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  1. "I get along with your family just fine and I don't insult them or say anything that would hurt you... unless you hurt me first. You tell me who's the one pushing who to the deep end."
  2. that was a different butler; walter was gwazi's char. but it made sense to me to combine the two.

    I'm going to put my draft of the Lorentz/Lucrezia scene here; you let me know if we need anything added/changed.

    draft (open)

    Lorentz smirked as he walked into the alley with his hands in his coat pockets. In the dark of the evening, with a chill in the wind, and his coat-tails fluttering dramatically around him, the foreboding, garbage-strewn alley made the perfect backdrop for a clandestine and underhanded encounter.

    It would seem that his new employer had a flair for the dramatics.

    He had to give points for that. He liked a little flair as well, though his style tended toward painting the town red.

    A woman stood in the middle of the alley, the only sight of beauty amidst a scene of filth. She was a redhead in a tight red dress, oozing sex from her sultry eyes to her unmistakable curves. She wore high heels and knew how to use them, made evident as she walked with effortless ease toward him. Smoky eyes met his.

    "Mr. Lorentz, I presume," she drawled huskily, gazing up and down his tall, slim form.

    "Just Lorentz. You're Lucrezia?" It was the name his old friend had given him. "Our mutual acquaintance told me this was going to be worth my while. Now, will you kindly tell me why I'm standing in garbage when I could be in my hotel? Flying in from Thailand's a bit a rough on my sleep schedule."

    The woman, Lucrezia, sauntered around him in a way that brought to mind the image of a feline playing with its food. "My...associates...are intrigued by your accomplishments abroad. They've been following your career for the last several years. Our mutual acquaintance kept us abreast of you, recommended you."

    Lorentz raised a narrow eyebrow. "You're offering me a job?"

    "A career path," Lucrezia clarified. She was barely an inch away from him, more than close enough for him to detect her jasmine perfume. She studied his features intently with an upward tilt of head. "You're a tall one, aren't you?" she murmured appreciatively.

    "My mother insisted I drink milk," he said blithely. If this child was trying to seduce him, she was going to be disappointed. "Now, what do you want from me?"

    "Only what you do best -- cause chaos and destruction," the redhead said. "We need some magical muscle on our side. My associates wish to apprehend a girl named Natalia Elmore. But we cannot be tied to her...liberation. She's a rather gifted spellcaster, very powerful despite her youth. In case she...resists...our goodwill, we will need someone strong enough to handle her."

    "That's it?" Lorentz scoffed. "You need me for a snatch and grab? You insult me. I've wiped out whole towns. Such tasks are beneath me!" He turned sharply to storm out of the alley, only to stop in his tracks as a pair of things emerged from the ground.

    They compiled themselves from appeared to be gore, ichor, and blood, forming into something vaguely humanoid. But their spindly limbs ended in sharp claws with spines jutting out at where the elbows and shoulders should be. The head was faceless save for too-wide jaw full of teeth and a long, prehensile tongue. And the stench! They stank of corpses and the metallic scent of old blood.

    They were, perhaps, the most beautiful creatures Lorentz had ever seen.

    "Blood puppets," Lucrezia explained. "The rank and file of my associates' forces. Mindless, tough, and predatory. For every man they kill, another puppet rises to fill their ranks. A plague of death and destruction. We are willing to give you a few to study...if you join us."

    Lorentz walked over to one of them and ran a critical eye over it. "Its like necromancy...but...there's transmutation involved as well. Alchemy? No, they formed too quickly and without any base components. Fully automatous, driven solely by hunting instinct. Fascinating! The mana flow is...precise, yet not sewn into any conventional spell. Intriguing!"

    He turned to Lucrezia, eyes alight with awe. "No mage could accomplish this."

    "No," the redhead agreed, "no mage could."

    "And you will let me study these beautiful weapons?"


    "Will I meet your associates?" He would love to study them, as well. Manipulating mana without a spell? There were few beings capable of doing so, and all of them were extremely dangerous.

    Lucrezia gave him a coy smile. "Perhaps."

    Lorentz imagined the kind of wanton carnage he could unleash if he could deploy these blood puppets into the public. Their ranks would grow with each kill and each screaming, dying soul would add more screaming, dying souls. With them, he could create an orchestra of oblivion.

    "Then we have a deal, Ms. Lucrezia."

    EDIT: saw your post about raven; acutlaly, I planned for her to have gloves that could generate lightning. they literally look like regular gloves, but are alchemically designed. I jotted a few things down in her CS about how alchemy works

    basically, its versatile, but slow

    needs material components and time; thus, its not terribly combat worthy

    raven gets around it by pre-constructing an alchemical effect her gloves, cutting out the components and eliminating the casting time.

    i'll probably steal the charm bracelet idea after raven gets some combat training, thoguh
  3. Have a lot to say, but can't really say it on my phone. I'll start simply with asking what you mean by liberation. What I was going to do was after Cherie rescued Natalia Emily has her scene with the Controller. After he says he can't (or won't) help her, she then contacts Aegil, who I'm assuming then calls Lucrezia and Lorentz.

    This isn't a liberation by any means. The Sanguinaar would also hate Natalia, since she's the one who imprisoned their master, so I think a little bit of that hate should show.
  4. liberation being a sarcastic turn of phrase

    I assume Emily still wants Natalia for herself?

    they're liberating Natalia from the clutches of aunt cherie
  5. "My father is nothing like yours. And the more you try to make me turn from papa, the more you're pushing us aside."
  6. Oh, right. You need a number with that buddy-name...hmm..

    Well unless you plan on making your girl/guy today. I will post that later tonight.
  7. "I won't try to make you run from him."
  8. "I believe in accepting all parts of someone, faults and all. Sometimes it feels like you're ignoring his faults or claiming them to be something else."
  9. "You don't know anything about my father and you never will." Anya glare at him furiously.
  10. Hello This is where you post mission's for newbie's meaning mission's C-B class.
  11. "Well we know that's all everyone needs to make a decision. Just look at your pyschotic parents."
  12. Well dont feel to bad, Im not on nearly was much as I was. Dont know why.. so its alright.. whatever. Now is all that matters, so whatever right? *nods*