Terribly Sorry about that guys



Original poster
Ok yeah I dissapeared.

And well I had reasons..

But fuck that I'm back ^^

Bring it on bitches!
There have been changes while you were gone, old chap.

Tea has been outlawed.

He lies! We would never outlaw tea!

.. Maybe the color yellow though. >>
*Road Rage lands atop Diana and mauls her.*

Ah take offense ta that...
*Blood curdling scream!*
You disappeared? Didn't notice. Yet more proof to my overwhelming ability to be completely obivious. Anyways, welcome back man. Watch out for the newbies. They seem to be arriving in droves recently. *hands Porg a jockstrap* And on that note, here is your new ModGear. You have been given this new ModGear so as to provide better support to the newbies.
Woo! welcome back Porgmeister!

glad to have you on board again :)
I was wondering why I hadn't been saught out on MSN for a while. Glad you're back, buddy.
Welcome back PORG <3
*Slaps Porg around the forum for about half an hour*

Welcome back. Back to work or no tea for you!
Well dont feel to bad, Im not on nearly was much as I was. Dont know why.. so its alright.. whatever. Now is all that matters, so whatever right? *nods*