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To put simply, Take Mineraft, Old school Metroid, put them in a room and let them fuck, then give their lovechild 8-bit theater graphics, and you get this game.

Now lets not forget to mention that you have boos fights (As pictured above,) Full Dungeons, several different zones, blocks that burn you if you try to mine them, (But oh the badass stuff you can make,) AND random world events which will either give you good shit or kill all your npc's (Which can sell you stuff.)

Any Takers?
Duuude. The very idea of this game is giving me a boner...o_o
I know what you mean, I'm looting up more info.
I don't want to hear about Chaos' manthing.

Perhaps this game is interesting though.
I've got the weirdest boner right now....
I downloaded Steam just to get this. ^^;
My Steam name is Miruruneko.

Have killed Eye of Cthulu and 3 Eater of Worlds; Currently acting out plans for improved city defenses.
Excellent, My Steam name is shadowharte. Servers work much like minecraft where you need to put in the IP address of the server.


Edit: I will be taking on three eyes of Cthulu simultaneously. Should be fun.

Cannot summon multiple Eyes of Cthulu, can however farm six of them in one blood moon and still have time for zombie killing.

Now to try all three bosses at once.....should be interesting.
Having joined my friends things have become fantastic for me. Their high progress world glitched and died however. On the bright side

Solo exploration on our server's new world yielded
-A Lucky Horseshoe (Negates Fall Damage)
-A Cloud in a Jar (Double jump)
-A Musket (Subsequently earning us a Arms Dealer)

Right as everyone left, surprise, surprise. GOBLIN INVASION. So I had to take them out on my own with my trusty musket and ball o hurt. Not a single NPC was lost. In the ensuing chaos, I claimed our teams first pair of rocket boots. Right after that I messaged our Server admin and rubbed it in his MP Maxed out face. We quickly came to the conclusion that even though we all have grappling hooks, it was clear that long falls or climbs are no longer any severe threat to me. Now when playing solo I take building materials and build forward bases for the team, often on the border of Corruption. When we travel together, I use my Double Jump and Rocket boosts to take the high ground and focus on the stuff coming from the air with my guns and Ball 'O' Hurt, while our 400 HP Molten Geared mad man takes on the shit in the ground like a boss.

We have quite the team dynamic going on.
I'm pretty much at the 400hp molten geared badass stage, to include fiery great sword.
GMK, tried connecting to your server. It connects, loads, spawn me then kicks me out every time.

Update issues, I'll bring it back up now that it's done patching.
Think its more likely a connection timeout of sorts.... I.E. me lagging out.
Managed to connect last night and stay on!!!

Thans GMK.
Just for reference, how does one start a server and play on it? I know it gave me directions on the thing but I'm getting a graphics card error.
You go to multiplayer and select the start server options as normal, then you just run another instance of the game and connect to that server via IP and password.
Yep did that and naturally my router was problems. So instead I went through the same way I do my minecraft and hey-presto it works. Hamachi once again saves the day.
I have claimed a Phoenix Blaster.

The world is my bitch.
Chaos, Star cannon + rocket boots, nothing can fuck with you, not even skeletron.