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I'm a real stickler about being amazing and burning a path of glory, beauty, and shit to anything I introduce myself to. With that, I have prepared and invested a large amount of time into this presentation.

Hello. My name is [ R̜̜̘̝̤͔ ̘̟̘̝̼͙̟Ę͔̜ ͚D͓̬̳̘ ̼̠̭̲̀A̼̰̪̻̖͠ ̧̠͚͔͎͚͚C̝͎̩͚̹͟T̙̠͠ E̷ ̸͈͇̥͔̣Ḍ̠͎̹͈͉̺́D̛̦̼͙͚̣ͅD̰̜̩͖̤̩͎D̲͙͕̩́ ] and I'm a Forum Hopper.

I lost the motivation to make this beautiful almost right from the get-go. I had none. Maybe I'll edit it after an hour, all sparkles and things. But hi. I'm more or less just a regular person that likes to write and analyze and make stupid jokes. Forums done me wrong most times out of all, and I have to thank a friend for getting me here to this really beautiful site. I marvel at this formatting. This is some grade-A shit.

Usually I would include just a... a full site-plan of my life and interests but: tired. Sorry, y'all. But my intention here is to craft fun stories, post stupid essays, and maybe even make some cool friends. I come off with ambiguous tones and for that, I apologize. Or don't. ...
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*HYPAAA BEAAMMMMM* *cough* I mean welcome to Iwaku want0n (well I almost spell wonton XD~!)

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A warm welcome to the site, Want0nnn! Good to have you. :D
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