to be in a backpack.)
    Weapons: Modern Day Weapons to Primeval Weapons (Not Everyone May Have a Weapon) 2 Max
    Skills: (What are you good at? Navigation, Setting a Camp, Survival, etc. Fighting is NOT a Skill unless it's something specific like Martial Arts. If you need more ideas, ask!)

    Strength: One Thing You Are Really Good At;EX Navigation.
    Weakness: One Thing you are not really good at; EX Setting a Camp
    Talent: Is there something unique about you? Like juggling!

    MindSet: What is one thing that keeps you going or a goal?


    Group: Hero/Opposing/Side
    Dinosaur: (Google It! It can be a "pet" or a Rider. Riders are limited, there needs to be at LEAST two non-riders in the Hero Group/Opposing Group. Side Groups rarely have Riders. Include a Picture for others.)
    Level: Is your Dinosaur A (Airborn), G (Grounded), S (Swimmer) or M (Multi)

    Armor: (Riders Only, Does it have any armor equipped to it?)
    Combat Skills: (These skills should be fairly basic.)
    Years: (How long have you been with it? Maximum 30 Years.)
    Obedience: (How often does it listen to you? This ties in with how long you have been with it, no one can perfect obedience yet.)

    Additional Info: (Anything could go here.)

    Your characters could be anything as long as they are mainly realistic. Be a young boy in the Hero Group trying to change the mind of others, to being a crazy lunatic trying to stop the hero group.

    Rated M: Blood and Gore, Language

    Any questions will be answered through PM to keep the thread clean for Sign-Ups. Or Try to anyways.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Janice Kilo Drowle
    NickName: Killero
    DOB: 01/17/83
    Horoscope: Capricorn
    Sexuality: Straight
    HomeTown: Detroit, Michigan
    Relationships: Janice use to have a younger sister. She no longer knows for sure.

    Appearance: Janice is a red hot head, with long straight hair. She is 5'6'' and weighs about 130lb with pale skin. Her eyes are a dark brown that appear to never be entertained and never wears a smile even on the brightest of days. On her right shoulder down along her arm are tribal tattoos that have little meaning to her other than they hold her young sister's initials "H.D.". Janice also has a scar on her stomach from a fight against a gang member long ago, but she claims she doesn't remember how long it was.

    >Tan/Brown BackPack
    >3 Packs of Marlboro Cigarette in BackPack
    >Limited Ammo for Both Guns in BackPack
    >Photos of her Sister, Old Gang, Her Family Together
    >Letter from the UN
    >Bowie Knife

    >Smith & Wesson .22 RimFire Pistol in a Black Holster
    >Ruger SR45 Pistol in a Black Holster
    Skills: Navigation, Survival, Dual Weaponry, and Being Rowdy
    Weakness: TeamWork
    Talents: Good Sense of Direction

    Personality: Janice is temperamental and can be difficult to get along with hence why she does not do well with Teamwork. She was not always like this though. Despite her temperamental ways she is a great navigator and is handy when both of her guns are in hand. When she isn't biting someone's head off she is calm and collected but has an attitude.

    Biography: Janice was born into a decent family with a younger sister, living the perfect life nothing seemed like it could get in her way. At the age of seventeen she got in a fight with a local beating them nearly to death, the rage flowed through her like a weapon. After the act was done she cried scared for what she have done and ran home. When she reached home, she ran to her mother telling her what happened but her Mother did nothing but stared at her. Her mother told her to go to her room and not to go anywhere, when her Father returned from work he walked up to her room. Janice begged her father not to do anything and that her act was an accident but her father ignored her and bashed her just as she claimed to beat the local. After everything was said and done, Janice laid on her bedroom floor full of blood, her face was barely visible but her Father did not leave her there. He dragged her down the stairs and threw her out of the house, all Janice could remember after that was her little sister screaming for her through the window. Three years later her anger built into something unstoppable as she became a well known criminal by the name of "Killero". She was a cold hearted killer and rumors had it she forged her own gang. Janice wasn't only a killer though, she was a Rider and a terrifying one. It is unclear how she came about to be one though. Finally after six years of running around with anger, the police enforcement caught her and sent her away to a full security prison. Some would say they could hear her Giganotosaurus roars from miles away awaiting for her, some say she would communicate with it behind bars some how, others would try to ignore the fact that her rider was more dangerous than a T-Rex...

    Just recently Janice received notification that the Government has demanded for her release and clean of charges under one condition, She would help stop the chaos they allowed happen. Taking advantage of the situation she agreed and called for her Rider, "Gigo!". The day she called that name, trembles shook the Earth as a Giganotosaurus approached Janice but before she left the officers stopped her handing her a backpack. Apparently it was a "Gift" from the UN and contained two guns and some needs. Then and there she was off with "Gigo" heading to her destination but was never clear if she would actually help.

    Group: Hero

    Dinosaur: Giganotosaurus
    Level: Ground
    Armor: Has Silver Leg Cuffs to Protect from Joint Damage
    Combat Skills: Tail Whips, Stomps, Head Ram, Bite etc. Arms are worthless in most cases.
    Status: Rider
    Years: 8
    Obedience: Gigo is loyal and will remain by her side if it can fit, but has proved to want to fight the way it wants ignoring her commands especially when Janice is smoking.


    Name: Tika Louren
    NickName: Dr. Louren
    DOB: 6/2/85
    Hometown: Bavaria, Germany
    Occupation: Archeologist/Scientist

    Relationships: Unknown

    Appearance: Simplicity is Tika's middle name, she wears only casual clothes and lets her hair take it's own course. Because of this her hair is rather messy, but can easily be overlooked. She has brown-grey eyes and lightly tanned skin. Tika unfortunatly does not release much information especially during these times but appears to be at least 5'2'' and 110lb.

    >Messenger Bag
    >Radar to Locate Remaining Bones
    >Writing Utensils
    >Book with Information on Most Dinosaurs
    >Medical Equipment

    Weapons: X26C Taser

    Skills: Archeology, Medical Knowledge for Humans and smaller dinosaurs, Guidance
    Strength: Archeology
    Weakness: Dealing With Complex Situations
    Talents: Perfect Aim With A Taser (Unfortunately not with a Gun, Highly recommended not to give her one.)

    Personality: Tika is a very sweet and an outgoing woman, but does not deal with stupidity. When dealing with "Stupidity" she tends to be blunt or just ignores them completely. Tika likes to see herself as a smart superior.

    Biography: N/A

    Group: Side
    Dinosaur: Nemicolopterus (The Size of Her Hand)
    Level: A/G
    Armor: None
    Combat Skills: Tika's Nemi is not a fight but a gatherer. If there is ever a time it has to defend it self, it will pick and rip of the flesh of someone.
    Status: Pet
    Years: 11
    Obedience: There has been no issues between Tika and Nemi after 10 years and are going on a perfect year, but there will be times Nemi will throw fits.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Maxwell Watkins
    Nickname: Max Watt
    DOB: 8/24/97
    Horoscope: Virgo
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)
    Species: Human
    Hometown: Alton, Illinois
    Occupation: Lumberjack

    Relationships: Father was killed by a Raptor. Mother died of cancer before Max was born. No friends.

    Appearance: Maxwell has grey, spiky hair that he wears down over one eye. He wears a red bandana with a grey hat on top of it. He has brown eyes and is usually seen wearing jeans and a leather jacket that his dad gave him. He has a scar on his left cheek from a raptor attack. 5'0'', 100 pounds.

    Equipment: Satchel for holding supplies, 2 full canteens of water, 3 packages of food, Writing Materials, Journal, First Aid Kit, Scavenging supplies (hammer, pliers, pocket knife [too small to use as a weapon, used to cut things open]), six bullets.

    Weapons: .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda, With brown holster.

    Skills: Scavenging, Hunting, Survival, Negotiation
    Strength: Teamwork
    Weakness: Navigation
    Talents: Great at finding food, whether it be by hunting, foraging, or stealing.

    Personality: Maxwell is a very kind and caring person. He is laidback and very calm. He puts other before himself, and will go as far as to steal to make sure his friends are safe.

    Mindset: "I just want to find someone. Someone who I can call family."
    Fear: "What if I'm the only one left alive...?"
    Biography: Maxwell grew up in a small town in Illinois. His father was a lumberjack, and would always take him out to help with work. When Maxwell was just a small boy, the dinosaurs attacked their city, breaking down the barricades and killing all in their path. A raptor broke into the Watkins home and killed his father. Maxwell ran into the living room to see the raptor gnawing on his father's dead body. Horrified, he ran into his dads bedroom and opened the gun safe. He grabbed his father's revolver and ran back in to find the raptor gone. After that, the road has been Max's home. He won't say how he tamed his Minmi, but he loves it, and it's all he's got. So he'll take it.

    Group: Side
    Dinosaur: Minmi (Ten Feet long, weighs around 700 pounds)[​IMG]
    Rider Status: Rider.
    Level: Grounded
    Armor: Only the spikes and headplate given by nature.
    Combat Skills: Tail Whips, Headbutt, Claws, Can also charge into enemies. Overall not too good of a fighter.
    Years: 4
    Personality: Mellow, very laidback, just like his master.
    Obedience: Is very loyal to Maxwell, and has saved his life more than once, even though he isn't too strong. Minmi's obedience has waivered a few times. He has attacked him once, and frequently steals food from Max's satchel when he wasn't looking. However, Minmi hasn't attacked him in 2 years. This is probably because of how alike he and his master are.
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  4. image.jpg Name: Seth Ashton
    Nickname: Ashton- Likes his last name
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Hometown: New York, New York
    Occupation: Insurance Agent
    Equipment: water proof backpack, 3 packs of cigarettes, prescription sunglasses, 2 bottles of whiskey, 2 bottles of painkillers, scuba mask
    Weapons: Two steel tomahawks (or combat axes, if you prefer)
    Skills: Swimming, Setting up camp
    Group: Hero
    Dinosaur: Nothosaurus
    Level: Multi (Land and Aquatic)
    Rider: Only underwater
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