Terrible odor and wisdom teeth.

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  1. yes they have no similarities but I seriously need help with this

    one with the body odor, I smell like rotting fish and pee all the time, I have no clue why and have been taking a lot of baths, using deodrent and even tons of body spray but I still smell bad, and when your own body odor is making you sick to your stomach then you know you have a problem.

    second the wisdom teeth, I have had terrible pain in my wisdom teeth and in my molars, and have found sores inside my mouth, I'm not sure why and it hurts
  2. The odor thing might me a sign of sickness or something to do with hormones. I'd actually check a doctor ASAP just to be sure. Trust me, as a front runner for stupid health problems, persistent symptoms are something that may be hinting at a bigger issue, and the fix may be something simple.

    Wisdom teeth might be growing in more and pushing against your gums and teeth and trying to force their way in at an angle. May also be they need more attention when cleaning your teeth. If the problem persists after a few days of dedicated flossing and mouth wash, you may need to have them removed.

    Good luck, seriously! Health's a fickle beast.
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  3. Shave? Or trim? That might help. Hair traps smells, no matter how much you clean. Um try washing with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. And i guess use essential oils on your persons or coconut oil? Always keep wet wipes and see a doctor for both problems (gyn and dentist).

    And wash your clothes often enough. Keep animals off if you have any.
  4. Like a broken record, I will say the same as the others and advise you to go to the doctor. In the mean time, washing (if you are physically female) with anti-bacterial in the more sensitive regions isn't advised as there are species of bacteria that actually help keep you healthy. Trim like Mid suggested. But go get that checked.

    On the second note, go to the dentist for a consolation. This cannot wait, your teeth are a direct line to your brain and if there are sores, that means bad news. The likelihood of you being able to keep your wisdom teeth are slim at this point and keeping them will cause damage to your other teeth because they will keep on pushing against the other molars and can crack them, and push them into unhealthy positions. The procedure isn't that bad, and you get to eat ice cream with no regrets because it makes you feel better.

    Get both issues checked.
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