Territory for the Troublesome

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  1. Eva was walking her way to what most referred to as the 'white trash trailor park' that had been her home since the day she was born. Her music was blaring in her ears, her eyes said talk to me and I'll kill you, and her shirt was a black crop top with light blue jeans that were ripped up from being worn so much. When she walked through her door she saw her old man and mother sitting on the couch together looking right at her. It was clear that they were waiting for her to get home. She set her bag on the couch which she then fell back onto with her arms stretched across the back of it. "Alright. What the hell is this? Another intervention? Was I caught again with out realizing it?" She spoke with a voice that was just as careless as her eyes. Her mother started to speak first with a shy tone which meant she was relatively sober for once.

    "Honey, you father and I have decided that it's time for us to move. We found a trailer, but it's grounded so we'll have to move to a new town" Her mom stopped looking a little scared of what would come next. Eva's eyes widened then her brows furrowed "What!? You can't do this to me! All of my friends are here! What the fuck mom!" She grabbed the closet thing to her which happened to be a lamp and threw it across the room, shattering it making her mom scream and hide into her father's chest. He would be getting physical with Eva right now if it weren't for her mother needing him to feel safe. With a deep breath she tried to calm down seeing just how upset her mother was. Her hands moved down slowly with her palms open and facing the ground. "Okay, I'm calm, at least as calm as I'm gonna get" Her voice strained to stay calm as it was. Then her father started speaking. "We've been packing all day while you've been gone. We're leaving later tonight." That made her heart lurch in her chest. Her head lowered "I'm going for a walk..." She turned around and left just as her mother outstretched her hand wanting to stop her, but knowing it wasn't a good idea. No doubt she was getting into a scrap or three. She came back around nine and her folks had everything ready to go. She slept in the car her lip still bloody and a few bruises on her.

    When she woke up it was just starting to get light out. Her backpack was in the back seat with her. It was a damn good thing that today was Friday. They stopped at the trailer, she got into the shower. When she was dried off she put her ridiculously long pink hair into a pony tail with the exception of her bangs. Since she had no clue where the school was she had her parents give her the time the bus would be there. She dressed in a form fitting black t-shirt that said I <3 the kill, but her jeans were the same skinny jeans she had wore the day before. It had holes in the knees, a few on the thighs too. Her vans were a paler pink than her hair, but her uncaring eyes were as threatening as ever. She got onto the bus when it came and sat quietly making sure nobody sat with her the entire ride. When she got to the school she got up and walked off with her mostly empty backpack slung over her shoulder. This school was a lot bigger than her old one, so she had some trouble finding the office making it so that she ended up having to ask someone for directions.
  2. Kei stirred slightly in his bed as he sneered at the sound of the alarm flashing off and on with that ever irritating buzzing sound. He grumbled as he clenched his fist quick only to slam it down atop of it as the room fell silent. He stretched as he stepped out of bed as his red hair spiked here and there atop his head before he headed off to shower and change. He glanced in the mirror as he took notice of the bruised area at his chest as he was drawing his shirt back down over the solid upper form of his body. Another good fight... Hell Yeah it was.. His group and him had been wandering around downtown... Gorgeous girl and the annoying boyfriend.. If only the guy had backed down he would have been in better shape and kept the girl from being Kei's for the night. That is how life should be lived , he thought with a devilish grin at work on his mouth with a uncaring gaze glinted to his eyes. With that he grabbed his leather jacket and bag quick from the back of his door as he closed the door soundly behind himself as he walked down the steps quick. He came around the corner as his mother greeted him with a brightened smile. How the hell could this woman keep this way now a days? She was alone and happy and better off without that old man.. She was alone and kept to home at all times.. His arm bent as he ruffled his shaggy spiked hair. " Yea... Mornin.. I don't have time for breakfast so I'm just gonna head out.. " Before she could attempt to stop him he exited with a slam of the door echoing behind him.

    He walked down the road as a few passing girls giggled within their small herds... His head tilted back as he flashed them a devilish grin as his eyes glinted with a look as if he was already claiming them as his own without a single uttered word. They squealed in delight as they huddled back together in excited chatter. He sneered as he continued to trail along. The girls could never resist him in all the days he had since his last year of Middle School.. Girls were easily wrapped around his finger and claimed. He caught a look of himself in a window wearing dark faded ripped jeans with a loose black shirt matched by that of the chained necklace that hung loose on his neck. His leather jacket he hung casually over his shoulder as his black boots gave a slight thud against the cement. It was only than two people came racing up behind him dressed in similar attire as a girl with blonde hair grinned to him as the guy came to his right flank. " Where the hell were you to at...? Were you screwing around with the first year's without damn well telling me? " He glared a bit as they laughed with a smirk." Like we'd ever go without you , Man.." He gave a sneer at that followed by a wicked grin as they came up to the school and entered as several of the guys shrunk back quickly.

    Kei had earned himself a name at the school most would never be proud of... I mean unless you were him. His gaze traveled to the passing teachers with an empty careless gaze to them. He didn't fear them because they were older... They were just a bigger damn nuisance with bigger mouths that never ceased their complaining. One of what he supposed was a first year stared at him as he stopped tall before him to lower his face close to his in a continued sneer." What the fuck are you looking at... Kid?" The boy stuttered as he fell back in his steps of a escape as Kei laughed before furthering his trail down the hallway as he spotted a girl with long pink hair streaming behind her... Deadly little viper is what she looked like... He liked that and with that strode over and stopped a bit behind her as he grinned broadly as others avoided nearing as he spoke up in a low yet constantly intimidating tone." A little bit lost , Little Lamb?" He smirked with a knowing feeling that she was going to hate it... Pretty girl with a mean look about her.. Maybe this school year would be a bit more interesting this time around.. Even with the ordinary girls and pathetic wimps that surrounded him in his every day life.
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  3. There was one girl who said she would show her to the office. They were walking peacefully as Eva noticed a red haired boy out of the corner of her eye. All she managed to notice was that he intimidated a few guys. Other than that she just ignored him since it wasn't her problem in the slightest. The girl leading her along was pretty cute, but her expression was still what it usually was causing a few unfamiliar eyes to look at her in a way that made her want to fight all of them showing them just who's boss. A voice came up just behind her calling her something she wasn't even close to being. Her brown eyes moved back to get a look at him to find that it was the red haired boy she had noticed only just a few moments before. Her eyebrows furrowed and she just kept walking acting like he wasn't worth her time which in her eyes he wasn't. "I'm making my way just fine, Cherry boy" Implying that he was not only a pathetic virgin, but also it was a comment on his red hair. Her gaze tuned back to the girl ahead of her. "And if you want to make a fight about it I've been itching for one all morning." The girl ahead of her turned to see the red head walking close to Eva. The brunette with blue eyes suddenly burst with a dark blush then became a stuttering mess. She stopped making Eva and red head stop in the middle of the hallway. "w-well if you found someone else t-to, um, excuse me" With that she hurried off while Eva's growing irritated gaze fallowed her. With a mutter to herself, "fine, I'll find it myself" she started walking forward again.

    She put her hands into her pockets with her back pack slung over her one shoulder giving her all the more of a careless attitude about her. People's gazes went wide when they saw her and cherry boy walking through the hallway. There were even whispers that could be heard here and there not that Eva gave a single shit. A few looked beyond frightened and it was hard to tell at this point just who they were afraid of. It was clear to Eva that he had a reputation here, but in her eyes she saw opportunity for new territory, and she already decided that she would steal it right out of under pretty boy's nose. Her eyes were alert on the hallway scoping out for the office so she could get her schedule. As far as she could tell he was still fallowing her and more and more it started to irritate the hell out of her.
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  4. His eyes fastened with growing amusement out just how feisty she was... Now this could be some well needed new entertainment. With that he stepped infront of her.. She sure knew some amusing names that were far from true in his book. His eyes shifted to the girl beside her before she decided to run off already squirming in her steps. "Saya right? Well why don't you run along , gorgeous and I'll find you and those delicious lips later hmm?" Kei flashed her a whitened grin as she sped off down the hall as a few girls from behind squealed once more with delight as they went to their chatter. It was only than he brought his focus back upon the girl before him. Brows furrowed and a look that would think she was signing your death seal. She began to stomp off down the hall as he laughed heartily before coming up behind her to snag her backpack off the sling of her back. He raised it high above and far from her reach as he remained towered over her." Now... Who the hell are you calling "Cherry Boy"? Those are words not many would dare go about calling me that..." His words fell like venom and seduction from his mouth as he smirked to whisper the final bit low within her ear." Little Lamb." At that he took a step back from the feisty pink haired girl as he eased past her in a fluent movement to trail down the hall with her backpack slung to his shoulder by his own.

    People stepped back quick against their locker's at his very nearing presence..Girls flushed pink as the boys stood back in fear and hidden anger to Kei. He knew all to well how greatly hated he was by the male students among him. He could hear the muttering growing louder behind him as he assumed the lamb was no hot on his trail.. He sneered with a matched smirk as he stepped in longer strides down the hall only to glance back with a wink still held with a smirk. Only than did he come before the teacher's lounge as he proceeded to give a loud resounding knock before sliding the door open. He stepped in slightly with an amused grin as his teachers but frowned at him."Such looks to give you damn favorite student? I bring you the new little lamb to our school.. Careful. I think this one likes to bite heads off more than me." He gave them a small salute before tossing her backpack to the nearest teacher settled at a desk. Ryu and Kotoka cut off from the nearby hallway as they laughed at the sight coming down the hall." She's hot... But , it looks like you made that small devil angry... Not the way to snag yourself a girlfriend , man." He but shrugged with a widened grin as he turned on the heel of his boot to mouth.." Catch ya later... Firecraker." And at that turned as his group came into step behind to head off to class... That girl was going to be one hell of a handful... But a damn load of sexy fun to come. He laughed at his thoughts as he entered his homeroom and kicked his legs upon the desk edge to wait as he talked with a grin to his friends.
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  5. Her eyes didn't move from him even as he taunted the girl who was already making her escape. Hearing his words made her want to vomit, but now she was really doubting he was in fact a cherry boy, not that she really cared. He was in her way and that bothered her yet all she did was glare at him since she was at least trying not to get into a fight on her very first day. His focus was now on her, telling her about how few would dare to call him that. All she did in response was roll her eyes desperately wanting to leg sweep this motherfucker. She could only manage to say under her breath was "I'll call you what ever I damn well please, cherry boy" before he took her back pack when she was least expecting it and he raised it up high enough that she'd never be able to reach it. People stared going down the hallway and when she stared back they went about their business in a nervous fashion. It seemed as though she would have some territory to claim, both girls and boys alike, so she looked at a girl and gave her a charming flirtatious smile and a wink causing the girl to blush. After a little while she just stared at the back of his head trying to burn holes into him with just her eyes. When he stopped she stopped a little ways behind him to find this was the teachers lounge. Just before she paid mind to the teachers she glared at what seemed to be one of the red head's friends, making sure to mentally send a chilling death wish in his direction.

    Then she looked at the teacher who apologized for Kei's rudeness, and that he was their most troublesome student. Eva was just thinking to herself that if she could nearly take out her dad, who was probably twice this, Kei's size, in a violent fight then she could take out Kei no problem. The teachers gave her back her pack that she slung over her shoulder with out a word. The one teacher who was a bit uncomfortable at her silence showed her to the office to get her the paperwork and schedule she needed. The principal herself showed her around, and Eva knew it was because they had a feeling she wouldn't make any friends that would show her around. When she got to her homeroom she didn't pay mind to anybody. She just took a window seat and stared outside just wanting the day to be over already. If cherry boy showed up around her next few periods she didn't notice him. Though there were a few cute girls she managed to flirt with, and even a boy or two. Lunch rolled around and she didn't feel terribly hungry, so she just pulled out some homework that she had and started to work on it. Her straight A's were probably the only reason schools weren't eager to kick her out. Her mom said that she should go out for a sport to help her anger, but it just seemed like a waste of time to Eva. She sighed seeing as she finished all of her homework with in the first half hour of lunch. She was the only one sitting at a small round table near the back of the room where she could watch everybody. That was when she decided to ditch the scene and make her way outside to the side of the school where there was a picnic table that she laid down on to stair up at the spring sky.