Terra Magica [Post Apocalyptic Fantasy]

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    "The world screamed and was born anew from the shudders a dying civilization. We stand among the ruins, asking why. When we should ask, how. And where do we go from here."
    -Chronicler Marie Iboto; Book of Upheaval; A record of the early pre-Fall era.

    In the year of 2050, Earth faced a possible extinction level event. The sudden appearance of a giant celestial bodies that blinked into existence right outside of our atmosphere, sending a chock wave that displaced and destroyed most if not all satellites we had in orbit. To this day, nobody can tell how such a thing could possibly happen.

    While we were still baffled, still in a state of shock, it began to crash down towards earth. What first was believed to be a giant meteor turned out to be something else. The crystals was alive with a energy that defied any sensor, any attempt at rational and scientific explenation. It was magic. And then they shattered and rained down onto the earth as a hail of massive crystalline meteors. They punched down into the earth, piecing down to the crust in some places and causing massive eruptions of lava and earthquakes. In other places, they hit the ocean causing massive Tsunamis across our coastlines. And their effects were not limited to mere physical phenoms. The crystals drastically affected the areas around them. First came the kinetic shock waves of their impact that leveled everything in a radius of several hundred miles. But, what came afterward was very unexpected.

    Instead of sweeping our planet in giant clouds of dust and ash, the giant crystals that were now embedded into our planet warped the areas around them. In the Amazons, the crystals warped the wildlife and fauna, hyper charged and mutated it into something more fit of myth then reality, and on the plains of Texas, giant beasts were suddenly roaming, the oilfields lost to violent, revolting fauna. The oceans filled with sea serpents and other creatures of myth that turned our navys into scrap metal and made traveling by a sea a nightmare. And in the Northern hemisphere some places were flash frozen with ice that do not melt, entire cities swallowed by over night glaciers. Here It had caused eruptions and punched deep enough, it appeared to absorb the heat and spawn a series of strange, elemental creatures. Some of them capable of breathing fire, others being permanently aflame yet undisturbed by it.

    All across the world, mankind lost to the new world that was created before them. Eradicated by the natural phenomenons and the powerful new creatures that roamed our earth. All but those strong enough or smart enough or simply dogged enough to survive.

    One such place where post-fall humanity survives is the East Coast settlement of Ambrosia. Risen from the ashes of San Fransico, the ones bustling city of two bridges is now a modest township with a odd ten thusand descendants of the falls survivors.

    You will be playing as people who work or live in the city. I have put together a very basic, flexible archtype system for this. One play as a soldier, Hunter, Explorer, Mage or Engineer. Each simply provide a frame and a basic but unique role. The plan being to have people work together to cover up eachothers weaknesses nad work as a team.

    • Explorer Archtype:
      Unique Skills: Combat Experience (Bonuses to Combat) /
      Soldiering (Extensive Knowledge of Weapons)
      Subtype Example:
      Ex-Raider, Militiaman, Ambrosian Guardsman, Caravan Guard.

      In a world so harsh and so unforgiving, the soldier is never without work. The soldier archtype is without equal when it comes to combating their fellow man and come from all walks of life. From city militia to former raiders, the Soldier is capable to wield any number of weapons, both old and new. They possess training, tactical thinking and combat exprience that make them worth their weight in gold. Where you come from and what you done to earn your stripes matters. Where a Guardsman have rigourous training and Militia might know his nook of the world like the back of his hand. A ex-Raider might bring a unique and brutal savagery to battle.

      Subtype Examples;
    • Hunter Archtype:
      Unique Skills: Slayer (Knowledge of fighting beasts) /
      Tamer (Knowledge of how to tame beasts)
      Subtype Example:
      Stalker, Giant Slayer, Exterminator, Beast Tamer.

      The many beasts and creatures that now room our world are in general very dangerous. It is a special kind of person who decide to hunt them down. Enter the Hunter Archtype, a mix of survival skills and combat. Hunters are used to fight beasts, not humans and as such they are less apt at killing men and utilizing combat strategies then a soldier. While some may prefer to hang back with a really powerfull rifle, some hunters make it a pointto sneak up on their pray. Others only hunt the biggest, meanest beasts. Due to varied nature of their quarries, hunters weapons are extremely specified and generally a whole lot less effective when dealing will full on man to man combat. From "Giant Killers" who hunt only the biggest, most massive creatures, to the hunters that exterminate nests of giant insects, their tools are built for specific purposes.

    • Explorer Archtype:
      Unique Skills: Inner Compass (Explorers don't get lost) /
      Keen Senses (Able to spot things others miss)
      Subtype Example:
      Scavenger, Pioneer, Frontiersman, Pathfinder, Forward Scout.

      It is a brave new world out there, and the Explorers are the ones leading the charge out into the great unknown. Capable men and women with keen eyes and a sense for direction and survival, the explorer is never stuck in one place. Instead they are Scavengers looking for salvage in the ruins of the old world. Or they are Frontiersmen who brave the new flora and terrain to map and pave the way for settlers and others. Perhaps you are the Forward Scout for a group of soldiers or a pathfinder for a merchant expedition.
    • Mage Archtype:
      Unique Skill: Magic (The ability to cast spells) /
      Spiritualism (Knowledge of how crystals effect humans)
      Subtype Examples:
      Combat Mage, Fire Adept, Hydromancer, Crystal Priest

      The Mage Archtype is the only one capable of magic. Limited in its use of the Crystal fueled technology, a Mage cannot utilize things such as Kinetik Magic guns or Lightning Spears due to their own personal crystal. Mages need focus and benefit the most from Mind related skills. In general, many Mages are deeply spiritual, having gotten their training trough varius sects and religious institutions. There are mages who are more physical and favor simple and mechanical weapons over mastery. These "combat mages" can be really scary and generally belong to the more aggressive, less pleasant sects
    • Engineer Archtype
      Unique Skill: Builder (The innate ability build, repair and upgrade existing technology.) /
      Inventor (The ability to create new technology on the fly, possessing a incredibly analytic and technical mind.)
      Subtype Examples:
      Combat Engineer, Magiweapon Engineer, Restorer, Mechanic

      The world fell to ruin in such a short time, and with it we lost a lot of our knowledge. But we also managed to rebuilt. And this is where the Engineer archtype comes in. Engineers are masters of the technical. Be they a more military minded Combat Engineer or Pioneer out to build new settlements, the engineer is the backbone of society. The Engineers Archtype is the only one capable of properly understanding, repairing and constructing new technology.

      They come from all walks of life and specialize in many different areas. Some are known as restorers; looking for pre-Fall technology in attempt to restore them to working order. Others are Magi-Tech focused. Engineers tend to also be the best drivers and pilots
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  2. @@!!

    Ummm... Yes. This world is sooooo weird. Yessir.

    The Boo Girlie is here to press all the red buttons and blow this mutha upper. Cuz muh undies just fell off while reading the OP. Boom. ;333~~~

  3. Hey~hey^^!!

    So like just wanted to know the reg rundown:

    Posting freq, writing level, plot driven or sandbox, dice n stats(wtf?), wuxia/anime-ish combat, can we play multi charries/can we play as monsters turned good, leader types, half angel half demon half human half giant crystal half Batman with a dark and brooding persona complete with tragic Bio of ultimate tragedy who knows how to use every weapon and martial art whose weakness is that if they get too angry they will detonate like a 9000+ megaton bomb... then possibly fall unconcious?

    Ya knows. That rundown ;D
  4. Consider me interested.
  5. I hope for a post a week. Biweekly at the very least. There is not visible stats or dicerolls. I as a GM will likely do some secretive dicerolls as to determine how succesfull some of the riskier things are. I'n gunning for something a bit more down to earth in terms of combat and feel. Magic and creatures are the more fantastical elements, but you won't be breathing fire and punching houses. Mages are limited in what they can do to what crystal they wield. Idon'teven regarding to yur description of a charachter.
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  6. Kay sounds cool but i honestly dont understand the need for.dice.rolling? Like if i wanted to rp and roll dice i'd ask my friend to bring over King of Tokyo boardgame and describe how i beat up her giant bunny robot. And like why secret dice rolling? Why so secret huh? Why so SECRET?! Im peeking! OOOH! Oh look! i gots 3 sevens and a pirate eye patch! Boo wins!... oooh SECRET WIN! Yayuh!! ;3
  7. This made me laugh way more than I should have. You forgot the bit about reserving ten spots and then never finishing your character sheets.

    Thanks for the invite, by the way. This looks interesting.
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  8. I'm interested in this, it feels similar with an idea I had for a group roleplay but never had the chance to make an interest check.
    Now I have a few questions:
    1. Does the crystals have something like conscious to turn the fauna and flora in the current one or they are a simple energy container that caused mutations because of the saturation with the energy ?
    2. The creatures store in their bodies energy from the crystals and if yes, can it be extracted ?
    3. The crystals are a raw material and from what I understand they can be used by the mages but I want to ask if it is possible to synthesize in something else ? For example an engineer and mage working together to create a weapon that can be used by everybody and be powered by crystal based components.
    4. Can the crystals be controlled good enough to be used for large scale applications like a farm using the mutating capabilities, energy generator using crystals that can generate heat ?
  9. @Frey

    1. It is not known exactly what the magic is, how it functions and how it really works. Some theorize that it is sort of reactionary, but not aware.
    2. Depends on the the creature!
    3. That is the entire basis of Post-Fall tecnhology. Crystals can be cut and used in a manner of ways. Magi-Tech weapons are about as common as conventional firearms. SOme use normal guns but crystal tipped bullets. Some even experiment on using crystals for hovercrafts and airvessels. TO a less impressive result mind you. People are very much still figuring it out.
    4. The knowledge of mutation is still to lacking to be put into use, but Ambrosia uses thunder and fire crystals for industrial use.
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