Terra's Deceit

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  1. The stars shined bright in the night sky of Korhal IV from the surface a vast fleet could be seen up in space, the ships were billions in number and all had the same marking a black… skeleton… hand. The ships were black as space itself and not a single one of them seemed to resemble something Terran, Protean or Zerg in-fact. They were all new ships colossal and spanned almost several continents of Korhal IV itself… the Dominon forces were shaken, they did not know from where or when did the ships arrived, Valerian panicked almost as he saw the put out the sun and immediately plunge the light sight off the world into darkness then light again as it moved away from the sun. Immediately a hail came from the planet which the commander of the forces was happy to answer “I am Emperor Valerian Mengsk of the Dominion, I order you to cease whatever it is you are planning and leave this planet before we fire upon you intruders!” said the newly appointed Emperor Mengsk a panic was visible on his face. Montross’ emotionless was there as per usual, he stared at the Emperor that appeared on his screen and looked at him directly in the eyes “Emperor Mengsk, first of all I would advise you to remain calm… we have no hostile and/or aggressive intentions towards you. We are a force much larger than any in the universe but we don’t go around and bully the lesser than us, instead we offer a helping hand.” He said with a calm, deep and steady voice “That is for a reasonable fee.” He said with a chuckle as he looked at the Emperor sat in his seat “So you’re all mercenaries? Where in god’s name did you gather such a force? And the design of your ships looks like they came from hell itself.” Said the young emperor now vividly calmed “Mercenaries is a harsh word to use for us and it seems to point to something small, and we are not something very small, we are known by a few names but the main one would be Black Hand Private Military Company.” He said as he continued to look at the Emperor, he seemed surprised and shocked at the same time “How interesting. Well, you don’t seem hostile that is certain… what are you doing here? Do you offer your services or just passing through?” said the Emperor as he placed his hands on his sides looking at Montross “We have heard that the previous Emperor had recently passed away and the forces of the Dominion had been struck quite the blow, so we came to assist the Dominion… for a price.” He said as he stood up holding his hands behind his back looking back at the Emperor “Alright, I think the formidable force you have gathered and the sheer power you wield says that you are genuine, we will enlist your services no matter the price starting immediately.” Said the Emperor “Understood, we will deploy our forces to the plants surface as we get out directives and the first payment, second payment shall be made on the middle of the contract and last payment shall be made at the end of the contract. I shall deploy a handful of soldiers right now to ensure peace and safety to the citizens of the Dominion, I myself will drop down to the surface in order to meet you face to face and if available inspect your Ghost Academy as I heard it had the most successful of Ghost programs.” He said as he gave the Emperor a nod “Looking forward to meeting you… How awkward I didn’t quite catch your name?” said the Emperor to which Montross replied “Commander Montross Wilhelm.” He said and gave the Emperor a nod “To our meeting Emperor, have a good day.” Said Montross and the communication ceased, he turned to his underling and assistant “Drop 3rd platoon scattering them around major key points, their objectives are maintaining security, safety and peace of the citizens, all other orders are to come through high command only. And prepare my armor I am visiting the surface” he said as he began pacing out the command bridge and through the hallways of the ship to an elevator from where he finally reached the armory, in it his armor was already prepared for equipping… he walked in the middle of the room and undressed from his official clothes and down to his underwear, he stepped on the circular floor and the machine began placing the armor on him in a short few minutes it finished and gave him his weapons. With a fast pace and gun in hand he paced to the main hangar where he boarded a drop ship along with 3rd platoon to the surface, the morale of the soldiers was high as usual, they were the finest of the finest and they all had the best of the best gear a soldier could ask for.

    As the ship shook at entry of the planet’s atmosphere they found themselves landing in the main district of the planet, some soldiers unloaded and with a run they assumed their positions while two others came along with their commander, he placed his gun on his shoulder and then walked inside of the governmental building which slowly lead to the throne room and to Valerian Mengsk himself, as the doors were opened to him Montross stared directly at the Emperor not even batting an eye towards anything else in the room “Ah, Commander Wilhelm… that was fairly quick. Glad to have you.” Said the Emperor as he offered Montross a handshake which he accepted, they shook hands “Mighty impressive equipment you have there. Mighty impressive indeed… now, onto more pressing matters, I would wish your soldiers to position yourself in the major key locations throughout the planet and you’re ships to patrol every sector of this system, I do not want something coming at us without us knowing, now to an even more pressing manner. Come with me.” Said the Emperor and then led him to a secret room behind the throne that seemed much like a war/meeting room. He poured himself a drink and sat down while looking at Montross “We may have an issue with a rogue agent, well two rogue agents but the other is not that relevant. Have you heard of Nova Terra?” said the Emperor and looked at Montross “You mean your top assassin? Are you telling me that you managed to lose your best assassin, just like that? Hmmm… what do you want me to do about it?” said Montross as he looked at the Mengsk “I want you to find her and if by any chance you have capture her, but if she proves to be unwieldy eliminate her. I will leave that decision to your discretion.” Said the Emperor and looked at Montross while leaning in his chair “Indeed, alright… it seems we have a contract Emperor Mengsk.” He said as he pulled out a datapad “Sign there, you will find my signature bellow yours.” He said and watched the Emperor as he signed the document “Outstanding, I shall get to work right away.” He said as he shook the Emperor’s hand again and walked out of the room sending the contract on the datapad to his mothership in the skies. He walked through the throne room again and dismissed his bodyguards telling them to return to their previous objectives while he himself stepped out of the governmental building and headed himself to the streets, his visor still up he took a deep breath to what reminded him of his past and began walking to the Ghost Academy while on the way there asking if anyone had seen Nova themselves, but the answer was the same all the time. He continued his search as he continued to walk to the Ghost Academy.
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  2. A life on the run was not as glamorous as the old books said it was. Nova walked amongst the denizens of the underworld as a hood was pulled over her face. The under-districts of the capital held a vague familiarity to her. Back on Tarsonis, after the death of her family, she had made the cesspool, The Gutter, her home. Memories recovered by her exposure to terrazine reminded her of the necessity to steal, to intimidate, and to network with individuals Nova had no wish in getting to know. It was a requirement to staying alive in this sort of environment. The difference now was that she had the skills - the means - subjugate thugs who tried to control. Delta - a ghost from the academy - was also with her. Her responsibility was no longer just to her, but to the younger teenage ghost as well. Nova couldn't let her stay under the orders of Valerian Mengsk. Under the guise of her daughter, she sought to disappear from the world until she could remake and identity and the term of duty was forgotten.

    Looking up when she approached a vendor, she inspected the crops the old woman sold. Nova felt bad for the elderly. Selling in the underdistrict was a war in of itself. "The cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. How much?"

    "50 credits for a bundle of each. 150. Don't you try to haggle, thief!"

    Nova rose and eyebrow as the thoughts of the old woman filled her mind. Ever since she was in her early teenage years, hearing the thoughts of those around her was as natural as breathing. At first, Nova welcomed it. On many occasions, knowing the thoughts of another allowed her to preemptively act. A perk when one had a psionic rating of 10 she supposed. There was a whole lot of other stuff she could do - beautiful yet terrible - but those abilities couldn't be used as freely these days. However, the mind reading was helpful, and Nova was left with a choice. Haggle down to 100 credits for the old woman needed the money or pay the full cost so she could support her medicated husband.

    Pursing her lips, Nova circled the bundles. "125 credits. There are other vendors I can take my business to."

    "I said no hagg-"

    "Suit yourself," Nova said as she began to walk off.

    "Wait girl!"

    Nova turned around. "Reconsider?"

    The old woman seemed to be on the verge of bursting a blood vessel. "Don't you dare tell anyone else, you hear?"

    Nova handed over the agreed amount and took her goods after inspecting each. She was satisfied. Disappearing back into the crowd of a thousand common faces, she quickly made her way back to the safe house where her adopted daughter - Delta - was waiting. She thoughts wondered to whether the girl was successful or not. Nova had told her to procure some other necessities that they needed by any means possible - bar killing if it could be helped. Hardly what any normal family would do, but the two were hardly normal.

    As she rounded a bend, the disparity between the reconstruction of the capital and here were apparent. There were no law enforcers around and the large prefab buildings that were crumbling and gaping with holes provided no privacy to those that dwelled within. Shouting wars flooded down to the streets as gunshots in the distance could be heard. Just as shitty as it was in the Gutter Nova thought to herself.

    Getting close to the safe house, a large shade loomed as Nova looked up. Thoughts of fear and panic assaulted her mind at once as she sought to block them out. It was to no avail. Studying the sky above, it was as if someone had pulled the curtain down upon the sun before the light returned. Several moments later, she heard a sonic boom indicating a shuttle coming down. Her instincts kicked in as she pushed her way through the crowd. Be it Dominion forces or not, Korhal IV was not the safest place to be for two inactive ghosts. She had to find a way off planet. An inkling of a plan began to form.

    But first, she had to get back to Delta.


    "Did you see it Nova? Whatever just passed blocked out the sun! Was it a swarm? We can't stay here!"

    Chopping up the vegetables that she had bought, soup boiled on the stove as Nova's thoughts focused solely on getting off planet. They could use a smuggler, but those people were unreliable at best. With her funds being cut off, finding the most economic way of doing things was a priority. Hacking bank terminals wasn't out of the question; but with each hack, a trail would've been made that could lead back to her. She took care in where she did it.

    "We need to leave," she said. "Valerian is not doubt looking for us. The blackout couldn't have been good. It isn't the swarm."

    Delta shuddered as she was dressed in a normal miner's hazard suit. "I got the parts. What did you need a fusion cell for?"

    Turning the stove on low, Nova filled two bowls as she slid on over to Delta. She sat down at a small, metallic table. "To cover our tracks," Nova replied as she took a spoonful of her creation. "Eat."

    Delta sat down and took a sip as her eyes lit up. "Oh wow! You know, my mom used to make something like this."

    Nova frowned. She felt Delta's sudden change in emotion. "Hey ..."

    Delta shrugged as she took another spoonful. "I'm over it. I'm fine. I wish you didn't give me the terrazine."

    "You said you wanted to remember." Nova leaned back as she studied Delta's face. "I made it clear before I did it. Have the effects settled yet?"

    "Flashbacks but mostly. Anyway, are we leaving? Plans, mom?"

    It was odd being called that. If Nova had been called that several years ago, she would've keeled over. Things were different now. Though she was abnormal, Nova wanted a shot at a normal life. That wasn't too much to ask was it? "We are, but we need a few things before that. Namely, we need credits," she said. "The only way I can think of getting off world is aboard a merchant ship or a smuggler. I don't trust either, but we don't have military resources."

    "Shall we do a shakedown?"

    Nova shook her head. "I may go to the capital, hack some terminals in large amounts. I'm sure the upper echelon won't mind a few hundred thousand credits taken. I could also try to put a backdoor in the Academy's system?"

    Delta opened her eyes wide. "No."

    "Why not?"

    "Going back to the Academy is insane Nova! Especially when they want you back! Just no!"

    "Don't be such a kid."

    "I am a kid! Who knows how to kill, paint a target for a tactical strike, and psionically burn people!"

    Nova held up a hand as she fixed Delta with a stern gaze. "I'm not suicidal. I'm going to mull over our options and decide later tonight. Regardless, we've outstayed our welcome."

    Delta sighed as she pointed her spoon at Nova. "Nothing stupid, okay? You're all that's left for me. The others that actually matter to me are gone."

    The sincerity of that sentence filled Nova's head as she nodded. "I'll decide tonight. Now, that fusion cell. Where is it?"
  3. Walking through the city he could see only of people without a worry strolling through the city, it has recovered fairly quickly from the Zerg attack that had happened not long ago, but it didn’t surprised him too much, the Dominion had plenty of workforce to push around. With a firm step he walked through the city often making people turn around and look at him, some scared some just plainly looked at him.

    After walking through the city looking for clues he reached the Ghost Academy, upon entering he was greeted by a squad of soldiers pointing their guns at him, something which he didn’t like greatly, his visor lifted as he looked at a man approach from behind the soldiers “Who are you? Stand down or you will be shot.” Said the man, Montross was not amused “Stand down? If I wanted to shoot you, I would have just had the whole planet purged from my ship. Now order your soldiers to stand down before I swat them like bugs on the wall, and I mean literally like bugs on the wall… I am under orders from Emperor Valerian Mengsk, you don’t want to upset the Emperor himself now do you.” Said Montross as he looked at the man, at the word of Emperor he had ordered the men to stand down “I am terribly sorry, sir… it’s not a normal thing for a man to just stroll in the academy wearing a marine armor that is made from god knows what materials, to put that on the side you have quite the weapons on you.” Said the man as the situation calmed itself and the soldiers moved aside “Oh, excuse me… my name is Kevin Bick, I am the director of the Academy.” Said the man and extended a hand to Montross “And you are?” said the man “Montross Wilhelm, Commander and Leader of the Black Hand.” He said and shook the man’s hand “Now straight to business. Nova Terra.” Said Montross and the man almost immediately gave him a worried and frightening look “What about her?” he said as he gestured to him to follow him which Montross did, he led him to his office where he sat down and poured himself a drink, he offered Montross one but all he did was shake his head at the offer “Now as I said previously, Nova Terra.” Said again Montross as he crossed his hands “Nova this, Nova that… can’t you people give me a rest. My agents have not been able to locate her, they have searched perhaps the whole city, the whole continent, the whole planet even!” said Kevin “I am not interested to know where your people failed I am interested in possible locations that are 50 to 100 miles around the Academy, in air, on ground or underground I want a list of locations she might be, I hope your men are able to do at least that.” Said Montross as he looked at him, Kevin shook his head “You won’t find her, but…” he took out a datapad from one of the desks many drawers and placed it on the desk “…here you go. Locations our agents think she went, they are littered throughout the planet, but perhaps you would start with the ones around the academy. Good luck, you’re going to need it.” Said Kevin and downed his glass of alcohol. Montross took the datapad and immediately left, he stood out front of the academy and looked through the datapad, some of these locations had mentioned an underground in them, so he decided to head straight there. And he then remembered the underground himself, the place where he killed for the first time, harsh thoughts clouded his mind but he shook them off and then started walking towards the ghetto of Korhal IV, the most unsavory streets of them all. If you were a fugitive, this is the place to hide… no police or marines walking around the only law was the law of the dead and their killers. He drew his weapon as the elevator he had entered brought him to the lower tiers of the city, he paced through these streets yet again criminals gave him some weird looks and undoubtedly he was going to get into a firefight here.

    As he walked through the streets he tried asking for the locations of Nova but nobody seemed to know or they just kept quiet, the law wasn’t very popular here and these criminals were a bunch of rats that would kill each other first themselves than let the law intervene with that matter. He ran into a man that seemed to bump into him on purpose “What’s yo problem man?” said the thug as his friends gathered around him “My problem? Hmph… I would advise you to keep your distance is my problem.” Said Montross as he glared at the man through his visor “What’s the matter wimp? You have some face issues so you hide behind your little sunglasses over here. And what’s that? Flowers drawn on your face? Pathetic.” Said the man and laughed at him “I think I just had enough of you scum.” Said Montross as he aimed down and began shooting, first shots were to frighten them into cover in which they quickly did, they tried to shoot at him while in cover but as their heads popped up they were shot one by one with one single bullet, Montross didn’t even bother diving for cover as he shot at the men one by one. He looked as they stopped firing and then went to the place where they were hiding in cover, he saw one alive frightened beyond comprehension hugging the metal wall behind him “P-p-please I w-will do any-thing, j-j-j-just spare me.” Said the man as he begged Montross to leave him alive “Tell me, have you heard or seen any new faces around the underground? Come on speak up, I know you rodents have large networks across the whole planet don’t deny it or I might just put a bullet in your head.” Said Montross as he aimed his gun at him “Y-y-yeah, two new faces somewhere, t-they said they came up from top b-but they were nothing more but people that got kicked out of the high class… bastards must have lost their wealth or got sentenced for a crime.” Said the man “Where? Tell me their location?” Montross replied and grabbed him by his coats collar lifting him inches above the ground continuing to point the gun at his head “I-I-I don’t know! I SWEAR!” said the man and Montross dropped him to the ground, he returned to looking at least he had a number now, two people. But with who was Nova running with? It didn’t appear to him like she had any friends, any friends at all. But whatever the case was he still had to find them he thought as he continued looking through the underground.
  4. As Nova was cleaning the small quarters of the safe house, her mind wandered. A civilians life - she concluded - was difficult. When she was still with the Dominion, they offered her direction and a sense of purpose. How could everyday people with such indecisiveness? Going through the motions of cooking, cleaning, and looking out for others, it fast became a bother. However, there was one things that the wasn't given when she was in the military that she valued now. Though contradicting her last thought, she enjoyed the pursuit of individual identity. With the memory wipes cleared, she spent nights reliving her past and present and trying to come to terms with things. As of now, the progress was nil. She still hated what happened to her family, she still relished in the fact that her psionic abilities helped hunt down their murderers, and she hated those who opposed the Dominion, which necessitated their death by her hands. Furthermore, she had Delta. Though capable of taking care of herself, Nova was glad to be her legal guardian - even if it were a ruse. Their past bound them together. It was a sad connection.

    "Nova?" The older woman looked back as Delta strolled on in. "I've been thinking. What if we stole a ship? Replace the signal codes and forge a few documents. Should be easy, no?"

    Nova pursed her lips as she mulled the idea over. Also risky, but it was an option. "Didn't like my idea on storming the academy?"

    "No. No really," Delta said. "I'm sure we could find something in the under district's ship yard. Law enforcement don't come here. What's a few more deaths of drug runners and smugglers?"

    "There could be wranglers and ghost down here," Nova suggested. "While our precautions have masked our presence, assaulting a shipyard - either loud or soft - will draw attention. We can take care of them, of course. But, we won't make it through the atmosphere. If the unknown things above don't shoot us down the planetary defenses will. That's ... something I can't really block."

    Delta ruffled her medium-length blonde hair as she grinned. "That was my idea of the day. I'm sure we can make it work though. Your concern is contingent on wranglers actually being in the under district."

    "Which is a very strong possibility."

    "But still a possibility! It's safer than going to the home of the ghosts or hacking bank terminals!"



    Nova smirked. "I always think of a plan. Relax. I'll tell you when its full developed."

    Before the exchange could continue any further, Nova stiffened as the echoes of gunfire filtered through the buildings walls. Delta had reacted almost the same. Reaching out with her mind, she heard the pain, fear, and anger of those getting shoot. Then she felt another mind, one that was apathetic to it all. She heard the conversation between the dying and what she assumed was a wrangler. They were looking for her - for Delta as well. They were too close. How did they know to come to this specific part? She was thorough.

    "Suit up," Nova said as she walked towards the living quarters. Thumbing a button, the wall moved back revealing her armor plating, gadgets, and weapons she carried with her from her previous life. A pack containing essentials such as identities and and emergency credits also resided within for an occasion such as this. She quickly took off her civilian clothing as her environmental suit was already fitted to her body. Quickly latching on the platings, she filled out her utility belt with all her equipment. Her ghost mask went on last as it covered her ears. She lifted the visor up to rest on her head. Her AGR checked, she went back into the main area carrying the knapsack with her. She was glad to see Delta already waiting for her. Unlike her, the younger woman excelled at the long range things where as Nova favored medium distance to close. It was a good set up.

    Handing over the bag, Nova adjusted her platings. It felt oddly welcome to have the things on again. "We go stealth," she said. "You take the high ground while I investigate on foot. Cloak smartly Delta. You can't hold it for that long. If the person is wrangler - of if the target of interest shoots, you take a clean shot."

    "Got it Nova."

    Steadying her breath, the two of them walked to the door. Before she opened it, a thought came to mind as she walked back and grabbed two overcoats that they were on a regular basis. "Wear it. We don't need people noticing us too much. That sniper will give you away though. Cloak till your out of the public eye. Delta, I'm counting on you."

    Delta nodded.

    Throwing over the overcoats, the two emerged from the safe house. Nova fingered a small pouch on her pelt, which held a detonator for the fusion cell Delta had brought back. If they were compromised, there would be no trace. If it was just a fluke, then they could go back and plan quickly to their next course of action. Hearing footsteps behind her turn and patter off silently, Delta rested easy. Hopefully neither of them had lost their edge. Unlikely but civilian life did that. Walking into an alley herself, Nova cloaked as she began her search for the sense she felt earlier. The thrill of the hunt was upon her once again.​
  5. Montross roamed the underground streets almost the whole day, interrogating the locals and getting shot at by idiot gangs that tried to kill him. He grew tired of the combat, at least the combat that had no gain or no challenge to it… as he roamed the underground he stumbled upon a small patch of grass and a single tree struggling to stay alive in dire conditions. The water hardly reached it and the one that did was filled with god knows what toxins, but yet the tree lived… barely it managed to grew a flower but it lived. He found it interesting and sad at the same time but alas he was not the poetic kind of person, so with the rifle on his shoulder he proceeded looking for the fugitives.
    Finding a ghost was a challenge by itself, their name justifying their movements as they were always concealed and hidden, it was hard as it was for another ghost to find them and it was sure going to be hard for Montross as well but he had the devotion to carry it through. Out of nowhere a voice came through his helmet “Commander, we have received directives from the Dominion. Should we further deploy the troops?” said the female voice from the other side “Alright, what are the directives? Attack, defend?” he said as he continued to pace through the streets passing the tree that he seen “Commander our directives are to provide defense for the home planet while also providing troops where the Dominion are missing some. Some of the places are fairly quiet but some are hot zones with expected hostile activity, whether it is terrorist groups, Protos or Zerg. But my calculations indicate that we would more likely to suffer no casualties thanks to our equipment and the skill our soldiers have, I also have to inform you that morale is high amongst the men and the Dominion had paid our first payment. It is quite the hefty paycheck Commander.” Said the assistant “Good, good… proceed with full deployment; deploy the soldiers while still maintaining a formidable defense. We have the manpower so let’s not spread ourselves thin. You know the tactics for planets that are out of this sector, deploy a mothership per sector and roll out the troops.” Said Montross and stopped to look around the place he was in now, he seemed to stumble upon a abandoned cathedral “Right away commander, deploying troops now, good luck on your mission commander.” Said the assistant and the communication ceased, Montross looked up at the sky seeing the swarm of billion little transports enter the planet’s atmosphere, the sound of billions of sonic booms echoed through the sky as the marines landed on the ground and quickly rushed to their positions. A smirk appeared on his face as he continued walking through the underground, he returned his gaze to the Cathedral though and looked at it… he walked towards its entrance; slowly walking and his weapon in hand he scanned the place with his eye carefully to spot anything that didn’t appear like it was supposed to belong there… perhaps if he was lucky he might be able to find the ghosts here, but that was very, very unlikely. He pushed the large wooden door open and it creaked before the whole thing flew of the hinges and collapsed on the marble floor in-front of him, revealing the inside of the cathedral.


    He looked around as he entered it, his watchful eye scanning the place completely for any sign of movement. As he moved to the first aisle, he managed to scare the birds away… his eye was fast and he had known that they were birds, he did not flinch or budge at them simply continued to the aisle as he scanned his surroundings. The place looked liked it was abandoned for some time now and it seemed like the perfect place for someone to hide in so he kept moving slowly silently hoping that someone would and at the same time would not attack him in this sort of place, ducking under cover would be easy but defeating a ghost will not be. Especially this ghost, but then a idea had lit up in his head… and he knew just the thing to do what draws attention? Guns… he thought and began spraying his gun into the wall in-front of him. The recoil of the weapon seemed to be non-existent in his hand as he continued to pierce a deep hole in the wall, piece by piece concrete and marble fell off and landed slowly on the marble floor by the end of the clip he had pierced a hole through the marble decoration that was on the wall and through the concrete behind it. A click of his weapon and a loud metal clang could be heard; he dropped the clip to the ground and loaded in another clip with it a click of the bolt on his weapon rang through the cathedral as he then walked to the stairs that led to a broken cross, he sat facing towards the entrance of the cathedral and placed his weapon in between his legs. Now he sat and waited hoping that someone would actually react to the gunshots that were fired, it was rare to hear a marine rifle in the underground and that would surely draw them out, at least that what’s he thought. He leaned forwards his elbows resting on his knees as his gaze scanned his surroundings; instead of capturing Nova which would most likely end up in her escaping her captors again he could simply keep her for himself and use her as a tool that is very, very useful. This would also give his people someone to teach them about Ghosts and perhaps finally start his own Ghost Program which right now was non-existent. The more he thought about it the more he had gotten excited about trying and find this person, as each second passed the more he was urged to move but he stayed at least for the next hour or so.
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