Terrible Bosses

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    Terrible bosses[/size][size=+1]
    You've met them. Maybe you've even worked for them. There can be no denying that they're a terrible boss.
    The question is, which one of the terrible bosses was it and what did they do to earn a spot in your mind as a terrible boss?


    I had ONE boss. And she wasn't terrible, she was just really intimidating. o__o She was one of those ladies that had been in the military and she was way stressed out, authoritative and didn't take no shit. It's like, I really liked her when she wasn't working, but the rest of the time I was terrified of her.

    No, this was just brought up by all my complaints about the manager of a place where I was applying. The dude is TERRIFIED of women. He hasn't hired a woman in years and just keeps claiming that none of them are qualified enough or that they have bad character. I know women who have worked shifts for me, loaned from other stores from the same company in the area. He won't even speak to them directly - these women who were working for him were not spoken to him directly the entire time they were working. He relayed their duties through his assistant manager. It INFURIATES me. Every time I went in to check my application and even once when I went to buy something, he puffed himself up and waddled into the back room as soon as I walked in, leaving his other employees to deal with me. The one time he was working alone, I was actually attempting to buy something. He gave me a monosyllabic response to me asking for a recommendation.
  4. Oh wow .___.;

    Are bosses including but not limited to teachers? oAo
  5. Kitti, since he's obviously not going to hire you I say you make a call to the state. Not hiring people because of their sex is illegal in this country still.

    As for my worse boss ever... Let's just say there was much rejoicing and a lot of phone calls made the day he & his assistant were escorted out of the store! <3
  6. Every person I have ever worked for has been a sarcastic, angry, stressed out person who would constantly make the employees feel like idiots. I learned a lot from them all though.

    NOW, I have a super chill work environment. The dudes I work with are laid back and it's the best job I've ever had.

    It's not where you work, it's who you work with. True story.
  7. I had a hmm 2 bosses! And uh, the first one took advantage of me by making me work more than the other emlpoyees even when they were newer than me. Oh well, I sent him to the CARAJO (to hell) and the other one was my mom and her husband for a day xD It was fun, a bit nervous but they weren't bad. So yup.
  8. *sighs*

    My previous boss had no social skills. If someone were to walk in late, he would make a sarcastic comment about being them late or finally showing up. It was absolutely inappropriate. And when the employees would start slowing because oh I don't know, they were going their fastest for 2 HOURS, my boss would snap down on them and tell them to hurry up because we have customers to take care of. I'm sorry, but all of these employees are high schoolers who probably have never held a job before and you're paying them minimum wage. There is no reason whatsoever that you should yell at them. Oh and he had a habit of slamming things on the counter whenever he would get mad. I don't care if you're not yelling at everyone else. You're setting a tense mood once you start yelling at one person in front of everyone.

    And the district manager grinded my gears. You don't brag about being a dick when you're a boss. Why? Because it can get you fired and it's fucking rude.
  9. -pats his back and shakes her head- We are all there at some point in our lives.
  10. I had a previous boss that was literally dumber than I was. ._. It was infuriating, not because she was dumber than me, but because she had trained me how to do everything the wrong fucking way. When my new manager arrived, they realized why I sucked at my job and retrained me, but the damage was done.

    The job itself wasn't much better, either and I got myself fired as quick as possible. Fortunately, my next job had WAY better supervisors.
  11. All 3 of my Duty Managers at Frankie's are super chill! I love them and they're awesome! I actually have titles for them. Manager Ralph is the chillest and somewhat of a perv but a funny one! Manager Tim is cool~ He's 28 and is awesome with impressions! Makes me laugh EVERY...SINGLE...DAY. I always say, "Shut up, Tim!" Manager Josh is kinda like our sheppard. -_- He brings us back to our right positions. It gets annoying but he has a soft side that I know.

    Now, my GM, Manager Jamie?


    He's gay for one thing and when a day does not go right for him, he bitches at us in order to compensate. >_> Not cool, man. Not cool.
  12. I've never had a terrible boss.

    You know who's a terrible boss, though? Ganondorf. >:[

    My current boss though is a real piece of work. I'm imagining some kind of massive PR-shitstorm is going to rip through this place and tear everything and everyone asunder and leave us empty husks of what we once were from which we will have no hope of ever recovering. It kind of seems like his favorite thing to do it to verbally reminisce about the times he could have killed his wife and think about ways that it could still be done. He's also racist to the hilt and drops the N-bomb without a thought along with other dirty things about other people. Within the first few days he called me a fuck when he thought I wasn't there. Pretty sure he called me something horrible the other day because the other supe came rushing into the room and asked me if I was ok. He wouldn't repeat it to me though.