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    It was the year 2066 when Dave Dilahunty had been tasked with 3 other Astronauts to go to Mars, and make an attempt to make the surface habitable for human life. David was extremely excited, along with his fellow Astronauts, and the people working at ground control. In 2060, plans were first released to the public about Mars being made sustainable for human life, and liquid water existing on the surface of Mars, and Mars having a stable temperature. The public had gone wild as soon as these plans were released, and the media took extreme advantage of this. For at least two years, you couldn't change the channel without there being a news report talking about the mission to Mars. You'd think they'd get used to it now, about every country had landed a man on the moon, and low Earth Orbit Real estate had become generalized to the public, it was only a few million a month to rent out a condo in space.

    What were the plans? Well, without the public's knowledge, in 2058, NASA sent large boxes made of aluminum, steel, and plastic, general materials like that to Mars. They were about 30 ft tall each, and they had ladders going to the very top, where there was a hole, peeking down into the dark box. The crews job this time was to take chemicals to the top, and burn them, creating large amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, strengthening the atmosphere, providing a stable temperature for the now lifeless planet.

    "Our coordinates are 38°52′59″N 77°0′59″W." Dave spoke out clearly to his crew, we were just arriving at low Mars orbit, and now starting to put our billion dollar space suits on. Dave, himself had just finished getting dressed before he spoke out their coordinates. Dave was looking down out of the window of the spaceship, and saw the large red planet. It reminded him of his first missions ever in low Earth orbit, repairing satellites. "Pass me a wrench.." Dave silently spoke to himself.

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